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The Best Ways to Level Up in Guild Wars 2

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Guild Wars 2 was created by ArenaNet. The game offers a sizable open world setting packed with exciting PvP combat, difficult dungeons, and unpredictable events. Players have several options for playstyle and character growth thanks to the wide variety of professions, races, and skill levels available. This article will discuss some of the most effective Guild Wars 2 leveling strategies, including effective questing and wise equipment selection.

Questing and Exploration

Questing is one of the oldest methods of levelling up in MMORPGs. The open world setting in Guild Wars 2 has a tonne of quests to do. Together with experience points (XP), armour, gold, and other important goods are awarded to players who complete quests. Yet, Guild Wars 2's quests are not restricted to conventional "kill and fetch" duties like those in other games. Players can participate in the game's dynamic events that take place worldwide to earn experience points and rewards. These activities, which range from protecting a community from a monster attack to escorting NPCs, make questing more immersive and interesting.

The game environment can be explored to get major experience points in addition to quests and events. Gamers can explore new locations, solve jumping challenges, and locate undiscovered treasures. Discovering new vistas while exploring the game environment can earn you XP as well as useful map completion bonuses. Bonuses for finishing a map offer extra benefits like gear, currency, and crafting supplies.


Another crucial component of Guild Wars 2 is crafting. For each successful craft, training in any crafting profession awards experience. Gamers can make their own armor, swords, and other important stuff to help them level up. If the player is under level 15 or has a booster activated, the amount of experience awarded is significantly higher. This can be a useful alternative to level new characters or to complete the last few levels of an existing character since learning at least one or two professions is generally advised. Crafting delivers a lot of experience points, making it a great method for leveling up. Crafting may be expensive and time-consuming, so it's important for players to choose professions that fit with their playstyle and goals.

Guild Wars 2 Crafting

Joining a Guild

In Guild Wars 2, joining a guild has a number of advantages that help in leveling. Access to guild quests, events, and dungeons is provided through guilds, which also foster a sense of community. Dungeons offer difficult gameplay that yields big experience points, while completing guild objectives and events offers XP and rewards that help in leveling up. Moreover, guilds give members access to a bank of resources and supplies that may be used for crafting and other activities.

PvP and WvW

In Guild Wars 2, players can engage in organised PvP and World vs. World (WvW) warfare. Both modes offer plenty of goodies and experience points to help players level up. In the quick-paced variant known as "Structured PvP," participants compete in tiny teams. Gaining experience points and reward chests with expensive things come from winning matches. The massive WvW warfare mode throws whole servers against one another in a struggle for supremacy. Winning WvW bouts offers considerable benefits and experience points, making it a useful way to level up.

Choosing Right Gear

In Guild Wars 2, picking the appropriate equipment is essential. Character development and battle effectiveness are aided by the stats and bonuses provided by equipment. Gamers should try to match their equipment with their playstyle and objectives. A player who favours a more defensive playstyle, for instance, should concentrate on gear with better armour and toughness characteristics, whereas a player who favours a more offensive playstyle, should concentrate on gear with higher power and precision stats.

Additionally, as uncommon and exotic gear offers superior stats and benefits to ordinary gear, players should work to obtain it. By crafting, exploring dungeons, and successfully completing missions and events, one can acquire rare and exotic gear.

Guild Wars 2 Gear

Using Boosters and Consumables

In Guild Wars 2, boosts and consumables are transient commodities that offer players a range of advantages. These items can be used to raise stats, increase crafting success rates, increase experience gain, and many other things. Effective use of boosters and consumables can speed up a player's leveling process. Here are some examples of how boosters and consumables help in leveling up.

Expereince Boosters

A specific kind of booster known as an experience booster gives players more experience points for a set period of time. These boosters are available for purchase in-game or as rewards for completing specific tasks and activities. Utilizing experience boosters is a productive approach to level up because they can considerably speed up the rate at which players accumulate experience points.

Crafting Boosters

The crafting booster raises the chances that crafting recipes will work. Players that concentrate on crafting as a method of leveling up will find these boosts to be enormously helpful. Players can create objects more quickly, efficiently & with fewer resources by using crafting boosters to increase the efficiency of their creation process.

Stat Boosters

The stat booster raises a player's stats temporarily. These boosters can be used to better a player's fighting ability, making it simpler to take down opponents and finish objectives. Using stat boosters will help you get through challenging tasks like boss battles and dungeons. Hence stat booster is an amazing way to level up in a short span of time.

Karma Boosters

Karma boosters raises the number of karma points that players acquire for a brief period of time. In Guild Wars 2, karma is a form of currency that may be used to buy a range of goods, such as equipment, supplies for crafts, and other helpful items. You can level up more rapidly and buy exotic items by using karma boosters, which can speed up the accumulation of karma points. Hence this booster is another way of leveling up in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Boosters

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Tomes and Writ of Expereince

In the game, there are numerous ways to get tomes and writs, although PvP and World vs. World are the most common. Some can be acquired through the daily login reward programs. A Writ of Experience grants 5%, but a Tome of Experience grants 100% of the difference between the player's current level and their next level. It is acceptable to utilise these when you get them. As you reach level 80, you can utilise them to quickly level up alts or acquire the valuable currency known as Spirit Shards.

Tips and Tricks for Leveling Up

Regularly Upgrade Gear

It can be crucial to regularly upgrade your gear because even Common (white) gear that is of a higher level can outperform Masterwork (green) gear that is of a lower level. Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths are places you can go to find the common gear that you can use. You can hover over the gear you want to compare its stats to what you're wearing. Red numbers indicate lower numbers. Whereas green indicates higher numbers. When you level up, this can be a useful strategy to maintain your numbers.

Importance of Power

Always pay attention to Pre-80 equipment with Power as its main feature. Your primary focus should be power, not the equipment's secondary or tertiary features, which can essentially be anything you want. Combine it with toughness or precision if you want to increase your defence or your damage output. Prevent condition damage because Pre-80 configurations hardly ever have the ability to apply it successfully.

Take it Slow

If you're committed and are familiar with the routes, you can grind out a level 80 by hand in just a few hours, but it won't be advised here. Become familiar with the game's combat system by immersing yourself in it. Rushing to level 80 won't help you at all because Guild Wars 2 is significantly different from many other MMOs.

Team Up

Guild Wars 2 is a social game, thus this one truly applies to the entire thing. While playing alone is acceptable, inviting friends can increase the fun and enjoyment of the game. Don't be hesitant to post looking for more people if you possess the base game or any of the expansions because you can use the LFG feature and make things more interesting.

Follow the Guide

This one is more of a personal decision, an arrow pointing to neighboring objectives will appear just under or above your minimap. It is advised that you follow this impartial compass, which will direct you towards fresh content, as you level. Although you can choose to ignore it or alter the type of information it will point to, this is a useful tool to utilise if you're a little stuck.


Sometimes it can be challenging to gain experience, especially if you're attempting a higher-level mastery. Acquiring experience and leveling up can be a tedious job, hence try the ways mentioned above to level up more quickly and efficiently in the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

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