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Best Gemstore Items In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide

Whether you are spending real money or Guild Wars 2 Gold to get your Gems, it is always recommended to use the account upgrades for the things that are actually considered useful. Some of the account upgrades are quite impactful while others are not even worth considering. 

Here in this Best Gemstore items in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, we will go over some of the most useful items in the Gemstore and also go into detail about why they are quite good upgrades for your account. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details of this guide.

This Best Gemstore Items in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide is courtesy of the YouTube Channel - Abree. We summarized the Video Guide into this Written Guide. For more guidance on the Gemstore, you can simply watch the YouTube Guide by Author - Abree

Table of Contents

Living World Episodes

Salvage o Matic

Lounge Passkeys

Gobbler Packs

Storage Upgrades

Final Verdict

Living World Episodes

Living World upgrades are surely unique in contrast to other upgrades because they give you additional content to play. Therefore, they are on their own level and we recommend you to get them all if you truly can. 

In case you don’t care about the story of Guild Wars 2 in order and buying them one at a time when needs are, we recommend you to begin with Season 4 then move on to the Icebread Saga and Season three/two.

With this, you will have access to the latest and somewhat better story episodes primarily, while also allowing you to have unlocks that impact the most; like Skyscale earlier in the game.

Salvage o Matic

Now, we will begin with the three Gemstore Salvage Kits, which you will find below in detail.

Copper Fed Salvage o Matic

this image shows copper fed salvage o matic

The first one is the Copper Fed Salvage o Matic. This Kit costs 3 copper per use and functions identically to a basic Salvage Kit it won't save you a lot of Gold or give you any functional advantage but it definitely has a really big quality of life boost because you won’t have to constantly buy basic Salvage Kits every time you get a bunch of loot and we recommend getting this one whenever you can. 

RuneCrafter Salvage o Matic

This Kit costs 30 copper per use and doesn’t have any alternatives that can be bought from NPC vendors. This Kit has a 100 percent chance of Salvaging the Runes and Sigils inside of a piece of Gear, giving you a higher amount of materials used to Craft those upgrades. Therefore, it has the name, RuneCrafters Salvage

The ideal use of this Kit is none other than the pieces of green Gear, which do have upgrades in them but don’t drop Ectos when they're Salvaged. This Kit not only has a huge quality of life advantage over basic Salvage Kits, but it also has a big functional advantage and you'll get more materials from your green Gear using this Kit.

So I definitely recommend watching for it to go on sale and getting it early on for your account. 

Silver Fed Salvage o Matic

The last Salvage Kit is the Silver Fed Salvage o Matic. Despite what the name suggests this Kit only uses 60 copper per use and functions identically to a Mystic or Master Salvage Kit. Out of the three Gemstore Salvage Kits, this one is the least useful, as it saves almost nothing compared to just using Master Salvage Kits and because rare Gear is less common. 

It's less of a hassle to deal with Master Salvage Kits than it is to deal with the basic Salvage Kits. On top of that, the Silver Fed Salvage o Matic is actually more expensive than the Mystic Salvage Kit which you can Craft in the Mystic forge using Mystic forge stones

Once you've used all of your Mystic forge stones the Silver Fed Salvage o Matic is a solid quality of life boost for more active players. For most players, the Mystic Salvage Kit is the best option and it will take them a very long time to run out of Mystic forge stones

Lounge Passkeys

This image shows the Lounge Passkeys

Moving on, we have our favorite item in this entire Best Gemstore Items in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide: the permanent Lounge Passkeys. There are currently 9 permanent Lounges in the game each with its own Passkey. You only really need to own one Passkey as most of the important features are available in all of the Lounges

You can use your Passkey to teleport to its respective Lounge from pretty much anywhere in the game. Using certain Passkeys when you're in the Lounge will transport you back to your previous location.

 This feature allows you to use the Lounge to make a quick pit stop in between events or instance content runs the Lounges provide convenient access to Crafting Stations; the Mystic forge, a standard Black Lion merchant, the Trading Post, your Bank, the Guild Bank, and various other useful vendors for things like Black Lion Claim Tickets, Black Lion Statuettes, Dungeon Rewards, Florals, Karmic Gathering Tools and more.

You can also use the portal in most Lounges to teleport to any of the racial cities in central Tyria for free. If you love to skimp on waypoint costs you can actually save a few silver just by using the portal to get closer to your destination before way pointing there. 

