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The Best Ways to Earn Karma in Guild Wars 2

By Sumant|June 3, 2023

Karma is a currency in Guild Wars 2 which can’t be traded. Players can utilize these Karma currencies to buy various useful items from the Karma merchants. These merchants can be master craftsmen or the NPC (Renown Heart).

How to Get Started with World vs World (WvW) in Guild Wars 2

By Himanshu Cheeta|May 30, 2023

This article is about the World versus World game mode in the Guild Wars 2 game. We will be discussing the way to get started with the game mode and how to progress further into the game level easily and efficiently.

The Best Builds for Soloing Dungeons in Guild Wars 2

By Himanshu Cheeta|May 26, 2023

In Guild Wars 2, you can solo almost all the dungeons that are available. But, going solo doesn’t mean you get to have better rewards in some cases. But it will be all about the challenge that you will be facing alone.

The Best Ways to Farm Map Currencies in Guild Wars 2

By Himanshu Cheeta|May 18, 2023

Map currencies are the integral part of the Guild Wars 2 game. You can use various types of currencies in the GW2 game to buy or trade items for. Currencies work just like they do in the real world.

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