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Guild Wars 2 PvP Legendary Armor Guide

This post will educate you everything you need to know about creating a full Legendary armor set for PvP. We hope you are aware that while gear does not really matter in PvP, by participating in the game, you can gain gear for other modes including PvE and WvW. This strategy may not be as enticing to people that play other game types more frequently, but if you have the time to work towards time-gated features, you can combine it with other strategies such as Raids or WvW. But, if you are not interested in participating in full PvP armor, it is effectively the same aim with a different path.

Prerequisites for Accounts

Before you begin creating the Legendary armor set, you must first understand what items cannot be purchased with gold & how you can optimize your time to prevent not having enough time when you believe you are finally completed.

PvP League Tickets

These tickets, as previously stated, seem to be the time-gated element for the Legendary armor. It will require 24 weeks to sell 300 seats due to the season limit of 100. To receive a maximum of 100 every season, you must finish the Byzantium chest in the PvP League Prize Track (Pips rewards), which requires a total of 670 pips. If you also participate in mini-seasons, you can gain 35 PvP League Tickets each season (mini-seasons last two weeks), decreasing the overall duration to 20-22 weeks.

While the PvP League Tickets would actually take the amount of time needed to get Legendary armor via PvP, it's wise to settle in and learn the game mode before diving in. Some users will perform the bare minimum to keep accumulating pips and so form a negative opinion of PvP. If you're simply motivated by the reward, don't expect this to be easy. Other people, however, adore PvP since they entered it for the prize and ended up sticking. They unintentionally obtain tickets since they engage for fun and can create Legendaries at any time.

Guild Wars 2 PvP League Tickets

Ascended Shards of Glory

Along with the Tickets, you'll need Ascended Shards of Glory to purchase a component called Star of Glory and the Ascended Ardent Glorious armor Set, which you'll require as a predecessor. These shards are obtained in the exact same way as tickets, but without constraints, because the Byzantine chest of the PvP League Prize Track once achieved becomes repetitive and as long as you keep participating you can collect as many as you like, but only while a season is active. You'll need 3600 Ascended Shards of Glory in total.

Mist Core Fragment

Each item will require a Mist Core Fragment, which can only be obtained through the Glorious Armor Box, and is the ultimate prize on the Glorious Reward Track; you will receive one by standard but can pick an additional one. Simply put, you must finish the track 3 times in order to obtain every component.

Mystic Clover

90 Mystic Clover would be required, with 15 required for every piece. Collecting all these items can devour your time, but you need not worry, you can use the coins to speed up the process and give yourself a headstart in the game. If you are falling short of these gold coins, the best way is to get them for real money.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The process described in this guide (Steps 1-4) is for generating a single unit of the Armor set; you must repeat it SIX times for each unit.

This guide is separated into four steps, each of which contains a large gift that you will place in the Mystic Forge at the end. Initially, we'll go through every one of the account-bound or time-gated criteria you'll require towards the conclusion so you're prepared and can structure your approach to be as effective as possible.

PvP Legendary Armor, on the other hand, lacks a distinguishing skin. Only the Raid-obtained form will allow you to change combat skins; nevertheless, if you enjoy theory constructing and having options, Legendary armor has unlimited stat and upgrade shifting functionality.

Due to time constraints, getting a full set of Legendary armor through PvP can take up to 24 weeks. This is because you need a total of 300 PvP League Tickets, and you can only obtain 100 per ranked season. But, with the advent of mini-seasons, you can now obtain 35 PvP League Tickets in the allotted period.

GW2 PvP League Tickets

Step One: Gift of Competitive Prosperity

Gift of Competitive Prosperity will necessitate the use of various fine crafting materials. You can either gather them or purchase these through the Trading Post with Gold. You'll need 50 T3, 50 T4, 250 T5, and 100 T6 of each material, and you'll need to manufacture each gift using level 400 crafting skills. Miyani in the Mystic Forge sells their concoctions for 10 Gold each. After you've constructed all of these presents, you must merge it in the Mystic Forge creating two:

Gift of Condensed Might

  • Gift of Scales

  • Gift of Bones

  • Gift of Claws

  • Gift of Fangs

Gift of Condensed Magic

  • Gift of Venom

  • Gift of Blood

  • Gift of Dust

  • Gift of Totems

Lastly, at the Mystic Forge, merge the two presents you recently crafted with Mist Core Fragment and Mystic Clovers.

Gift of Competitive Prosperity

  • Gift of Condensed Magic

  • Gift of Condensed Might

  • 15 Mystic Clover

  • Mist Core Fragment

Step Two: Competitive Prowess as a Gift

The first time-gated present is the Gift of Competitive Prowess, which requires 30 PvP League Tickets to obtain. Making this gift is simple; simply place the following components in the Mystic Forge:

  • Record of League Victories

  • Eldritch Scroll

  • 50 Obsidian Shard

  • Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy (Requires level 500 crafting)

Guild Wars 2 Competitive Prowess

Step Three: Competitive Devotion Gift

Gift of Competitive Devotion is the next time gift made with PvP cash. and Ascended Shards of Glory and PvP League Tickets are required in this step. Put the following items in the Mystic Forge:

  • Record of League Participation

  • Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy

  • Star of Glory

  • Jar of Distilled Glory

Step Four: Forge and Precursor

As stated earlier, the precursor is an advanced component of Ardent Glorious armor. Each component can be purchased through the Ascended Armor League Vendor for Ascended Shards of Glory:

  • Helmet using 150 Ascended Shards of Glory

  • Shoulder using 150 Ascended Shards of Glory

  • Coat using 400 Ascended Shards of Glory

  • Gloves using 150 Ascended Shards of Glory

  • Pants using 200 Ascended Shards of Glory

  • Boots using 150 Ascended Shards of Glory

When you are capable of buying each item, you will find that it costs 250 Shards of Glory, 2 Gold, and up to four Grandmaster Marks. These marks can be gained from the Box of Grandmaster Marks, something you are able to obtain as a reward for finishing the pip chests every season, although you can only collect three per season.

Another way to earn these Grandmaster Marks is via crafting; however, you would have to purchase the recipes in order to unlock them and have a level 500 Crafting in order to manufacture them. Purchasing these recipes would charge you additional PvP League Tickets, and you can also obtain them from other sources using alternative currency.

Guild Wars 2 Forge and Precursor

NOTE: It is not suggested that you use the regular stat switch recipe inside the Mystic Forge to stat modify your precursor artifact. Although you'll be given the needed stats item, it will be substituted with a standard ascended piece that is unable to be utilized as just a Legendary precursor.

Alternative to Mistforged

You can also utilize the Mistforged Glorious Hero's armor, although it is visually identical but has a glowing animation. To be able to purchase these sets of armor, you must first acquire the Ardent Glorious armor and have at least PvP Rank 100.

  • NOTE: A complete collection of Mistforged Glorious Hero's armor requires an additional 1,200 Ascended Shards of Glory.

Yet, one of the most appealing aspects of the Mistforged variant is the visual impact of the chest portion when handled.

Forging Time

When you have the item you wish to enhance, utilize the Mystic Forge once more, and here is the final combo to turn it legendary:

  • Gift of Competitive Prowess

  • Gift of Competitive Prosperity

  • Ascended Ardent Glorious armor piece

  • Gift of Competitive Dedication


Guild wars 2 is a game of patience, so it is necessary you devote yourself to obtaining the Legendary Armor. This guide will help you achieve it without getting too confused and will save you a lot of time, which you can use in other aspects of the game to make yourself better than your friends. You can also read out beginner's guide to Guild Wars 2 to get a good hold at the game. 

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