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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon (Gen1 And Gen2) Beginners Guide

This is a Guide aimed at showing you how to get started making a Legendary Weapon, specifically Generation 1 and Generation 2.  Maybe you didn't know they existed yet or maybe you have seen them around but you didn't know how to get started. Here you are, in any case, looking at the Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon (Gen 1 and Gen 2) Beginners Guide.

We summarized this written Guide from the YouTube video made by muklukyoutube. In case you find some things hard to understand or there are mistakes in this written Guide, you can check out the Guild Wars 2Legendary Weapon (Gen1 and Gen2) beginners Guide video and you can also let us know about it in the comment section.

Why Do You Want It?

Stats And Usability


First off, why would you want Legendary Gear? Their Gear has the same stats as Ascended Gear. This means if you have a piece of Ascended Gear with power, precision, and ferocity on it and a Legendary Gear with those same three stats the numbers will be the same.


However, the Legendary Gear can swap to other stats at any time you're out of combat. This means you can use that Weapon with every Gear set you own or aim to own and it will always have the desired stats.


Additionally, when you replace a sigil or infusion on a Legendary item the old one pops off instead of getting deleted, which could save a lot of cash if you swap bills off them.

Physical Appearance


The second reason you might wanna Legendary is that they are gorgeous. No other items in the game matched the flashiness of a Legendary in combat. Most Legendary Weapons change more than your Weapon skin.

They also change your footsteps, spell animations, and in some cases the sound effects. Each Legendary is a long journey and step one is deciding which one we're making.


We can make the one we get to use on the most characters. For example, if all of your main characters use a sword as one of their Weapons we might go for a sword Legendary for that reason.

If you play one tune but swap Gear a lot you might pick the Weapon used in the majority of your Weapon sets to ease the burden on your swaps. Lastly, you might pick the one you think looks the most drop-dead gorgeous.

Generation Of Legendaries

Now there are two Generations of Legendaries we are going to discuss here in our Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon (Gen 1 and Gen2) Beginners Guide. Namely, these are the Generation 1 and the Generation 2

Generation 1

One came out before Heart of Thorns, they are tradable until equipped, can be sold on the market, and the Precursor Weapon is tradable. If you don't know what a Precursor is we will come back to that later in our Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon (Gen 1 and Gen2) Beginners Guide

Because they came out pre-Heart of Thorns, they don't require Heart of Thorns zones to Craft them.

Generation 2

Generation 2 Legendaries came out after the release of Heart of Thorns. Below we will deal with their Crafting in detail.

Legendary Crafting

Generation 1 Crafting


Now a Legendary is a long-term project. You can, in some cases, sink a massive amount of Gold and finish a Legendary in a day or you can chip away at it slowly working on it a little each day over weeks, and get it done without feeling like you just went bankrupt.

Do whichever you like or anywhere in between. Typically most pros are a fan of the slow and steady approach, constantly working on a Legendary as a side project while playing at all times.


We're going to visit this GW2 Legendary wiki page and start working on the one you already know of. If we don't have one in mind already, from this web page we can click a Legendary, and look at some pictures like the axe Frostfang.

It also has the effect of making ice design on the arm and it leaves icy footsteps behind you while also changing the animations of certain Skills. If you are a ranger main it reads that these Legendary changes back Skill graphics as well as throw dirt which is the ranger's downstate ability.


For the sake of example let's say we are interested in Crafting Frostfang which is a Generation 1 Weapon the process is similar to all of these. You can see on the wiki page table of Gen one Weapons and each one requires four major items.

Gift of Fortune and Gift of Mastery is involved in all of them. A Precursor Weapon and a Legendary Weapon gift are the final two of these items you need.

Clicking on Frostfang or whichever Gen one Weapon you want opens a page on gw2 Legendary wiki page that has a breakdown of what you need to hurl into the Mystic Forge to get Frostfang and where those items come from.

For any of the ingredients you need, you can click on the page to see where they are from.