Basically, Lounges take all of the important stuff that you'd go to Lion's Arch for and put it in a convenient configuration for you to access with the use of your Passkey. While most of the Lounges do share the same features we did like to highlight three Lounges that are recommended over the rest.

Mislock Sanctuary

The first one is Mislock Sanctuary, this Lounge is the one that you've been looking at this whole time and is our personal favorite. The unique features that Mislock provides are direct access to the Fractal portal as well as all of the vendors that would be in the Fractal lobby.

This makes Mislock a really great Passkey for players that like to do Fractals regularly or for those that like to buy Fractal encryption keys as part of their daily routine. 

Armistice Bastion

The second one is Armistice Bastion, this Lounge allows you to see which team has captured what in world versus the world without actually being on one of the maps, so you can preserve your participation. 

You can also access world versus world vendors and dual other players in the arena. Obviously, it's ideal for players that enjoy the world versus the world. 

1000 Seas Pavilion

The third one is the 1000 Seas Pavilion which is the newest Lounge released with End of Dragons this Lounge provides various functions for End of Dragons activities such as; fishing in the Lounge, teleports to fishing locations outside of the Lounge, and a jade bot workbench

It's mostly ideal for players that enjoy fishing or want the aesthetics of Kantha. All three of these Lounges also have Passkeys that will teleport you back to your previous map, so they have that advantage over some of the others as well. 

If one of these Passkeys sounds appealing to you, keep an eye out for when it goes on sale. The Lounge Passkeys are fairly inexpensive but if you want an even cheaper option you could also upgrade the North or Arbor stone and get some of the same features that come in a Lounge for a bit less Gold. 

Gobbler Packs

Next up are Gobbler Packs there are three of these but we are only going to recommend two of them. 

Candy Corn Gobbler Pack

This image shows the candy corn gobbler pack

The first one that we did recommend is the Candy Corn Gobbler Pack. This item is available during Halloween and consumes 3 Candy Corn per use. In exchange, it will reward you with random Halloween transformations and boosters. 

It's basically a renewable source of Experience, karma, and magic find boosters and it's relatively cheap to use. This item is extremely valuable in the long term for Gold farming, so get it the next time that it's available. 

Snowflake Gobbler Pack

The second one that we did recommend is the Snowflake Gobbler Pack. This requires 5 Snowflakes per use and can either give you a winter's day gift or a Festival Boost. The Festival Boost is a unique buff that gives a 25% bonus to Experience and Gold from kills, as well as, a 25% bonus to the world versus world and PvP reward track progress.

While it's not as good as the Candy Corn Gobbler, it is another unique buff that you couldn't get otherwise so I would recommend getting this item if you can.

Zai Taffy Gobbler Pack

The third Gobbler is the Zai Taffy Gobbler which is essentially the same as the Snowflake one except it costs 25 Zai Taffy per use and occasionally gives a dragon bash coffer instead of a winter's day gift

The Snowflake Gobbler is cheaper to use and it gives the same boom which is why we did recommend that one over the Zai Taffy Gobbler

Storage Upgrades

Now we are going to talk about upgrades that affect the Storage Space in your account these include Shared Inventory Slots, Bag Slot Expansions, Bank Tab Expansions, Material Storage Expansions, and additional Character Slots

If you're heavy into Gold making some of these upgrades can have a functional benefit but mostly they're just quality of life upgrades. You definitely don't need to buy them but they're nice to have in the long run. 

Because you're often going to be buying several of these upgrades at a time it's a very good idea to pay attention to large Gemstore sales and buy all of the Storage Upgrades you want during those sales. Doing this will save you a lot of money or a lot of Gold. 

If you are looking for Cheap GW2 Gold from a reasonable seller, you can definitely check out GW2Sale. There is a sale going on, which you can utilize time to get your hands on Guild Wars 2 Gold at even cheaper rates.

Character Slots

This image shows the character slots

Starting off we did like to cover the cheapest possible way to increase raw Storage Space on your account which is by purchasing Character Slots and filling the new characters with 18 or 20 slot bags. 

This gives you access to 92 to 100 Inventory Slots for a fairly cheap price while also giving you an additional character that has more benefits. You can use this additional character for things like Alt Parking, Map Completion, Birthday Gifts, or more build and Gear templates

As far as Gold per slot is concerned this is much cheaper than any of the other Storage Upgrades and is also cheaper than Crafting 28 or 32 slot bags. We did recommend this method for anyone having general storage issues but there are still reasons you might want to get some of the other upgrades, so we will run through those as well. 

