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How to Get Started with Raids in Guild Wars 2

Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a new player who just started the game, this universe is going to excite you. Guild Wars 2 has something for everyone, great actions, stories that amaze you, and awesome lands to explore for the traveler within you. Also, there is no shortage of choices as well. This game gives you 5 freaking races and 9 unique professions so that you can decide how you want your story to be. Also if you are wondering whether you have to play alone then also it’s upto you because there is no shortage of players around the world with over 16 million of them and you can play with them in modes like PvP, world battles, joining guilds, and many more.

But in this article, we are helping you explore the raids in the game as they can be quite tricky for some players. We will help you understand what are the raids and how can you get started. Also, you will get some tips from us to excel in the raid and even some mistakes to avoid. So read on.

What are the different races and professions and why are they important?

You will find 5 distinct races in the game which are Asura, Charr, Human, Norn, and Sylvari. Each of them is unique to the other and it is upto you to decide which one appeals to you more. There are also 9 professions to choose from in the race you selected and interestingly each profession gives you unique powers. These professions are Elementalist, Engineer, Guardian, Mesmer, Necromancer, Ranger, Revenant, Thief, and Warrior. Be careful because even though they you unique abilities but they come with a limitation. You can read more about them to get detailed information.

Now why they are important for raids is due to the fact that you have to reach level 80 to start raiding and you will also get access to a lot of new and different skills such as Dragonhunter, Herald, and Berserker which will really come in handy during raids.

Guild Wars 2 Professions

Getting started with Raid

Raiding is one of the most popular as well as challenging things in the game. Also, you can earn a ton of rewards as well so there is a great incentive to raid. There will be 9 other players with you to raid you need a group of 10 and as mentioned before you need to be at level 80 for it. There are a lot of different bosses to fight in different wings the raid is divided into. To access the raid you have 2 ways, either you enter using the portals in the open world or you need to go through the Lion’s Arch Aerodrome. 

Let me take you through some incentives for raiding. Raids serve as a great way to test out your skills and well as experiment with new strategies. Also, you get a lot of exclusive items to make your characters way cooler. These items can be legendary weapons, skins, gears and many more. Also, since you need to depend on other players as well you get exposed to the awesome community of raiders which would help to learn a lot more quickly.

 Some requirements you need for raiding

Raiding seems fun but you cannot start raiding as soon as you start playing. You need to build yourself up to a certain level before you can challenge this mode. Here are some requirements for you to meet:

  • Play enough to reach level 80 and have a fully geared character. It seems a tall task at first but once you start playing regularly you will reach here in no time. Also buying items and using gold will help you level up faster, the best way is to get it from the reputed seller GW2Sale.

  • You need to build your DPS (damage per second) as you would need a lot of output to perform in a raid. There is even a special area for you to test it out. 

  • The most important thing is to have access to a raid wing. You can do it through the portal as we have mentioned or by just joining the leader who has one will do it too.

  • It is better to have certain masteries unlocked such as Glider basics etc. as it greatly helps in raids but these masteries depend upon your raid wing so keep that in mind.

  • Research some raid mechanics so that you are able to understand the strategies of your group and should not be lost during the raid. You can refer to some of our other articles or even do some search online as well for it.

Now once you are ready for raids, you need to find players with whom you can start raiding. Let us look at some ways you can do it:

  • Guild can be a great way to find raiders. You can even make great friends in the guild and a supportive environment can take your game even further.

  • Using the LFG (looking for group) tool which is an in-game tool that helps you create or join a squad. There are also different filters for you to find your suitable group. You can access it by pressing ‘Y’ on the keyboard and clicking LFG or by just simply typing /LFG in chat.

  • You can also form a group with your friends to raid together on regular basis.

Remember, the only way to improve your game is by doing actual raids and gaining experience. It is a learning process and will take time to master it.

Guild Wars 2 Raids

Some tips for you to start Raiding

Wondering about some tips to help your game and get you started? We got you covered. Here are some tips for raiding:

  • Surviving longer is key to winning in any situation, let alone raids. I don’t really need to tell you the importance of waiting for the right time to strike and portray your skills and dominance in the game. And ofcourse for that you need to master the basics of the moves such as dodging, blocking, and avoiding attacks (obviously) that will help to survive longer.

  • You will face a plethora of different challenges and situations where you might to required to perform some other role or function for your team to win. Success in playing will greatly boost your reputation as well as skills and you will become a crucial part of your team.

  • Communication and coordination is the key to success in a raid. You must use text or voice chat to help follow the instructions and strategies for better coordination. You may also use pings or emotes to signal certain messages.

  • Every team needs a player who can adapt to different situations. You will become more desirable in your team if you are able to switch your roles as per need. Also, this flexibility will help you adjust to new strategies when encountering new challenges.

  • Items play a key role in your progress in the game. You can buy high-stat gears, consumables such as food and utility to boost your stats, and even enhancement items, revive orbs, infusions, and boosters.

If you are in need of these items, the best way is to get these for Gold, the in-game currency of Guild Wars 2. If you are falling short of the Gold, get it from reputed and trusted seller GW2Sale for real money.

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Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes raids can be really frustrating if you keep making mistakes. Also, a lot of time we are doing something wrong but cannot figure it out ourselves. For that we have some points you can look into:

  • When you become good at something you try to do everything yourself and forget it is a team game. So always try to communicate with the team and work together. Sometimes all you need is that one crucial piece of information in between the raid to win it for the team.

  • A lot of people try to learn about the boss for the first time while actually encountering it which results in playing catchup the whole time as they are trying to understand it during the raid. The proper approach needs to be learning a bit about each boss before joining the raid group as it affects the other players as well.

  • Being too rigid can be harmful to you as raids can be tricky and not every day you will encounter the same things. You need to constantly evolve and be flexible to improvise based on the situation.


To conclude, I think we all can agree that handling raids can be tricky at times but having sufficient knowledge and understanding and following the things we have discussed above can overcome the challenges. Also following your own instincts to make decisions and gaining more and more experience along with these points in hand will give you the best results. We hope this article was able to help you with this topic and we would bring you more articles like these in the future.

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