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The Best Ways to Earn Experience in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that offers a huge and wide range of activities to earn XP (experience) and level up your character. In this guide, we'll discover various effective ways to gain XP and level up your character. Engage in diverse activities for a rewarding experience.

Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events in Guild War 2 are spontaneous, immersive, interactive and evolving in-game occurrences worldwide. These events are triggered by player actions or can occur at scheduled intervals. These events can include many different tasks such as defending a location, escorting NPCs or defeating enemies. The outcome of each different event may influence the game world, leading to different events or altering the state of the environment. Dynamic Events contribute to the living and ever-changing world of GW2, providing players with engaging and unpredictable, dynamic and immersive gameplay experience encouraging player cooperation and participation.

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These events are an excellent way to earn XP and progress in your character. Here are some methods to maximise your XP gains:

  • Explore the game world: Dynamic Events occur throughout Tyria, so explore different regions to discover a wide variety of events. Keep an eye out for orange icons on your map or listen for NPCs announcing events nearby.

  • Participate actively: Engage in Dynamic Events by joining the event when it starts. Contribute to the event's objectives by defeating enemies, completing tasks, or protecting NPCs. The more actively you participate, the more XP you'll earn.

  • Scale up for challengesMany Dynamic Events have multiple stages or levels of difficulty. Choose events that are challenging but still manageable for your character. Harder events often provide greater XP rewards.

  • Follow event chains: Some events are part of larger event chains that unfold over multiple stages. Stick around and complete subsequent stages to earn extra XP and witness the evolving storyline.

  • Join group events: Certain Dynamic Events require coordination with other players. Joining a group or squad can help tackle more difficult events and earn bonus XP through teamwork.

  • Bonus rewards: Keep an eye out for bonus rewards offered during events, such as event completion chests or special vendor items. These rewards may include additional XP boosts or valuable items that can aid your progression.

  • Use boosters and consumables: Consider using XP boosters or consumables that temporarily increase your experience gain. These can be obtained through various in-game methods or purchased from the trading post.

By actively participating in Dynamic Events, selecting appropriate challenges, and utilising boosters, you can easily and efficiently earn XP. Participate in dynamic events that occur throughout the game world. These events range from small tasks to large-scale boss fights and provide a significant amount of XP. Keep an eye on the map for orange icons indicating active events.

Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events

Personal Story

The Personal Story is a narrative driven campaign that follows the journey of your character. It is a unique storyline that is shaped by your own choices that you had made during character creation and all throughout the game. The Personal Story explores your character's background, motivations, and their role in the overarching narrative of Tyria. It includes a series of missions and quests that reveal more about the game world, its lore, and the conflicts that shape it. 

Engaging in the Personal Story is a great way to earn XP and level up your character. Completing Personal Story missions and quests grants significant amounts of XP points. Here are some methods to maximise your XP gains:

  • Progress through the Personal Story: Follow the main storyline by completing the story missions and quests as they become available.

  • Choose appropriate difficulty: Adjust the story difficulty to a level that challenges you without being overly difficult. Higher difficulties yield increased rewards, including more XP.

  • Complete optional objectives: Some Personal Story steps have optional objectives that provide bonus XP upon completion. Be sure to fulfil these objectives when possible.

  • Participate in group instances: Certain story steps require teaming up with other players in instances. Completing these instances grants additional XP rewards.

  • Personalise your choices: Your decisions throughout the Personal Story can impact the narrative and the outcomes of certain missions. Choose options that align with your character's personality or desired storyline to enhance the immersive experience.

By actively participating in the Personal Story and making choices that resonate with your character, you can easily enjoy a compelling narrative while steadily gaining XP and easily levelling up.

Map Completion

Exploring the different regions of the game world and completing the map objectives can be an effective way to earn XP. Points of interest, vistas, and skill challenges are all scattered throughout the maps. Each completed map grants quite a substantial amount of XP.


Dungeons are instanced, challenging group content that provides exciting and rewarding gameplay experience. They are designed for a party of five players to tackle. In dungeons, the players navigate through themed environments while encountering various enemies, different traps, puzzles, and occasional boss encounters.

Dungeons offer fun and unique storylines, granting insight into the lore of Tyria and its inhabitants. They also provide opportunities to the players to acquire rare gear, exclusive weapon skins, and valuable currencies. Each dungeon has its own paths or routes, which offer distinct challenges and rewards.

Good quality comms, coordination, and teamwork are essential in dungeons, as players must work together to overcome their obstacles, defeat enemies and bosses. Roles such as tanker, healer, and damage dealer are often used to optimise the party's effectiveness.

It's important to note that dungeons are different from the recently added group content called fractals. Fractals are progression-based, mini-dungeon systems that offer harder and better challenges and rewards as the players progress through the increasingly difficult fractal levels.

Overall, dungeons provide thrilling cooperative gameplay and valuable rewards for players looking for challenging group content. They also provide quite a reasonable amount of XP for the player.

