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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Revenant

Since its release in 2012, Guild Wars 2 has continued to grow, and its most recent update, End of Dragons, was just released. The Asian-inspired nation of Cantha, which was first featured in the 2006 Guild Wars game, will be your destination in this update. It's okay if you haven't arrived yet or if you've only recently begun the game. It's a wonderful time to start playing Guild Wars 2, yet you might feel a little overwhelmed by everything you need to do. You will learn how to deal with the Revenants and the classes within the game from this guide.

Being capable to adjust to circumstances in PvP isn't just related to your understanding of the class, but additionally, to the rivals, that you would be confronting. This is a fundamental overview of Revenants to ensure you can learn how to combat them lacking to completely study the class.


Only the legend stances, which determine a collection of utility skills, are available to Revenants; they cannot choose which specific utility skills they possess. They have a choice of two legend positions, so if you can determine which of the 2 legend stances they're employing, you will be aware of every utility ability they possess.

Because there is weaponry and traits to manage that can vary between builds, getting to perform within the legend stances is frequently equivalent to acquiring to play around revenants. But the energy system is the only issue that applies to all revenants. Thus, this is an extremely crucial item to experiment with if you ever have to battle a revenant.

Like other classes, all revenant abilities have cooldowns and energy costs. Revenants can switch among their two legend positions while their energy is replenishing, and it will then restore to fifty percent of a full bar. Although revenants typically handle this on their own, understanding how it functions can help you control one. Knowing that all of their abilities require energy and that they will refuel after a swap enables you to take the following countermeasures:

  • The ideal moment to incapacitate them is when they've employed an extensive combo, and the most disastrous time to disable them is after they switched legends. Stun breaks consume energy.

  • Revenants only run out of energy, not cooldowns. When they play abrasively they may be forced to expend energy on defense rather than their more potent offensive skills.

  • Due to their capacity to reset their energy, they are at their strongest immediately after switching between epic stances. The fact that the legend swap has a 9-second cooldown lets you anticipate a powerful skill combination and get ready to respond as soon as it occurs.

Having learned legend stances & related abilities revenants utilize when they run short on energy may assist you to figure out when they do. For instance, you can tell if a revenant is an imminent danger or not by seeing them employ Jade Winds in Shiro, Call to Anguish in Mallyx, 

Inspiring Reinforcement in Jalis, or Energy Expulsion in Ventari. Depending upon how much power they are hoarding, you can also tell if they used Call to Anguish in Mallyx. In broad terms, a revenant will be closest to winning a battle the longer they are allowed to cast freely. Continue to apply conditions and CC pressure to them because doing so will require them to give up energy, which means they might not have enough time to make use of all of their abilities before their legend posture cooldown. If you hold them up and squander their precious time, they might exchange stories before exhausting all of their energy, which would indicate that they lost that energy.

Guild Wars 2 Revenant

Downed State

When an opponent revenant is downed, you can eliminate them by using the following handling skills:


 Since revenants' downed state automatic attack delays targets, making it difficult to deal damage, utilizing a stomp to complete is the favored strategy for dealing with them.

Single Targeted Knock Back

You can ensure your finishing blow against a revenant by using stealth, blindness, invulnerability, stability, and ports. Always attempt to avoid being knocked back when they lift their hand as you won't be in a situation to avoid a revive. Be aware that hitting a wall has a chance of happening, and because of the great velocity, you could become trapped in the wall. To prevent this, attempt to stomp via a secure angle.


Even though you are able to discover how to compete against common builds, there are certain versions of revenants that might vary from one another. You can combat them by being aware of their characteristics and how they work with their class. Revenants most frequently follow the Invocation trait line. Revenants can perform elite specializations that give them access to some new legend stances, though they may choose not to use them. Following the game in a conventional manner might consume a lot of time, but worry not you can have a headstart in the game by buying coins through our website.

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Heralds can use Facets, which pulse buffs to surrounding companions till they decide to eat them for an intense effect, by channeling the Dragon Legend Glint. They are never going to run out of power during Glint stance as their abilities only use energy when they are maintained and are freely usable when they are activated. When they're in their alternative positions, apply pressure. When they employ their Facet of Light, try to avoid blowing all of your damage because it will instead transform that damage into healing.


To call upon spirits and grant different buffs, renegades may use the Charr Legend Kalla. To prevent the spirits from releasing their effects, you can disable them or simply walk away from them. While they may be employed safely from a distance, shortbow skills offer a lethal ranged weapon with little protection. Get in their path and pressure them to switch out of the shortbow so that you can determine if they remain hazardous while the weapon switch is on cooldown.


Vindicators have access to Archemorus and Saint Viktor's Legendary Alliance Stance. When using the alliance, they can switch between the three legend postures. As a result, be aware that the Luxon (Orange stance) is primarily damage-dealing and the Kurzick (Blue stance) is primarily healing and purifying.

Vindicators can also jump into the air and then dive down on their enemies using the dodge. Determining whether they utilize a harmful dodge, the chill/boon dodge, or the healing dodge is the first step. Play more forcefully when facing the heal dodge, but stay away from the chill or damaging dodge. The only time you should dodge is when they use the greatsword burst, yet otherwise, try to strike your skills by performing them at the final stage of the dodge animation.

Guild Wars 2 Vindicator


The major variations in how particular classes engage with revenants are as follows: There always exists the possibility to defeat an opponent by switching to better battles or surpassing their mechanics.

Revenants Counter


  • With their abundance of multiple-hit strikes, Revenants can dispel the Aegis imposed by Guardians.

  • Revenants don't run beyond their cooldowns whereas Guardians do.

  • Revenants possess unblockable attacks and the ability to eliminate boons.


  • Chill is an effective weapon against elementalists, and revenants have a lot of it.

  • Revenants exert consistent enough pressure to ultimately outnumber the weak elementalists.

  • Elementalists favor more tightly regulated battles which revenants evade by generating thrust map plays.

Situational Dangers


  • Due to their decreased speed compared to revenants, warriors frequently lose to them in battle.

  • If warriors are able to land CC, it will aid them to lock down a revenant.

  • Warriors are tough enough to hold off revenants and live.


  • Necromancers will set up CC and circumstances to weaken revenants.

  • Revenants depend on blessings that necromancers can taint.

  • The simplest target to concentrate on is frequent necromancers.


  • The collateral harm that revenants frequently inflict results in pet death.

  • CC and the conditions which rangers may carry out are efficient at debilitating revenants.

  • While revenants prefer bigger battles, rangers frequently prefer smaller ones.

Counters Revenants


  • Thieves can pick the best time to fight and are difficult to capture.

  • A revenant's taken ability is a potent weapon that delays the victim.

  • Thieves can readily kill a revenant thanks to their burst damage.


  • Mesmers have a lot of CC variables that revenants fail to manage

  • Revenants struggle to maintain contact with the evasive mesmer and struggle to withstand the explosive damage of mesmers.


We hope using this guide you would be able to face your enemies and conquer them. Take into account that Guild Wars 2 is a tactical game and you need to be patient while moving ahead in the game. Use this guide to move forward in the game. You can also read our beginner's guide of Guild Wars 2 to understand the game in more detils.

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