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Guild Wars 2 Best Third Party Add-ons And Sites Beginners Guide

Guild Wars 2 has its fair share of useful third-party Websites and Add-ons. Some of them are just generally useful and others serve more specific purposes. This Guide will give an overview of the resources that we think are the best and why. Of course, not everyone should use all of these and we'll try to cover the reasons for that as well. Let's get into it. 

Before getting started with the Guide itself, it is important to mention that we summarized this Guild Wars 2 best third-party Add-ons and site beginners Guide from YouTube Video Guide made by Channel Abree. In case you find some mistakes or things hard to grasp, you can definitely check out the YouTube Guide and leave a comment to let us know about it.


Gw2 Efficiency

This image shows the gw2 efficiency website

First, we'll go over the Websites starting off we have Gw2efficiency. This is an excellent Website with a very versatile toolkit that both new players and veterans can make good use of. 

My favorite features are the account search function, liquid Gold tracker, and Crafting Calculator. But there are plenty of other things the site does that we can't fit into this Guild Wars 2 best third-party Add-ons and sites Beginners Guide

This image shows the API Key Arenanet

Several features will require you to connect an account and add an API Key which is a code that you can generate for your account on the ArenaNet Website. For third-party sites and applications, this Key can scan your Guild Wars 2 account and collect information about it. 

This is noninvasive and doesn't pose any security threats to your account. Gw2 efficiency.com uses information from your API Key for account-specific features but you can still use the currency pages, Crafting Calculator, and other general features without making an account or linking an API Key

Gw2 Crafts

This image shows the gw2 craft site

Next is Gw2 crafts.net. This is another Website that pretty much all players can take advantage of. The sole purpose of this site is to make leveling your Crafting professions easy and cheap. 

It uses the current trading post prices to determine the best items for you to make and gives you a shopping list of what you'll need to buy. The Calculator assumes you instant buy all of the items.

Leveling your Crafting with the site is the only time that we'd recommend instant buying items on the trading post. If you already have some of the items you need you can either put them in manually or you can paste in an API Key for your Guild Wars 2 account. 

The site will then update the amounts that you need to buy. Then you can make everything that it tells you to and you're done. 

Build Sites

Meta Battle

This image shows the meta battle site

Now we'll be getting into Websites for Builds. The first one is meta battle which can be a good starting resource if you're looking for Builds to do, PvP, World versus World, or general open World content. 

We wouldn't recommend using Builds from meta battle for end-game PvE content like raids strikes or fractals because there are better sites to find Builds for those types of content. 

Snow Crows

This image shows the Snow Crows Site

The snow crows Website updates optimized Builds that are suitable for end-game PvE content like raids and strikes. They also have videos and Guides to help you learn optimized ability rotations to maximize your damage with each of the Builds on their Website

Most of these Builds should be fine and fractals although some won't be completely optimized for it. 


This image shows the Discretize site

If you want Builds that are optimized specifically for fractals then the discretize Website is a great resource to use. Because these Builds are optimized for fractals there might be differences that will make them not optimized for raids and strikes

If you want to use the same set of gear for raids, strikes, and fractals go with the snow crows Build and you won't lose out on much.

Farming And Gold Sites

Fast Farming

This image shows the Fast Farming Site

The fast farming Website is a good resource for finding general Gold values for different farms and activities in the game, as well as Guides for doing some of those things. 

We will put a disclaimer in here that a lot of the values they come up with involve unrealistic assumptions or lack of reproducibility. There are also some things that are overvalued as well as a lot of data sets that have very small sample sizes. 

It's still a great site to get a rough picture of the Gold values of different activities or processes but just realize that the exact values might not reflect what you'll get if you do those things. 

PEU Research Center

This image shows the PEU Research Center Site

The next site is PEU research center.com you can find Gold values and Guides for different farms, activities, and processes, just like the fast Website. A lot of the information between the sites is similar and the PEU research center does have less than the fast site overall. 

However a lot of the farming numbers are far more realistic than those on the fast farming site, the UI is much clearer, and navigating the site is also somewhat easier. You can use whichever site you prefer or use both of them to get multiple perspectives. 


This image shows the Gw2 BLTC Site

Gw2 BLTC.com is the last Website that we'll cover in this section of Guild Wars 2 best third-party Add-ons and sites Beginners Guide. It's a great resource for players who want to get into Gold making methods that involve heavier use of the trading post, like flipping or investing. 

The primary function of this Website is to display detailed trading post information such as price history, supply, demand, and the amount of an item that's bought and sold. 

You can also make an account and link an API Key from your Guild Wars 2 account to see details about what you've bought and sold on the trading post. 

Having trouble spending your precious time in-game and increasing its level? You can simply buy Cheap gw2 HOM points accounts from trusted sellers gw2sale.com. On the other hand, you can also boost your original account using the gw2 power leveling service


Blish HUD

This image shows the Blish HUD Site

Now we'll move on to Add-ons. Just as a disclaimer these may or may not work with the steam version of the game hopefully in the future the developers of each Add-on will address any compatibility issues that exist for steam. 

The first Add-on is blish HUD. Blish HUD is an overlay and Add-on manager for Guild Wars 2 and it's really the closest thing we have to how Add-ons function for most other games. 

Once you install blish HUD, you'll have the ability to install modules which are the actual Add-ons that perform functions in the game. There are a lot of useful modules available for installation through the blish HUD UI, as well as on their Website

You can get modules to help you complete collections or achievements modules that provide routes for completing map exploration, modules that help you keep track of raid mechanics, and way more. 

We do really want to urge new and returning players to not use any map exploration routes for the first time. Organically exploring the maps is a massive part of the new player experience in Guild Wars 2 and you'll really miss out on the charm of that if you just follow a route. 

Gw2 Taco (Tactical Overlay)

This image shows the GW2 Taco Site

Next, we have Guild Wars 2 tactical overlay, or Gw2taco for short. Taco is actually what's used to create the marker packs you can find in the modules for blish HUD. However, if you want to, you can go to the taco Website and install taco as a standalone executable with the most important packs included. 

Most players prefer blish HUD to taco because the UI is much nicer and you have options for other packs to install. But it's another option for players who don't want to use blish HUD for whatever reason. 

Again we do want to reiterate that we recommend newer players to avoid using map exploration routes for their first time through if they do choose to install taco. 


This image shows the Arc DPS Site

Our final Add-on is arc DPS. Arc DPS is a third-party Add-on that monitors combat information for you and members of your party or squad. It's especially useful for monitoring your performance and progress as you learn new Builds or participate in end-game PvE content like fractals, strikes, and raids

You can either keep it very simple and just use it to monitor your damage output or you can get very in-depth and use it to monitor things like boon uptime, crowd control, DPS uptime, and ability rotations

You can even use it to create log files of encounters that you've failed or succeeded at. It's a must-have Add-on for players wanting to improve at end-game PvE content. You can also integrate it into blish HUD if you want to. 

Final Verdict

So those are the best third-party tools available for Guild Wars 2. Hopefully, this Guild Wars 2 best third-party Add-ons and sites beginners Guide helped you find something that will enhance your experience of playing the game

As we already discussed, this is a written Guide summarized from Youtube Video Guide made by abree. In case this really helped you, we would appreciate you taking the time to give Youtube Video Guide some support by liking, commenting, and sharing. Lastly, we appreciate abree for sharing this valuable information with the community.

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