Guild Wars 2 Dungeons

World vs World (WvW)

In WvW, players from two servers join forces to form armies and fight against players from the enemy (the opposite server) server. The objective is to capture and hold various strategically important locations, such as castles, towers, and supply camps, to earn points for their server and ultimately dominate the map.

Players can engage in many activities in WvW, including defending their own territory, launching coordinated assaults on the enemy objectives, participating in zerg battles, scouting and executing guerrilla tactics. WvW also offers opportunities for siege warfare, as players can build and use siege weapons to attack or defend structures.

Participating in WvW earns players rewards, XP, and unique currency called WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets, which can be exchanged for exclusive gear and items. WvW also has its own progression system, where players can earn ranks and unlock new abilities and rewards.

Player vs Player (PvP)

Engage in structured PvP matches to earn XP and PvP rewards. PvP matches are short battles that test your skills against other players in many different game modes. These are fun, intense battles that anyone can freely enjoy which reward a suitable amount of XP.

Daily & Monthly Achievements

Complete Daily and Monthly achievement objectives. These encourage you to engage with different aspects of the game and grant bonus XP and additional rewards. Prioritise completing these objectives for a steady XP income.

Daily Achievements, just like the name suggests, are missions given to a player on a daily basis. These missions refresh every 24 hours, therefore, everyday. These are short-term, easy to complete missions which grant a small amount of XP compared to its monthly counterpart, but this XP is quite reasonable for the (easy) difficulty of the mission.

Monthly Achievements, just like the name suggests, are long-term missions which the player receives every month. These, similar to their daily counterpart, refresh every 30 (28 (February), 29 (February - leap-year) or 31) days, therefore a month. These missions take time to complete and are designed for the average, casual player. The missions offer a huge amount of XP but can be time-taking and can be difficult to complete.

Guild Wars 2 Achievements


This speaks for itself, exploring the game world, discovering hidden areas, hidden chests and secrets. All these come under exploration. This fun task rewards you with XP, the satisfaction, joy and excitement of uncovering hidden treasures. All while making you keep an eye out for hidden paths and interactable objects to, well, explore more.

Kill Enemies

Defeating enemies in the open world, such as monsters, bandits, and other hostile creatures. Each defeated foe grants XP, and streak-kills in award bonus experience. Focus on areas with high enemy density for efficient levelling.

Revive Other Players

Assist fallen players by reviving them when they are defeated. Reviving others not only helps your allies but also grants you XP. Keep an eye out for downed players in need of assistance. Players who reach 0HP are transferred into a fallen or downed state for a period of time. This is the only time and state they can be revived in. After that they cannot be revived and are defeated.

To revive a downed player, approach their downed character and interact with them. This will initiate a reviving animation during which you must channel the revival process. Be mindful of any hostile enemies nearby as they can interrupt the reviving process. Some professions and skills may have specific abilities that enhance or speed up the reviving process.

Reviving other players is not only beneficial to the fallen player but also to the entire group or team. It promotes a positive and cooperative gameplay experience and can greatly contribute to the success of challenging encounters and activities.

Daily Login Rewards

Like all other games with a Daily Login Reward System, this does too, with the same steps! Log into the game daily to claim your login rewards. These can include XP boosters and other bonuses that accelerate your experience gain. Make it a habit to log in regularly to maximise your rewards.

Guild Wars 2 Daily Login Rewards

Experience Boosters

Use XP boosters are consumables that temporarily increase the XP you earn from various activities. Doing literally what their name suggests. These boosters can be acquired through gameplay, crafting, or the Gem Store. Activating boosters when engaging in XP-intensive activities is one of the most efficient and profitable action to acquire XP quickly.

Guild Missions

Guild missions are special activities designed for guilds to undertake together. They offer various challenges and objectives that promote teamwork and cooperation among guild members. Guild missions encompass different types, including Bounty, Trek, Challenge, Puzzle, and Rush missions.

Bounty missions involve tracking down and defeating powerful enemies for rewards. Trek missions require guild members to explore the world and locate hidden locations or objects. Challenge missions present specific tasks or activities that need to be completed within a set time limit. Puzzle missions test players' problem-solving skills as they navigate through intricate puzzles. Rush missions emphasise speed and coordination as guild members race against the clock to complete objectives.

Completing guild missions earns guild members commendations, which can be exchanged for various rewards such as guild decorations, consumables, and exclusive items. Guild missions also contribute to guild progression, unlocking additional benefits and upgrades for the guild.

Guild missions provide a fun and collaborative experience for guild members, encouraging social interaction and fostering a sense of unity within the guild. They offer an opportunity for guilds to work together, tackle challenges, and reap rewards while strengthening their bonds and enhancing their guild's overall progression.

Parkour Courses (Jumping Puzzles)

Test your in-game parkour skills by completing jumping puzzles scattered throughout the game world. These puzzles often reward XP and unique items upon successful completion. There isn't much to say about them, just find them, and (try to) complete them.


Remember to prioritise activities that you enjoy the most! As having fun is the key to an enjoyable gaming experience. Combine various methods and explore different aspects of the game to make the most of your time in Guild Wars 2.

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