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How to Get Started with Fractals in Guild Wars 2

Fractals are one of the most challenging and unique types of dungeons in Guild Wars 2 which consist of many little dungeons inside it with varying stories and environments of their own. Those mini-dungeons are known as fractals. To be able to play Fractals in Guild Wars 2, you need to maximize your character’s level and reach level 80. Fractals have some unique designs and mechanisms making them more challenging and fun to play.

Fractals are also known as the Fractals of The Mists. There are multiple types of dungeons that can be found in different locations. Here, Fractals are found in Lion’s Arch which is the most diverse as well as the most cosmopolitan city in Tyria in the region of Kryta. As each fractal or dungeon is different and has a different story and environment, some of the fractals are more oriented toward Boss Fights whereas some are oriented toward Puzzles and Environmental Hazards.

Fractals give a new meaning to the dungeons and completely change the entire perspective of how a dungeon can be played. Fractals are challenging and this is what makes them more interesting and draws the attention of many players. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started with fractals and get a little acquainted with how to play the fractals of the mists.

How to Enter Into a Fractal?

There are two ways you can enter into Fractals and start the exploration and playing. The first one is going through Lion’s Arch which is a melting pot where all races gather and trade. And the other way to enter is by entering through the Mistlock Sanctuary which is a lounge and requires you to have Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey. Though you need to keep in mind that it’s a VIP area lobby that requires you to buy it spending money in the gemstore.

Guild Wars 2 Fractals

Understanding the Mechanics

Now, mechanics or game mechanics in Guild Wars 2 refer to the set of rules, environments, and customs that players need to go through in order pass the challenges and missions which are created for making your overall gameplay more engaging and interesting.

These mechanics require things like particular weapons, skills, combat mechanics, and abilities that help you dodge and pass the challenges and missions with ease. It’s better to get used to particular mechanics so that you can play the missions easily without having any hurdles.

The mechanics make the overall gaming experience fun and add meaning to it. You’ll get to see a bunch of mechanics while playing fractals including Agony and Mistlock Instability which are discussed below in detail. However, it needs patience and continuous grinding to get habituated to mechanics.


Agony is a special type of mechanic that can be found while involving yourself with fractals. It is a kind of debuff that is applied to you while dealing with fractals like fighting bosses and clearing dungeons. It is a kind of debuff that reduces your maximum health by some percentage while playing fractals.

It is an effect that starts at level 20 which gradually reduces the percentage of your maximum health as damage per second. The amount of damage that gets inflicted on you gradually increases as your difficulty level increases, from 10% to 180% giving more damage per second.

The only way to deal with agony is by increasing your Agony Resistance. Agony Resistance, as the name suggests, reduces the damaging effects of agony saving your health status bar and providing the maximum support to you during fractals.

Agony Resistance

As agony resistance reduces the effects of agony, there are ways you can increase your agony resistance which is by infusing and attuning your equipment. Here, the infusion will help you to gear up your equipment. Infusions are a type of upgraded component which are mostly the items that can be added to your weapons and armor including gathering tools. Infusions go into infusion slots which can be found on all the ascended equipment and legendary equipment.

Infusions can also be founded in back items and exotic rings. You can also use a few skills and stats to increase your agony resistance by also adding some food and potions which will help maintain your health during the fractals. In short, to deal with the damaging effects of Agony, you need Agony Resistance.

Guild Wars 2 Agony

Mistlock Instability

Mistlock Instabilities are another random mechanics that is used to increase the difficulty levels of fractals. They are also known as special modifiers that can affect you in multiple ways including reducing your health and endurance regeneration or increasing the damage that you get from all the sources in the vicinity. There are various Mistlock Instabilities and a few of them are discussed below.

  • Flux Bombs: It makes enemies explode while their death that gives damage to you and the surroundings of that enemy. 

  • Adrenaline Rush: It gives Adrenaline to the enemies that give more damage to you in return during the fractals.

  • Vengeance: When enemies die, they give a boon to the other enemies making them stronger in some way you. After dying, enemies enhance the powers and damage of nearby foes.

  • Frailty: It gives more damage to the players, around 10%.

  • Afflicted: In this particular Mistlock Instability, players are afflicted with some random condition that might hinder their moves against their enemies.

  • Social Awkwardness: In this, players can’t see each other as well as the health bar of other players. It pushes the players away from each other.

Types of Fractals

There are various types of fractals available each having different challenges and locations. Some of the fractals are listed down below to help you get a little description of them along with their fractal level.