Gift of Mastery


Bloodstone Shard


The Bloodstone Shard is purchased from Miyani next to the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch for 200 Spirit Shards.

Obsidian Shard


Obsidian Shards come from Matt bonus rewards, PvP, and World vs World Reward Tracks mined from various nodes and purchased from many different options.

Gift of Exploration


The gift of Exploration comes from finishing the World map of Central Tyria. This means the World map before the expansions on a single character. That character will immediately be given two Gifts of Exploration so if you wanted to make another Gen one Weapon you would need to do World completion on other characters.

Gift of Battle


 The only way to get a Gift of Battle is a Reward Track and World versus World. Get some World vs World Reward Track boosters if possible for your journey. If you're new to it, stay active to keep the Reward Track going, you don't have to be good at this game mode, just participate in any way that you can.

This will take a few hours minimum even with maximum participation so don't fret if you can't get it done in one go. Players often refer to this as a Saturday afternoon type of project.

Those four items, the Bloodstone Shard, the 250 Obsidian Shards, the Gift of Exploration, and the Gift of Battle hurled into the Mystic Forge, will give you the Gift of Mastery.

Gift of Fortune


Globs Of Ectos


Salvaging yellows and oranges mostly can be bought from other players.

Mystic Clover


Mystic Clover from your 28th-day login reward, PvP, and World vs World Reward Tracks. Purchasable twice per day from the fractal merchant, rare drop from certain purchasable containers, and lastly can be RNG Forged with the following Recipe in the Mystic Forge on the image above.

What we mean by that is, if you do this Recipe in the Forge there is a chance to get Clovers. This step is one of the ones that are very costly if you intend to rush it.

Gift of Magic And Gift of Might

Gift of Magic and Gift of Might are just tons of blood sacks, totems, dust, fang scales, claws, and bones. Them combining 250 globs of ectoplasm, 77 Clovers, Gift of Magic, and Gift of Might in the Forge will get you your Gift of Fortune.

Gift of Frostfang


Now we're finally at the steps that will vary depending on the Weapon you chose. Read the gw2 wiki page carefully for the item you intend to make.

Icy Runestones


In the case of for example Frostfang, we need 100 Icy Runestones which cost one Gold each meaning 100 Gold from the merchant that cannot be avoided.

Sigil Of Ice

A sigil, buy it off the Trading Post.

Gift of Metal


Gift of Metal which was ten Gold for the Recipe. To make a 400 Skill Weapon Smith item that is a count bound, this means one of your tunes has to be a Weapon Smith to make this but you can do it on any one of your characters.

Gift of Ice


Gift of Ice, same idea, 10 Gold Recipe requires 400 Jewel Crafting and it makes an account-bound item. So one of your characters has to have 400 Jewel Crafting.

The 100 Moonstones, the sigil the Gift of Metal, and the Mystic Forge will give me the gift of Frostfang.

Tooth Of Frostfang


Lastly is the Precursor. It can be found small roaming the World but its kind of like hitting the lottery. If you are specifically looking for it, there are three major options.

  • Buy it off the Trading Post at the time of writing this that's about 300 Gold for Frostfang Precursor.
  • Crafting it. To Craft, the Precursor goes to GrandMaster Craftsman Hobbs and Lion's Arch and purchases the A Legendary journey unlock. For Example, Frostfang volume one will require the Revered Antiquarian Mastery. This will unlock a collection, and doing that collection unlocks another step, then another collection, etc. Follow it to the end and use the wiki for convenience. This journey will end with you getting the Precursor 
  • Gambling in the Mystic Forge by throwing various rare or exotic items in, that meet the requirements. There is a minuscule chance that you will get it. We do not recommend this one personally when you're going for something specific.

Finally throw the gifts and the Precursor into the Mystic Forge and withdraw your Legendary.

