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The Best Builds for Soloing Dungeons in Guild Wars 2

Dungeons are an important part of the Guild Wars 2 game. They offer players a thrilling and challenging environment to enhance skills and earn multiple rewards. The road to conquering dungeons is tough and some players tend to band together. But again there are those who prefer to take up challenges alone. These players go for solo dungeon adventures for an extra challenge and reward. 

In Guild Wars 2, you can solo almost all the dungeons that are available. But, going solo doesn’t mean you get to have better rewards in some cases. But it will be all about the challenge that you will be facing alone. So, for all those who are looking to go solo in Guild Wars 2 we have prepared this article of Best Builds for Soloing Dungeons in Guild Wars 2

Our guide will discuss the best builds and why we are saying that. The names that will appear in this article are not in any particular order. Our research is based on the data which is available on the internet. And these choices of best builds for solo dungeons vary from player to player. Now, without wasting much of your time let’s discuss them in detail. The following are some of the best builds for soloing dungeons based on each class. Before starting with each class in detail, let us tell you that you will be required to spend Gold, the in-game currency of the game to make a solid build. So make sure you have enough Gold stored in your acoount. If you are falling short of this, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller GW2Sale.

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Power Axe Berserker (Warrior)

Warrior class in Guild Wars 2 are known for their high damage inflicting abilities, and an equally tremendous survival power. These qualities make them a perfect candidate for soloing dungeons. The Power Axe Berserker or simply Power Berserker is a Tank/DPS type build of the Warrior class in Guild Wars 2 game. This powerhouse of a build focuses on sustaining damage through the adequate utilization of the Adrenaline generation in the Warrior Class. Power Axe Berserker also features a low cooldown which is associated with the Decapitate, Axe Primal Burst. Also, Banners can be used to grant quickness and other benefits, or you can focus on full DPS. 

If the Blood Reckoning is readily accessible, switch around using a greatsword as well as an axe or axes. This is the sole method for resetting the greatsword's primal burst cooldown. As there isn't any downtime for Axe Primal Burst in the event it lands, when utilizing Axe, switch between using F1 and a combo that will give you enough adrenaline to perform the following F1. All in all this high DPS build is one of the best to be considered for solo dungeons. It will allow you to quickly defeat bosses and trash mobs.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build

Dragonhunter (Guardian)

The Dragonhunter was unlocked after the introduction of The Heart of Thorns expansion in the Guild Wars 2 game. Dragonhunter is an elite specialization. Dragonhunter Build makes use of its good Damage dealing and survival abilities in the battlefield. The traditional guardian virtues are given physical form by dragonhunters, who trade casting time for increased potency. Dragonhunters prefer to help their teammates by eliminating their fellow opponents with their powerful burst damage rather than healing and enhancing them.

But they are equally potent for solo players. Considering berserker statistics, wield a greatsword as well as a scepter or torch. It is recommended that traits improve greatsword critical chance, grant vigor on healing, plus enhance power damage, particularly to scorching enemies. To inflict area damage and hinder or perhaps stop opponents from leaving, players are able to employ trap skills. Longbows are a weapon that dragonhunters can use, giving up area damage for long-range single target burst and control. They are excellent at doing damage. The Dragonhunter specialization offers burst damage and CC which helps take down enemies quickly.

Weaver (Elementalist)

Elementalist weaver builds provide a balance of damage and survivability. With the amount of healing, boons, and barrier it obtains while creating power through combinations to boost the damage of the pulsating burns, this Weaver build may be incredibly resilient.

Condition (Condi) Renegade (Revenant)

For Revenant, a condition Renegade is an elite specialization build. It controls members of Kalla Scorchrazor's warband. gives users access to short bows, the legendary Renegade stance, and Citadel Orders in favor of Ancient Echo. Condition Renegade offers a degree of adaptability that merely a few comparable builds are capable of matching by combining strong continuous DPS, defense, and an all-encompassing toolset. Offhand Sword is a formidable weapon that also comes with the incredibly potent skills of Shackling Wave.

Power Reaper (Necromancer)

Necromancers have builds with high survivability ideal for soloing. A power reaper build using minions provides damage and tanking. Reapers are capable of manufacturing the highest number of minions using Lich Runes & the "Rise!" shout, when all of those minions ultimately die, they are going to explode and produce poisonous fields that could potentially be utilized with Greatsword 2 and Shroud 4's swirl finishes. In addition to slowing down opponents and inflicting blood, chills are also provided by the Hydromancy sigil, Staff 3, and Shroud 5.

You'll discover the fact that the Reaper is capable of dealing with both individual targets and teams of opponents with ease. The Reaper is going to be very difficult to kill because of the Shroud and natural life steal. Players will be capable of playing almost everything solo, and mastering any possible endgame multiplayer content or lagging behind in damage won't be a problem for them. Your minions will tank and distract enemies while you reap life and do damage from a distance.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Build

Condition Mirage (Mesmer)

The condition DPS build Condition Mirage provides reliable damage via torment, bleeding, and confusion. To completely utilize Confusion and Mirage Cloak on this build, exceptional knowledge is required. For Condition Mirage to function properly, one needs to have a thorough grasp of the build. Use the viper's stats with the axe/pistol or axe/torch. A trait should increase mirage cloak evades, endurance regeneration, and condition duration.. The mirage elite specialization provides constant condition pressure, CC, and evades to handle enemies solo.

Soulbeast (Ranger)

Ranger soulbeast builds provide good burst damage and pet tanking for soloing. The Soulbeast is an aggressive DPS build featuring a lot of burst damage, substantial party buffs from Frost Spirit and One Wolf Pack, as well as several crowd control (CC) abilities. Additionally, Whirling Defense is a remarkably potent reflect skill that is useful in many fights. The build receives advantages from killing potions & sigils like Superior Sigil of Serpent killing and Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies.

Condition (Condi) Daredevil (Thief)

The Heart of Thorns expansion enabled the thief's elite specialization, Daredevil. These incredibly agile thieves have trained hard to get a third endurance bar and have studied martial arts to transform their dodge into a damage skill or a dash. They are fully aware of the hazards of the jungle. Since this is a condition build, it means that imposing conditions and maintaining it there account for the majority of the aforementioned build's damage. Condi builds are fantastic since you don't have to be concerned as much about dealing the greatest amount of damage because the damage you cause isn't influenced by an enemy's armor level. 

Condi Daredevil, who mostly focuses on big stacks of Bleed and Poison, has some of the highest DPS for Thief in GW2. Condition Daredevil is essentially built on Deadly Arts. The trait Deadly Ambition is included in this set of requirements. This trait adds Poison to the Bleed that your dual wield strikes currently have as the third weapon skill. Additionally, it possesses the attribute Potent Poison, which raises the poison damage by 33%.


This will be all about the best builds for Soloing dungeons in Guild Wars 2 game. With each update, the game offers plenty of expansions and build options that can be further utilized to get the most of your dungeon experience. We have discussed the most important builds that you should look out for when playing the dungeon content solo. We hope that the article helped you. This will be all from us for now.

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