  • Aquatic Ruins Fractal: It is an underwater ancient city where you can explore it by completing challenges while dealing with Krait and Fish. It occurs at levels 7, 26, 61, and 76.

  • Snowblind Fractal: It’s a frozen wasteland where you have to defeat the Sons of Svanir who are a cult of male Norn. You’ll also get to fight with Elemental who is a powerful creature composed of various elements. It occurs at levels 3, 27, 51, 68, 86, and 93.

  • Swampland Fractal: It’s a swamp that is filled with deadly creatures ready to take you down on the ground. You’ll get to fight with Norn who is a 9-foot-tall dangerous spirit and Plant which are kind of moving plants. It occurs at levels 5, 17, 32, 56, 77, and 89.

  • Volcanic Fractal: It lets you dive into a journey of a volcano where you have to defeat Grawl who resides inside the volcano. Grawl is a simian-like primitive humanoid specie. You’ll also get to deal with Demon and Elemental in Volcanic Fractal. It occurs at levels 1, 19, 28, 52, and 92.

  • Siren’s Reef Fractal: It’s a cursed Island where you have to deal with Ghosts and defeat them. It occurs at levels 12, 37, 54, and 78.

Similarly, there are many more fractals each of them offering a different enemy with a different story of that particular location of a fractal. You can indulge in them to get more acquainted with particular stats and skills that are needed to defeat all the bosses.

Guild Wars 2 Fractal Types

Fractal Levels

Fractal Levels start from 1 and go to 100. There are a total of four tiers and each tier has a total of 25 fractal levels. Tier 1 has a fractal from 1 to 25, Tier 2 has a fractal level from 26 to 50, Tier 4 has a fractal level from 51-75, and Tier 4 has a fractal level from 76 to 100. Tier 1 is termed as Initiate, Tier 2 is termed as Adept, Tier 3 is termed as Expert, and Tier 4 is termed as Master. Levels from 1-20 are basic or more inclined towards teaching beginners about the basics of playing fractals and understanding mechanics.

Tier 2 has a more advanced form than Tier 1 levels and it deals with one mistlock instability. Whereas Tier 3 deals with two mistlock instabilities and Tier 3 deals with three mistlock instabilities. You’ll also have a personal Fractal Level and you can only join a particular level of fractal only if your fractal level is either the same or above the fractal level you’re trying to get in. Below is the list of a few fractal levels from each tier.

 Tier One:

  • Volcanic

  • Uncategorized

  • Aquatic Ruins

  • Solid Ocean

  • Nightmare

  • Cliffside

  • Swampland

  • Molten Furnace

Tier Two:

  • Chaos

  • Twilight Oasis

  • Molten Boss

  • Shattered Observatory

  • Thaumanova Reactor

  • Snowblind

Tier Three

  • Captain Mai Trin Boss

  • Sunqua Peak

  • Aetherblade

  • Deepstone

  • Siren’s Reef

  • Volcanic

  • Snowblind

  • Underground Facility

Tier Four

  • Chaos

  • Nightmare

  • Snowblind

  • Twilight Oasis

  • Cliffside

  • Swampland 

  • Molten Boss

  • Aetherblade

However, various levels are repeated in each Tier but they have different agony that makes them more tough and challenging than the previous one. As you move further, the agony will increase. And, in order to step into a particular level, you must finish and complete the level before that. To complete these tiers, you will have to spend Gold at various instances in the game. If you are falling short of the Gold, the best way to get is for real money from reputed and trusted seller GW2Sale.

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Tips & Tricks to Perform Well in Fractals

  • Keep Levelling up your character because fractals are only accessible when your player reaches level 80.

  • Join a group, not just because it is part of Guild Wars 2 but because it also helps you in learning skills and tactics that are needed to perform well in Fractals.

  • Play Daily Fractals.

  • Progress through the Fractal Masteries that provide better resistance to agony. They can be earned through relics.

  • Learn from your past mistakes so that you don’t repeat the same pattern again while playing Fractals.

  • Keep an eye on the agony.

  • Select the level of difficulty wisely while playing fractals.

  • Lastly, have patience.


Fractal itself is a vast topic that adds a new gateway and fun to Guild Wars. There are various things related to Fractals and Fractal wars that you can explore while playing. With the above-mentioned guide, you can gradually step into the world of mini-dungeons called Fractals without having much difficulty. As fractal is a deep topic, you can keep exploring new ideas, combats, and locations to get a stronger grip over Fractal Battles and get exciting rewards because Fractals are not just limited to fighting and battling dungeons. Happy Gaming!

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