We know doing all of this isn’t that easy and simple, rather quite burdensome for beginners. For this, you can simply get gw2 HOM points accounts from trusted gw2sale.com. If you want to do the same procedure for your own account, you can get the gw power leveling service at cheap rates and save your precious time.

Generation 2 Crafting


The Generation 2 Weapons also require four items; a Precursor, a Legendary Weapon, a Gift of Fortune, Gift of Mastery. Gen 2 and their Precursors cannot be traded so you have to make these on your own from scratch.

Within this Generation are two main categories; some involve a quest line and some of it doesn't have a quest line but will have an additional mountain of materials.

Chuka and Champawat is an example of one involving a quest where you hunt down two monster tigers named Chuka and Champawat respectively across all of Tyria.

Verdarach is an example of a Legendary that didn't have much of a quest but in place of it, you need a few thousand additional Mithril and Elder wood. As you can see in the image above, many of the Legendaries can accept a Gift of Desert Mastery instead of a Gift of Maguuma Mastery.

Those are the Legendaries with less of a story involved. Most people we've talked to about this recommend sticking to the Maguuma Mastery option.

Mystic Tribute


The first ingredient you need that every Generation 2 requires is a Mystic Tribute. This ingredient will often take you the longest period due to the Clovers and Mystic coins.

Gift of Maguuma Mastery


The Gift of Maguuma Mastery requires a Gift of Maguuma which is full map completion of Heart of Thorns, Gift of Insights which requires four small gifts purchased from merchants in the heart of Thorns for hot currencies.

So you will be doing some meta events. Each of these four gifts requires a hot Mastery to be able to purchase. You may already have some of or all of this mastery.

Bloodstone Shard, again from Miyani in Lion's Arch, and 250 crystalline ingots. Two of the materials for this are account bound so you'll have to get them yourself the crystalline ore and the fulgurite. The others you can gather or purchase.

Precursor And The Weapon Gift


The last two items are the Precursor and the Legendary Weapon gift. So you will need to read the page for what you are making. To get started we are using Verdarach as an example.


You can see here that we need a character with Huntsman to make a shard of Call of the Void.

100 of them and a gift of wood, 100 Mystic Moonstones purchased from a vendor, and a gift of the mist.


Gifts of Glory is bought with PvP currency from playing conquest mode that's the 5v5 PvP. Gift of Battle as mentioned earlier is from World versus World, Gift of War is purchased with memories of battle. These come from World versus World but they are super cheap on the Trading Post just buy those.

Cube of stabilized dark energy Crafted with 75 stabilizing matrices. Matrix is from fractals or traded and can be found in a few other obscure locations, check the wiki. A ball of dark energy is salvaged from Ascended items.

To use the short bow Chuka and Champawat as a comparison. You could see that instead of 100 shards of call of the void uses a gift of the family which is a collection reward for an achievement related to its story.

Because the Gen 2 Precursor cannot be bought you need to Craft it yourself. Go to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs again, buy the volume one book for the item if you want, and get started.

There will be a lot of stages through the Precursors evolution but it will end at the Ascended Precursor Weapon ready to be used in the Mystic Forge for your Legendary. If you made it this far, hurl everything into the Mystic Forge and receive your reward.

Sometimes you get extra things as well, Chuka gives you a tiger spirit pet and a tiger backpack. Verdarach gives a toy they can play music. Now that you've unlocked the appearance you can use it on all of your tunes if you wish as well.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all to the Generation 1 and Generation 2 Legendaries in Guild Wars 2. Hope this Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon (Gen 1 and Gen2) Beginners Guide helped you understand the concept of Crafting Legendaries in gw2. Keep in mind, there are other Generations as well, but mostly for new players, Generation 1 and Generation 2 concept makes you ready for the self-understanding of the next Generations. Now be sure to show it off at every chance you get so that everyone understands how fabulous you look.

If you enjoyed this written Guide or found it helpful, be sure to check out the author of the YouTube video Guide - muklukyoutube. There is more similar content related to Guild Wars 2, so be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe to the youtube channel.

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