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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Guardian in PvP

Guardians are a very inconstant class, they are generally known for their defensive nature but it is also a fact that they are very good at attacking also, so fighting a guardian is a challenging task. Guardians have powerful support abilities too which make them more dominant in the game, they have high defense and healing abilities also resulting in more power to them. So it is evident that guarding cause great fear among the players but fighting a guardian in PvP and winning in a fight can be backed with some tips and tricks which we will be discussing.

What is Guardian Class

Before we start with the tips and tricks you will be required to understand what is basically the whole guardian class and what all abilities it possesses. Guardians are fully loaded with strong armor and guardians also have many abilities for their defense called defensive abilities. Guardians have the ability to heal themselves and also place blocks. Guardians are capable of causing drastic damage to the player with their overpowered weapons and skills. Guardians have an ability of aura which helps them to support their teammates during any fight they can help their teammates by healing them and providing boons.

Guide to fighting a guardian in PvP battles

So now we have all the required knowledge about the guardian class so now we can head over to the main question which is how to fight a guardian, we just don’t have to fight here, we have to fight and win also, so winning is not solely dependent on how good a player you are you have to follow some tips during the battles so the chances of winning the battle increases, so tips to fighting a guardian in PvP are: 

Understanding the Abilities of a Guardian

The first thing you should know about is being aware of their abilities, guardians have many skills which help them in between the match to face the damage and also to protect them from the damage which is caused, guardians have a unique ability to heal their allies too during the match. Talking about some of their best defensive abilities which include aegis, this ability helps the guardian to block the upcoming attack and other ability is protection which reduces the damage of the next attack. Guardians have access to skills that help them to remove the conditions and also heal during the match, these abilities make them tough opponents to fight with. 

Guild Wars 2 Guardian

Disturb the healing process

Guardians have the ability to heal themselves in between a battle which makes them unbeatable if the match is not fought with the right approach. When the player is in between a battle with a guardian and causes the guardian any sort of damage and as soon as the guardian starts healing himself the player should take advantage of that moment and attack the guardian at that point in time only, this will interrupt the healing process of the guardian. He will not be able to heal which will increase your chances of winning.

Don’t stand on the symbols 

Guardians create symbols here and there on the ground which provide them an advantage during the battle, these symbols help the guardians and their allies to deal with any type of damage during the match. These symbols are also healing spots for the guardians so you should always try to avoid and stay as far as you can so you can avoid any type of dangerous situation.

Maintain Mobility 

Despite having many abilities which make guardians a strong competitor they have a major disability of not moving fast, guardians are really slow, and have limited mobility. For avoiding the attacks and winning the battle you should always make the guardian run behind you which will waste a lot of time the guardian in chasing you. As you know that guardians are allies so if you try this method of making a guardian follow you and take him far from his Allie then you can fight it alone and the guardian won’t be able to take the help of his allies.

Using Ranged Attacks 

When you are in a fight with a guardian you should avoid using the attacks which can damage only in a short range instead, you should try the attacks which are effective in a long range as guardians get more damage from such attacks. You should maintain a distance from the guardian and use weapons that are powerful in ranged attacks. Maintaining a distance from the guardian will not only help you in attacking it from a long-range but also it will help you to stay away from the short-distance attacks of the guardian. 

Pay attention to the guardian’s weaknesses

Guardians have many weaknesses such as burning and vulnerability. So for causing more damage to the guardians, you should always aim to use the skills which will affect the guardian's weakness so it will lead to more damage to them. You should always consider bringing those weapons which are condition based and you should also bring the condition-based builds to cause maximum damage to the guardians.


Everything is simple if it is done with the right approach, In a PvP battle with a guardian it becomes easier to win if the team works together to achieve the goal of winning the fight between the guardian. You and your team should use a combo of attacks because a single attack will damage comparatively less than the same attack comined by two players and as you know that guardians are a very strong opponent and winning alone can be very time consuming and also chances of winning will also be less, but if played in team it becomes easier. 

Using anti-block skills

Guardians have a skill set of attacks which help them to block the attacks caused by their opponent some of the abilities are the shield of judgement and shield of absorption. A player should always try to use such skills which can overpower the abilities of a guardian such as using skills like headshots and one other which is corruption of well. Using these skills during a match will give you an upper hand and you will be able to tackle the unbeatable defensive abilities of a guardian.

To get full potential support of these skills, you will have to keep your player equipped with up to date items. For that, you will have to purchase these items from the in-game store using Gold, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of the Gold, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Look for the removal of conditions

Guardians have the ability to access the conditions which will help them to remove the skills of their opponent, So you are always recommended to use the skills as soon as possible because if you cause a delay in using them you might lose the skills and the match also. Use the skills which stack up quickly rather than using the skills which take time to stack once used. One of the skills which stack up quickly is bleeding. 

Keeping the cooldowns in mind 

Guardians know when you have exhausted all your skills and they don’t take time to punish you for your mistake so you should always be careful while using your skills, you should be effective in using your skills rather than using all of them a once because it will cause less damage than using the skills with the right approach. Using the skills at once will leave you most likely to be exposed to the attacks of the guardian.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide

Being aware of the surroundings

Guardians are very smart when it comes to using their environment as a defense or using the environment to trap and then attack their enemy. The Guardian blocks the paths of the player and then attacks, the Guardian also uses their surroundings to hide. So a player should always be aware of his surrounding so that he can escape whenever they want to.

Using the weapons present in the environment 

A player should always take advantage of his environment and when talking about the environment how can we miss the weapons present in the environment. Enviroment weapons such as cannons, ballstie should be used if present during the battles.


So we have provided you with the 12 best tips and a guide to how to fight a guardian in guild wars 2, First thing which you should be focusing on is learning about the abilities of a guardian, then we discussed how disturbing the healing process will help you in winning, and then about how staying away from symbols will increase the chances of you winning too.

For fighting a guardian you should stay mobile and understand the movements of the guardian and use ranged attacks while fighting with them, teamwork will help you to win the fights rather than wasting your time alone, you should use the anti-block skills and always keep looking for removing the unwanted conditions.

Taking advantage of your surrounding will be a great move while fighting with a guardian, you should make yourself aware about the surrounding such as walls, barrels and many more thing which you think can help you during the battle and you should take advantage of weapons present in your environment if there are any.

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