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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Thief in PvP

Guild War 2 is well-loved among teenagers and gamers, it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with an active PvP community. There is a challenging opponent in the game which is the thief you will face thieves in many pvp battles a lot while playing the game, the thief has high burst damage and mobility damage too which leads to their win in almost every PVP fight. We will be providing you a guide on how you should fight a thief in Guild Wars 2 to win against them every time. 

Understanding Thieves

Before we dive into today's topic we would understand how the thief class works in the game so that it becomes easier for us to determine what things we should be taking care of while fighting them. Thieves have high mobility with high stealth which helps them to take down their opponents quickly, thieves also rely on their ability to burst damage for knocking off their opponent. They use their ability of initiative to execute these skills, these skills regenerate over time which helps them to be an opponent who is difficult to deal with.

As we now know what are the abilities of thieves with which they can take down their opponents, now we will be discussing some tips about the same.

Keeping a check on the initiative bar of the thief

The initiative bar varies from thief to thief, some thieves have a high initiative bar and some have a low initiative bar, the initiative bar indicates the skills of a thief if a thief has a high initiative bar then this means that he has a very good amount of skills and can take you down easily if not being careful but in case a thief has a low initiative bar then there are high chances of you taking him down, take all benefit of that moment and give a counter-attack.

Be careful of the Thief’s stealth

It is very easy for a thief to disappear off a player with their stealth ability. The stealth ability of a thief makes it very difficult for a player to track them and fight with them. So it is advised to use the attacks like area of effect attack or any other type of abilities which helps in determining the stealth of a thief and also reveals the location of the thief so that the player can reach and have a battle.

Guild Wars 2 Thief

Maintain Mobility

As we know that thieves are well-known for their ability to move from one place to another very quickly, which makes it very crucial for a player to keep moving from one place to another to avoid any type of stealing by the thieves. The player is suggested to use abilities such as dodge, mobility skills, and terrain as an advantage for themselves which will prevent them from getting stolen. Using the abilities or traits such as dodge or mobility skills will make it hard for the thief to shoot their shot.

Maintaining a distance

Going closer to a thief is not a good decision because thieves are most deadly when you fight with them at a close range but in a long range, they are comparatively easier to battle with, you should use range attacks and other abilities too for keeping the thief at the position in which it unable to move closer while attacking. Using this will help you to face the damages without putting the player in any sort of harm.

Using the ability of crowd control

Thieves mainly use their ability to move fast from one place to another and also act very fast in their theft, so a player is advised to use the ability of crowd control so he can interrupt their attacks and make the thieves most likely to be exposed. Using the crowd control ability will also help the player to avoid the stealth of thieves.

Removing the boons and conditions

It is very simple for thieves to remove the boons and the conditions against their enemies, So a player should always keep a check on its boons and conditions and remove the unwanted as soon as spotted because thieves can use those harmful one’s against you during a fight, so removing boons and conditions which are unwanted will be an advantage for you during a fight with a thief.

Using the utilities wisely

Every class of opponents has its utilities and abilities which help them in any kind of combat situation, so a player is recommended to use the special abilities which he has in combat situations with thieves, these class-specified abilities are very helpful in countering the thief's attacks. 

Predicting the movements of a thief 

As we know very well thieves are fast and mobile which means they move quickly from the range of getting attacked and come near when they have to attack their opponent, So a player should focus on predicting the movements of a thief which means the player has to predict when the thief will come near and go far and how far he is going this will help the player to forecast where will be the thief next. This is a crucial tip as it will help you to determine when you have to attack and when you have to avoid their attack.

Taking advantage of your surrounding environment

One of the best features of the map in Guild Wars 2 is that it is surrounded by many objects here and there which can be helpful during a battle. Using the objects such as barrels, crates, and pillars for blocking the view sight of a thief is a great move as this will be helpful for you to avoid battle and if you get in a PvP battle with a thief then also these objects in the surrounding environment help you to defend and becoming a wall between the attacks, these objects can also be used to create a distance between you and thief so that it becomes easier for you to take decisions of your attacks.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide

Keep a watch on the signet of malice

Thieves in Guild Wars 2 have a unique ability to heal by them themselves whenever they face any sort of damage, so you have to make sure to attack whenever you see that the thief is healing himself this will interrupt the signet of malice effect and the thief won’t be able to heal resulting in an easy win situation. 

Coordinate with your teammates

As we know guild wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with PvP battles so it is obvious that you are not alone in the battle with the thief. You should consider making a plan with your teammates and then attacking. You should use the ability of crowd control as mentioned earlier and while you are using the crowd control other teammates will bear the damages this will lead to better team play and winning the battles easily. 

Using the terrain as an advantage 

As we mentioned earlier your surrounding environment plays an important role during a battle between the player and the thief so does the terrain. Terrain can be used as an advantage, using cliffs, walls, and bridges as support for making a distance between you and the thief. These objects can also be used to trap the thief in any narrow space and then attack him which will lead to more damage.

How to apply these tips and tricks?

So we have discussed all the tips which you should use while you are in a battle with thieves. You have to remember that every fight within the game is different from the previous one and you have to keep one thing in mind you have to adapt the tips based on situations and keep them changing. You should consider trying many combinations of attacks and then decide which combination is best suited for you.

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So concluding we can say that a battle with a thief can be challenging but can be won if fought properly with all the tips and proper guidance, we first discussed that you should always check for the initiative bar of the thief which says a lot about his abilities then being careful about the stealth ability and being mobile will help you a lot during the battles, you should always maintain a distance and then we talked about how you can use the crowd control ability to make the thief vulnerable then about the importance of removing unwanted boons and conditions, using the utilities and predicting the moments wisely will increase the chances of winning the battle. You should take advantage of your surrounding environment objects and the terrain objects, and last, coordination also helps in winning the battles.

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