Shared Inventory Slots

Shared Inventory Slots are a great way to keep some of the most important items easily accessible to all of your characters. We did recommend getting them for things like the Gemstore Salvage Kits, Lounge Passkeys, Portal Tomes, and Permanent Contracts.

You get a discount for buying several Shared Inventory Slots at a time so we did advise doing that instead of buying them individually. Shared Inventory Slots are about as useful as whatever you put in them so make sure that you're only buying them if you have important items to use in them. 

Material Storage Expansion

This image shows the Material Storage Expansion

Material Storage Expansions give an additional 250 space for almost every Crafting material in the game. They sound really nice but really there are only a few materials that you need to worry about having stacks and stacks of; like Mithril, and Elder Wood. 

Our advice with these is to just get one or two, that will significantly reduce how often you need to clear out the full slots in your Material Storage while also costing you very few Gems

Bank Tab Expansion

This image shows the Bank Tab Expansion

Bank Tabs are great for storing items that you want available on all your characters but don't need to have immediate access to. Some players will be fine with the one that you get for free while others can find uses for several more. 

Much like the Material Storage Expansions, our advice with Bank expansions is to start out with one or two if you think that you need them. From there you can determine if there's a need for you to buy more. A lot of players use Bank Tabs to try and make up for their bad inventory management habits.

Doing this will cost a lot more Gems than using alt characters and in most cases will cause more frustration in the future once their Bank Tabs fill up with random stuff. Don't buy Bank Tabs to make up for a cluttered inventory. It doesn't work. 

Bag Slot Expansion

Bag Slot Expansions can get very expensive when you start buying them for multiple characters. Our advice with Bag Slot Expansions is to pick one to three characters that you use the most and get the most loot on from doing Farms, Metas, Fractals, and other stuff like that. Then only by the Bag Slot Expansions for those characters. 

This way you can prevent an inventory crisis from happening mid-run. At the same time, you're not spending too many Gems on Bag Slots. Like Bank Tabs, additional Bag Slots will not fix any inventory management issues that you have and it's still cheaper to buy more Character Slots if you want to increase the raw storage capacity on your account. 

Make sure to keep those things in mind when you're debating on whether Bag Slot Expansions are worth it to you or not. So those are all of the best items available in the Gemstore we have divided most of the remaining items into two categories; 

  • The first one is low Priority Upgrades or Personal Preference Items

  • The other one is for items that you flat out should not buy

Personal Preference Items

Character Specific Upgrades

We are going to lump the first few Personal Preference Items together; these would be the Build Templates, Gear Templates, and additional Crafting licenses. Our general recommendation would be to ignore these and just buy additional Character Slots instead. 

You can make characters of the same profession which will have their own build and Gear templates as well as two additional Crafting Slots. You'll also get the rest of the benefits that come along with having extra characters as we talked about before; stuff like Storage Space, Birthday Gifts, and access to all Parking

However, if you're really attached to using a specific character or would rather spend the extra Gems and not have to swap characters to use some of your builds or Crafting disciplines then buying these may still be worth it to you. They're just not a good value for most players. 

Infinite Use Gathering Tools

Next up is Infinite Use Gathering Tools. This may be a bit controversial to say but you don't really need Infinite Use Gathering Tools. They can definitely be convenient but if you only harvest valuable Nodes you don't need to replace gathering tools very often. 

If you're interested in them for the Glyph Rewards you can always buy Karmic gathering tools instead of regular ones and still have access to the Glyph Rewards without Infinite Use Tools. Another thing to consider is that you can only have the Infinite Use Gathering Tools on one character at a time. 

Of course, many people will still want to buy Infinite Use Gathering Tools in the Gemstore and that's totally understandable. If that's the case for you then our advice is to wait until the infinite volatile magic gathering tools are on sale. This bundle will give you all three tools at a discount and all of them will have one of the best Glyphs in the game for getting additional rewards from harvesting Nodes

Home Instance  Nodes

Speaking of Nodes, let's go over the Home Instance  Node Packs and Farming Plots. The bottom line for these is that they take a very long time to pay off even if you farm them daily with high-value Glyphs in your tools, the Gemstore Node Packs take around 5 to 10 years to break. 

Even on the Farming Plots, they aren't quite as bad but still take over one year even if you only farm Ascended ingredients. So just to be clear these items are not in investment in your account and they will not produce any appreciable return.

