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The Best Ways to Earn Achievement Points in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a massively online multiplayer role-playing game. Guild Wars 2 is full of PvP battles and a great story with a great map. The game offers the players with a wide variety of tasks. In guild wars, 2 players have to earn achievement points which help them to grow in the game. There are many ways to do so. So in this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to earn achievement points. 

Daily and Monthly Achievements 

These achievements offer daily and monthly refreshes ensuring that players always have new goals to strive for.

Daily Achievements

Some examples of daily achievements include completing a certain number of events, gathering specific resources, participating in PvP matches, or exploring particular zones.

Monthly Achievements

These achievements refresh at the beginning of each month and typically require more time and effort compared to daily achievements. Monthly achievements often involve tasks that span different game modes or require significant progress in a specific area. Such as reaching a high World vs. World rank or completing a certain number of story chapters. 

By completing monthly achievements, players earn more significant amounts of achievement points and receive more substantial rewards, including exclusive skins, titles, and unique items. Completing daily and monthly achievements not only grants achievement points but also contributes to a player's overall sense of progression and accomplishment. 

These achievements provide a structured and rewarding gameplay loop. Encouraging players to log in regularly and engage with various aspects of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Daily Achievements

Story and Living World Achievements

These achievements are tied to the game's expansive storyline. Which unfolds through personal story chapters and Living World episodes. Here's an overview of the story and Living World achievements in Guild Wars 2:

Story Achievements

Guild Wars 2 features a compelling and immersive storyline that follows the player character's journey through Tyria. As players progress through the personal story chapters they have the opportunity to complete story achievements. These achievements are often tied to specific story instances or choices made during the narrative. When a player completes the story acheivments he earns points for it and also unlocks many rewards such as unique skins and many more. Story acheivments help in the development of the player.

Living World Achievements

In addition to the main personal story guild Wars 2 introduces regular content updates called Living World episodes. Each Living World episode comes with its own set of achievements that are available for a limited time while the episode is active. These achievements often involve completing story instances, participating in new activities, exploring new maps, or taking part in special events. Living World achievements provide players with additional challenges and opportunities to earn achievement points and exclusive rewards related to the ongoing storyline.

Completing stories and Living World achievements not only provides players with a deeper understanding of the game's lore but also grants tangible rewards and progression.

Guild Wars 2 Story Achievements

PvP and WvW Achievements 

In Guild Wars 2, the PvP (Player vs. Player) and WvW (World vs. World) game modes offer thrilling competitive experiences and they come with their own set of achievements. These achievements cater to players who enjoy engaging in PvP battles and large-scale world-versus-world conflicts.

PvP Achievements

These achievements involve winning matches, achieving high rankings, earning specific PvP-related titles, or completing PvP-oriented objectives.

WvW Achievements

World vs. World is a large-scale PvP mode in Guild Wars 2 where three servers battle for control over expansive maps. WvW achievements focus on the epic battles and strategic gameplay found in this game mode.

WvW achievements can also reward players for reaching specific WvW ranks or contributing to their server's overall success. By completing WvW achievements, players earn achievement points and receive rewards like exclusive WvW armor skins, siege weapons, and WvW-specific titles.

Engaging in PvP and WvW activities not only offers thrilling gameplay experiences but also presents opportunities for competitive progression and achievement hunting.

Guild Wars 2 WvW Achievements 

Exploration Achievements 

Here's an overview of exploration achievements in Guild Wars 2:

Zone Completion 

Each zone in Guild Wars 2 offers a set of exploration achievements tied to its completion. By uncovering all points of interest, vistas, and waypoints, and completing renowned hearts (dynamic quest-like objectives), players can earn achievement points and rewards for fully exploring a specific zone. Zone completion achievements encourage players to thoroughly explore every corner, uncover hidden areas, and experience the unique environments and challenges each zone has to offer.

