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Top 10 Tips For Guild Wars 2 Players Beginners Guide

There have been new players recently coming to Guild Wars 2 because of the Steam release. For that reason, we thought about compiling a Top 10 Tips For Guild Wars 2 Players Beginners Guide. These will be about various topics and won't be in any particular order of importance. 

This is a Written Guide summarized from Youtube Video By Abree. You can check the Channel and support the author by liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing

Top 10 Tips

1. Slowly Leveling

This image shows the Map for Tip 1

Don't rush to get to level 80 on your first character. Guild Wars 2 isn't a game where you need to grind to get to the end game as soon as possible. There are multiple maps to explore at all levels and you'll reach level 80 long before you finish exploring all of them. 

If you boost your character to level 80 or grind for the experience you'll miss out on a lot of the charm in the new player experience. Slow down a bit and enjoy it and you'll reach the end game before you know it. 

2. Race Waypoints

This image shows the tip 2 map

When you create a new character you'll end up in the starting zone that corresponds to the race of that character. However, you'll automatically have a Waypoint unlocked in each of the other races starting maps so you can start wherever you'd like. 

3. Loot Settings

This image shows the setting change for Tip 3

There are specific loot settings that you can enable early on to make things easier. Auto-loop Auto Pickup removes the looting window so you automatically collect all the loot from an enemy when you press F

AOE loot on interact will make it to where you collect loot from any enemies that are near the one that you looted. Enabling both of these will make it dramatically easier for you to loot until you gain access to fully automatic looting through the Advanced Logistics Mastery

4. Qualities of Life Settings

This image shows the setting change for Tip 4

There are some other more general Qualities of Life settings that we will advise you to enable as well. Enabling In-Game Clock displays your local time in the corner of your mini-map, so you don't need to minimize the game to check the time. 

Show Skill Recharge and Show Target Health Percentage provide better clarity for combat. Show All Enemy Names, Show All NPC Names, and especially Show All Usable Object Names offer better clarity for stories, achievements, collectibles, and general gameplay. 

5. Hero Points

This image shows the tip 5 hero point

You don't need to worry about making any mistakes when you're unlocking traits and abilities for your character. There are enough Hero Points available in the game to unlock all traits and all abilities. 

Once you've unlocked them, you can swap them out as often as you like, so it doesn't really matter what you choose first. 

6. Salvaging and Gold Making

This image shows the salvaging in Tip 6

Don't worry about making Gold just yet. It might sound a bit crazy, but when you first start out in Guild Wars 2 you won't really need a lot of Gold. Just Salvage Gear with Basic Salvage Kits, use the Deposit Materials Button to put all your crafting materials in your bank and sell junk periodically at Vendors. 

Once you've explored for a while and reached level 80, you can go ahead and move into Gold making. 

You can simply Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold From Gw2sale.Com Cheap to make things simpler and easier.

7. Gearing Up

This image shows the tip 7 armor

How to Gear Up as a new player? While you're leveling you'll be fine just using Gear that you acquire as you go along and you don't really need to Buy Gear unless you want to. 

Once you reach level 80 you can research builds, find one you like, and buy level 80 Exotic Gear on the Trading Post. The prices of Exotic Gear can vary depending on the stats your build needs, but if you want a cost-effective option find a build that uses Berserker's Gear and you should be able to gear up for fairly cheap. 

Ascended and Legendary Gear only gives a slight stat advantage over Exotics and are only actually necessary for doing High Tier Fractals of the Mists. With your Exotic Gear, you'll be able to do all of their content in the game, including trying out Lower Tier Fractals of the Mists to learn them so don't worry about Ascended Stuff until later. 

8. In-Game Chat

This image shows the setting for tip 8

When you're using the in-game chat, use Chat Links whenever you can. If you Shift-Click the icon of any waypoint, point of interest, item, boon, condition, or another status, it will link it in the end-game chat. 

Using Chat Links is a great way to communicate more clearly with other players when you're asking questions or just when you're chatting in general. 

9. Guild Wars 2 Wiki 

This image shows the details for GW2 Wiki Tip 9

Use the Slash Wiki Command anytime you want more information about something. For example, you can go to your in-game chat, Type Slash Wiki Encoded Orders, and see what the item actually does. 

This also works in conjunction with Chat Links so you can easily find the Wiki Page for any item in the game. The Guild Wars 2 Wiki is pretty extensive and we'll be able to answer any questions you have when you're starting out.

10. Joining Guild

This image shows the Guild join for Tip 10

Join a Guild! The game is called Guild Wars 2, so it shouldn't be too big of a surprise but joining a Guild has a lot of benefits, especially for new players. You get access to Guild Hall nodes, discounts on waypoints, people to play content with, and veteran players that can help you get more into the game and answer questions you have. 

Guilds absolutely enhance the experience of playing this game and you really should try out a few until you find one that you feel is right for you. 

Final verdict

So those are our Top 10 Tips For Guild Wars 2 Players Beginners Guide. There's definitely a lot more advice that new players might find useful, but when starting out with the ones you will definitely find most useful. We also tried to make this Beginners Guide a bit simplistic so that the new players will find it easy to catch up with the stuff that is going on. 

This Top 10 Tips For Guild Wars 2 Players Beginners Guide was summarized from a Youtube Video by Channel - Abree. In case you have your own tips that you find exceptionally useful, feel free to add them in the comment section. Again, we appreciate Abree for making these Top 10 Tips and you can watch the Youtube Video in case you find something hard to understand in this Written Guide.

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