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How to Get Started with World vs World (WvW) in Guild Wars 2

This article is about the World versus World game mode in the Guild Wars 2 game. We will be discussing the way to get started with the game mode and how to progress further into the game level easily and efficiently. Whether you are a new player or a veteran, this article has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Read along the complete article to fully understand how to get started with World vs World (WvW) in Guild Wars 2.

World vs World (WvW) Mode in Guild Wars 2

World vs. World, or simply WvW, combines features of Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE). It is a fundamental element of Guild Wars 2's climax. Battles between gamers spanning a total of three worlds (all of which might include six or more servers) take place. WvW gives you an opportunity to take part in an open-world fighting taking place on 5 distinct in-game maps. Each of these can be played by several dozens of players at once. Players can compete in World vs World to earn World Experience by besieging Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, controlling resource camps, and completing other tasks and gaming content related to the Player vs Environment.

When a player joins WvW, the player's level and characteristics are automatically raised to the level 80. It isn't suggested to begin playing at low skill levels since the equipment's attributes are going to stay locked according to their equipment level. Although WvW allows for the acquisition of equipment, only World Experience - which raises a player's World Rank - is awarded. 

The envisioned approach of playing WvW is to become familiar with the Score System and play to win the game, however ArenaNet didn't devote a great deal of time to WvW throughout the years, and because there were few incentives to succeed, the score lost all significance for a significant portion of the player base. However, because WvW is a sandbox game, players have come across different methods for engaging in the mode & are essentially producing their own materials, such as battles, roaming groups, etc.

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Getting Access to World versus World Content

Players are able to access the World vs. World menu by using the standard key B, then choose the map you want to enter (and you additionally have the option of clicking on the castle symbol on the menu). In Guild Wars 2, you have two choices that will influence when you are able start playing World versus World content in Guild Wars 2:

  • Free

  • With Expansion (requires buying the Expansion pack)

In accordance with the sort of profile you have, you could have to get to a particular level in order to take part in the Mist War if you're a new player.

  • Free to Play Account: Activated after a player hits level 60 for the whole account.

  • Expansion Account: Unlocked once a character reaches level 31 for the whole account.

Guild Wars 2 World vs World

How does combat work in World versus World (WvW)?

WvW is primarily a player versus player gaming format. Whenever players eliminate rival players, they receive items and World Experience in return. Additionally, killing players grants Points-Per-Kill (PPK), which count towards your server's War Score.

Your Opponents

Earning world experience & loot are the results of defeating an opponent player in a WvW battle. Badges of Honor are frequently included in the loot, while the rest is chosen at random. The player who lost has nothing to lose from the match. Players from different worlds' can participate but their identities aren't displayed. Rather, they show up as " ". Still visible next to their name are guild tags. With the notable exception of whisper and guild chat, opposing players are unable to view your username or any other information you enter in any sort of communication.

Revive your Player

In WvW, participants are allowed to resurrect members of their own squad who have been killed or downed. The reviver must be unarmed in order to bring back a fallen player; the same principle applies to any NPCs. The revive channels can continue when a player engages in battle while resurrecting a defeated player or NPC. 

The reviver won't be permitted to resume reviving the player or NPC until they get out of battle once more if the revive channel is down. A five-min countdown will be added to the downed player. Players are going to be automatically revived to their team's starting place for that map after the period of time expires.

Maps in World vs World

WvW has a total of four primary maps. Edge of the Mists and Obsidian Sanctum are two optional maps, however both are made for non-standard gameplay. You are going to have access to the Eternal Battlegrounds and all three borders, each of which belongs to a server in the current matchup, regardless of which server you are on.

Eternal Battlegrounds

This is certainly one of the most neutral maps available in the Guild Wars 2 game. Nevertheless, there exists a huge objective around the middle called Stonemist Castle which is valued the greatest number of points for every tick for every objective. Every side has their own distinct territories that are nearer to where they spawn. However, if this target is well-defended, it may be difficult to capture and not worth sieging.

Guild Wars 2 Eternal Battlegrounds

Roles and Playstyle in WvW

World vs. World may be played alone, in teams, in big groups, or in any combination. We'll divide the playstyles into the two primary categories for simplicity's sake:


When a number of players come together to accomplish a common goal or objective, you can find a zerg. Zergs can be seen in most of the games in World vs World battles. There can be more than one leader in a Zerg, which is usually taken by players with Commander Tags. As mentioned a Zerg is nothing but a group of players and thus the number of players in a group can vary. There is a separate term (usually used by particular servers but not all) for the groups based on their size (i.e., number of players in it). They are called a "Group" if there are 10 or less players in the team. When the number of players ranges from 20 or more, they are known as a Zerg, and if it crosses 40 players, then it's called a Blob.

Roles of Zerg

Zergs fail to strictly define roles for individual players, but the majority of players typically fit into one of the following RPG archetypes:

  • Crowd Control/utility

  • DPS

  • Tank/frontline

Based on the skills and characteristics of the class, such roles will overlap.


Roaming typically involves groups of 1-5 people, each of whom has a similar function to play - having enough mobility and self-sustaining to manage breaking up or disadvantageous battles. Roles like hybrid supports and DPS can exist within a roaming group, but it is typically more beneficial to use builds that are role-independent in smaller battles. Even so, you can help your teammates by being aware of their positions, which will significantly affect how the pressure from the enemy is divided. Typically, roamers will seek out small objectives to capture and hold, or they may search for kill on other roamers or single players to separate an enemy zerg. Roamers can fully participate in larger groups, attack enemy backlines, and reduce bait cooldowns.

In short the objectives of Roamers includes:

  • making obstacles for opposing zergs

  • provide information on the size and location of the opposing zerg

  • Attacking an enemy to the point that it (and any associated waypoints, if any) become contested is known as tagging (or tapping).

  • taking enemy camps captive

  • protecting and taking out supply caravans

  • eliminating or preventing enemy reinforcements and stragglers

Guild Wars 2 Zerg


People who tend to watch over or babysit one or more goals are known as scouts. They typically concentrate on identifying enemy movements and supporting the defense of important targets. While the definition of "scouting an objective" might vary depending on whether it's Keeps, Towers, Camps, or even hostile zergs, a scout's duties typically involve the following:

  • staying put and keeping watch for a certain objective despite other fights taking place on the same map.

  • upgrading a goal and offering defenses

  • calling for help, if necessary, when facing a hostile zerg

  • Using Siege Disabler, you may prevent competitors from infiltrating the target quickly. A defensive siege or the use of siege disablers

  • After an hour of no interaction, Siege will despawn. Scouts "refresh" siege by communicating with them frequently at an objective.

  • If the goal is tagged or under attack, give detailed information on enemy numbers and siege placement.

  • In several instances, scouts may also assist in running supply dolyaks to the target in order to replenish and upgrade.


This was all about how you can get started with the World vs World (WvW) in Guild Wars 2 game. Though we have not covered everything, but those things you will eventually get to know about once you start playing the game. Use the right tactics and utilize better resources to participate in the combat. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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