Hidden Lore

Exploration achievements often revolve around uncovering these hidden gems, reading lore books or plaques, finding notable landmarks, or interacting with important NPC By completing zone exploration, conquering jumping puzzles, participating in map events, and discovering hidden lore, players can earn achievement points, unlock unique rewards, and develop a deeper connection to the immersive world of Guild Wars 2.

Map-Specific Events and Activities

Many zones in Guild Wars 2 host unique events and activities that reward exploration. These events can range from dynamic world events to map-specific activities like races, scavenger hunts, or interactive events. By participating in and completing these events, players can earn achievement points, and special rewards, and experience dynamic storytelling within the world of Tyria.

Jumping Puzzles and Mini-Dungeons

Jumping Puzzles

These puzzles often involve navigating intricate jumping sequences, avoiding traps, and finding the correct path to reach the puzzle's endpoint. Completing a jumping puzzle rewards players with achievement points, chest rewards containing valuable loot, and a sense of satisfaction for conquering the challenge. 

Some jumping puzzles also have associated achievements for completing them within a specific time limit or with additional requirements, offering further challenges and rewards.


Mini-dungeons are small, self-contained dungeons that offer a condensed and focused adventure experience. These mini-dungeons often have hidden treasure chests, rare item drops, or achievement completion rewards at their conclusion. They offer a rewarding experience for players looking for a bite-sized dungeon exploration with distinct challenges and rewards.

Jumping puzzles and mini-dungeons help the players not only improve but also show their problem-solving skills in the game. They provide a break from traditional questing and combat. Offering unique challenges and rewarding exploration. Engaging in jumping and mini-dungeons in guild wars helps in achieving achievement points and it also gives a gameplay experience that you will not find in other games in this niche, guild wars 2 gives the player an experience to explore the secrets of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Jumping Puzzles

Collections and Achievement Rewards 

Collections are sets of items or objectives that players can work towards completing, while achievement rewards offer incentives for reaching specific milestones. Here's an overview of collections and achievement rewards in Guild Wars 2:


Collections in Guild Wars 2 involve gathering specific items, completing objectives, or exploring various aspects of the game world. These collections can range from acquiring a set of armor or weapons to collecting rare items, unlocking special recipes, or discovering hidden treasures. As players progress through collections by obtaining the required items or completing the associated tasks, they earn achievement points and receive rewards such as unique weapon or armor skins, minis, titles, or even legendary weapons. Collections often provide a long-term goal and offer a sense of progression and accomplishment as players work towards completing them.

Achievement Rewards

Achievement rewards are granted to players for reaching specific milestones within the achievement system. As players earn achievement points by completing various achievements across different categories, they unlock achievement rewards at certain thresholds.

Both collections and achievement rewards contribute to a player's overall sense of progression and provide avenues for obtaining unique and desirable items. They encourage exploration, participation in various game modes, and the completion of challenging objectives. By engaging with collections and pursuing achievement rewards, players can earn achievement points, acquire exclusive rewards, and demonstrate their dedication and mastery of Guild Wars 2's diverse content. You will be required to spend Gold at various places to get different items, so the best is to keep an enough stock of Gold.

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Festival and Holiday Acheivments 

Festival and holiday achievements in Guild Wars 2 add an extra layer of excitement and celebration to the game. Offering players some special content and activities during various in-game festivals and real-world holidays. Here's an overview of festival and holiday achievements in Guild Wars 2:

Seasonal Festivals

These festivals are often tied to real-world holidays and bring a festive atmosphere to the game. Each festival introduces its own set of achievements, activities, and rewards. For example, during the Halloween-themed "Shadow of the Mad King" festival, players can participate in activities like the Mad King's Clock Tower jumping puzzle, the labyrinthine Mad King's Realm, or the Ascent to Madness dungeon. By completing festival-specific achievements, players can earn achievement points, unique festival-themed cosmetic items, miniatures, exclusive skins, and even special currencies used to purchase limited-time items.


So this was all about the best ways to earn achievement points in Guild Wars 2, from the article we can conclude that there are many ways to earn achievement points the players just have to follow the right techniques and strategies for gaining the maximum achievement points. 

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