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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Engineer in PvP

Guild Wars 2 introduces you to some of the finest professions of MMORPG games. What you choose to become is completely up to you, but who you might encounter in a PvP battle is not. In PvP, your capacity for situational adaptation is influenced by your familiarity with both your own class and the classes you will be competing against. 

Every class has its own set of skills, abilities, powers, attacks etc., and how you deal with them in a PvP battle is important. In this article, we are going to discuss the tactics that you can utilize if you encounter an Engineer opponent in PvP so you can determine how to deal with them without first needing a thorough knowledge of how to play the engineer class. So, make sure you read the entire article, so that you won’t miss a thing. 

Engineer Profession Mechanics

Engineer is a class/profession in the Guild Wars 2 game that is capable of doing almost anything. They are adept at using their own creations and tools to be prepared for every circumstance. They are therefore quite effective in prolonged or challenging conditions. A skilled engineer is able to perform finishes and combo fields, disable for their allies, pressure opponents while kiting from a distance. Utilizing disables/CC is going to be your best option in the battle against the Engineer in PvP. This will prevent them from performing combos or cycling throughout all of the available utility kit skills, and also breaking up this synergy they have. Engineers are also susceptible to conditions, confused in particular due to the limited amount of knowledge they possess and the several skills they employ.

Strength and Weakness of Engineer

For nearly any eventuality, the Engineer has a grenade, rocket, bomb, tool, elixir, or gadget. While other professions rely on magical or physical force to accomplish their goals, the Engineer relies on their creations to stay alive and deal damage, with unbelievable if occasionally unforeseeable, consequences. The Engineer's strength, as previously stated, is in their versatility. They are Tyria's equivalent of a jack of all trades, which is why they take extreme satisfaction in their own designs and gadgets.

Engineers using the Scrapper Scrapper elite specialization become tanky supports with high damage absorption. The Holosmith Holosmith elite specialization, on the other hand, is capable of great damage power and substantial penetration. Meanwhile, Mechanist Mechanist is well recognized for its cheap effort, high reward setups, which range from glass cannon to support.  Apart from these features, engineers hardly offer anything and that’s their weakness. They may have awesome weapons but that’s it. 

Guild Wars 2 Engineer


Engineers also have kits, which are like different weapon swaps but don't have a cooldown. They may switch between melee and ranged playstyles at will thanks to their adaptability. Here are some of their kit options and some tips for playing safely near them:

Grenade Kit - When they are using such weapons, make sure you don’t be an easy target. Run as fast as you can but not in a straight fashion. Do something new, or run differently in a zig-zag manner or something. Your unpredictability in running will only make it difficult for them to target you.

Tool Kit - Keep an eye out for the Magnet Pull Combo move. This allows them to choose the target and swap it to hide their animation. Best way to identify is to see if they are using any arm raise animation.

Elixir Gun - Engineers use this attack by jumping into the air. Meanwhile they attack with acid by leaving it on the ground. This acid will create an Area of Effect (AoE) damage that will gradually increase over time. So, it’s better if you move somewhere else.

Flamethrower Kit - Just get behind them. Save yourself from the maximum damage area. Standing in front of them will only result in you getting the maximum damage, which can be fatal.

Mortar Kit - The pulsing blind in particular should not be stood in the fields. They may intimidate you continuously if you don't play extremely forcefully when you compete with them on nodes. Once the blind field has been used up, do accordingly.

Downed State

As you may have noticed while playing the game, that Downed state is where you actually get the best chance to eliminate the enemy. This case remains true with the Engineers as well. Once an opposing engineer is in downed state, you can eliminate them by using the following techniques:

Weakness/Chill - This is the automatic attack that will take place once the engineer is in the Downed State. It will sap your strength and chill you during these auto attacks in downstate, which are among of the most dangerous situations to be in.

Single Targeted Pull - Stealth, blindness, invulnerability, stability, and Ports, can all be used in order to lock the stomp, but given the availability of two CCs, you shouldn't attempt to stomp unless you are capable of doing it immediately.

Point Blank Knock Back - Blindness, invulnerability, stability, and Ports, will be helpful but stealth won't function because it doesn't necessitate a target to work. After eight seconds have passed, this second CC becomes available.

Traits of an Engineer

Despite the fact that you might discover how to effectively compete against a particular build of engineers, you have to keep in mind that there are variations among them as well. Different engineers may play somewhat differently from one another. You can combat them more effectively if you are aware of their characteristics and how they interact with their class.

Engineers most frequently use the Explosives traitline, which causes an explosive entrance on their subsequent strike after dodging. Avoid being struck by this attack, as it deals additional damage and has the potential to blind a target. The elite specialities that engineers can choose from provide new mechanics to experiment with.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Traits


Holosmiths are granted access to extremely potent abilities when they switch into Photon Forge mode, but doing so produces heat that puts them at risk of overheating until they exit the forge. When they are in the Photon Forge, use CC on them to stall them until they have to depart since they are generating heat. If you impose restrictions before they have left the forge, they will turn them into boons.


Mechanists lose accessibility to their tool belt abilities but gain control of a strong Jade Mech companion. Utilize your location to distance the mech from the mechanist, then switch your target to the mechanist when the mech closes the distance between you. They employ CCs because they lack stun breaks due to a lack of tool belt skills.

Potential Matchups against the Engineer in PVP

Although there is always a chance to defeat an opponent by switching to more advantageous clashes or outwitting their strategies, the following are the primary dynamics of how particular classes engage with engineers:

Weak Against the Engineers


The skill that has been taken from engineers doesn't offer enough to counter them. Hence, Thief Class is not the class that you should utilize against them. On the other hand, Engineers may intimidate thieves with fast ranged damage, and AoE. Also, it can be noticed that thieves are unable to focus on an engineer alone for an extended period of time.

Average choice, can win if used properly


Engineers are prevented from switching between their many specialties by mesmers. That will give you an edge in the fight, but at the same time it should also be noted that the Engineer can counter them as well. To eliminate clones, engineers have a lot of AoE and damage. If Mesmers don't get the kill right away, they won't have the endurance to withstand Engineers.

Best Choices to Counter the Engineer in PvP


With comparable mobility, warriors can keep an engineer off their back. Engineers don't have stun breaks. Warriors can afford to endure a few hits to survive through engineers despite their blindness and ranged damage.


Engineers are surrounded and subjected to conditions they can't handle by necromancers. Necromancers do not have a range advantage over engineers. Engineers lack the durability of necromancers.

For effective couner of Engineer, whatever profession you use against it, you will have to keep their skills upgraded to the strongest. For the same you will have to spend Gold, the in-game currency of Guild Wars 2. If you are falling short of Gold, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller GW2Sale.

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This was all about how you can Fight an Engineer in PVP in Guild Wars 2 game. We have discussed the Engineer class/profession and what are their abilities and skills. Make sure you understand that properly before taking on one. Then we have mentioned how classes like Engineers and Necromancers can counter the Engineers. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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