However, filling your Home Instance can be an end-game goal that's a little bit different from the normal Legendary Gear and infusions that most people gravitate towards. 

Sharing your Home Instance is also a great way to get more value out of it and help other players without just handing them Gold. If you're doing it for one of those two reasons then by all means go ahead and buy the Node Packs and Farming Plots. 

Recharging Teleport To Friend

Next, we have the Recharging Teleport To Friend. This lets you teleport to someone in your party or squad once per hour. Most players won't use up that many of the single-use Teleport To Friend items and so they can just use those to port new characters around or to finish certain achievements. 

However, if you really like using Teleport To Friend often and you've already gone through all the single-use ones, those items may be appealing to you. 

Meta Portal Devices

In a similar vein, we have portal devices for Central Tyria World Bosses and Heart of Thorns Meta Events

You don't really need these because you can get the same information on event timers using sites like gw2timer.com or an add-on like gw2taco or blishhud. However, if you run these events often and want a game-integrated method of tracking them, as well as, the ability to teleport to them without waypoints, then these portal devices might be worth the purchase for you. 

It should go without saying that cosmetics and deluxe edition upgrades are purely personal preferences and you'll need to decide for yourself if the money or Gold is worth it for those items. 

You can get your hands on Cheap GW2 Gold at GW2sale.com. There is no need to get into the fatigue of farming it because you can Buy them Cheap on mentioned pages.

Black Lion Chest Keys

Before we move on to things that you just flat out should never buy there's one more thing that falls at the very bottom personal preference which is Black Lion Chest Keys. Black Lion chests are the loot boxes of Guild Wars 2 and like most other loot boxes and video games, they're rigged. 

There are a couple of cosmetic items in each chest rotation called Black Lion chest exclusives. If you want them then you will have to buy or farm Black Lion keys. If you don't care about the exclusive skins then you should absolutely never buy the keys. 

I know some people buy black line keys on a regular basis because the game doesn't have a subscription and they still want to support its development. If that's you then, it's great that you want to support the game. However, our recommendation would be to put those Gems towards some of the other upgrades previously discussed in this Best Gemstore items in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide.

Items You Should Never Buy

Finally, we're under the things that you should absolutely never buy; Noob Traps, Scams, Rip Off or you can call them whatever you want, just don't buy them. Mostly we're talking about consumables of any sort. It doesn't really matter what it is, it's not going to be a good value.

  • Boosters can be bought with Laurels and also earned from level-ups and certain personal story chapters. There's no need to spend Gems on them. 

  • Black Lion Salvage Kits and Mystic forge stones will trickle into your account from login rewards for free and flat out are not worth what they cost in the Gemstore

  • Transmutation charges are fairly easy to come by with regular gameplay and you just don't need to buy them. 

  • Food and utility primers cost way more than just buying additional food and utility items would so there's no point in getting them. 

  • The Merchant Trading Post and Bank Access Express items will trickle into your account from achievement chests and login rewards but are needlessly expensive to buy with Gems. If you really want those conveniences there are permanent contracts that you can buy for each of those services and it will be cheaper in the long term to get those instead of buying the consumable ones. 

  • This is also true for the Upgrade Extractor and the Self Style Hair Kit, although if you're only changing your hair one time the consumable one might be fun. 

  • Similarly, the two-week Banker Golem and two week Lounge Passkeys are just a waste of Gems. If you want those things you should just buy the permanent Bank access contract and permanent Lounge Passkeys instead. The permanent Bank access contract definitely comes at a high price but there's absolutely no point in repurchasing the Banking Golem every two weeks. 

  • The instant level 80 boost and weapon unlock package are both not worth how much they cost for how little time and effort they save you. Guild Wars 2 is not an MMO that is focused on grinding to get to the end game. So just explore and enjoy playing the game to get your levels and way points organically. 

  • Dye Kits are basically the same deal as Black Lion Chest Keys except you can actually buy the dyes from the Trading Post and it's cheaper to do so. So, don't gamble on the Kits

Final Verdict

So this Best Gemstore Items in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide just about covers the Gemstore items that you should avoid and everything in between. Hopefully, this video helped you to understand what's best in the Gemstore and why. 

If it did we would genuinely appreciate you taking the time to give the YouTube channel Abree some credit. This Written Guide was summarized from the YouTube Video Guide and we Thank Abree for this Valuable Content. 

There are some things that you might not understand from this Written Guide. You can simply watch the YouTube Video Guide by Abree yourself and kindly leave a comment to tell us about it.

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