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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons Guide

Since its 2012 debut, the online multiplayer game Guild Wars 2 has captivated players. Legendary weapons are only one of the numerous elements that add excitement to Guild Wars 2. Due to their distinctive design, special effects, and rarity, these weapons are greatly sought for. We will go over all the information you need to know about Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons in this article. We will go through how to get them, the many sorts that are available, and how to enhance them.

What are Legendary Weapons?

In Guild Wars 2, players may only acquire legendary weapons, which are the top grade of weaponry. These weapons distinguish out from other weapons in the game due to their distinctiveness, greater stats, uncommon skins, and special effects. The usage of legendary weapons is not just for defence; it is also a sign of loyalty and honour. They are difficult to create and take a lot of time, materials, and work, but the results are worthwhile.

Legendary weapons have a number of characteristics that set them apart. To begin with, they are incredibly potent due to having the greatest conceivable stat combinations in the game. Legendary weapons also have distinct visual effects and animations that set them apart from other weapons. They each have exclusive skins that only can be found on them and are exclusive to the game.

Also, legendary weapons have a special feature that lets users change their stats whenever they choose. Because of this, they are very adaptable and valuable in a wide range of circumstances. Legendary weapons are a wise long-term investment for any player since they may be improved to become more potent.

Types of Legendary Weapons

In Guild Wars 2, a number of different legendary weapon varieties are available. Each weapon has a distinct design and exceptional capabilities. Legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2 may be found in the following categories:

Legendary Weapons - Ranged: Longbows, short-bows, rifles, and pistols are examples of legendary ranged weaponry. Those that like ranged combat are quite interested in these weapons.

Melee: Legendary Arms: Swords, axes, maces, great-swords, and hammers are examples of legendary combat weapons. Those that prefer close combat prize these weapons highly.

Off-Hand Legendary Weapons: Shields, focus items, torches, and war-horns are examples of legendary off-hand weapons. Players that wish to supplement their primary hand weapon strongly desire these weapons.

Aquatic Legendary Weapons: Among the legendary aquatic weapons are harpoon guns, spears, and tridents. Those that prefer fighting underwater greatly prize these weapons.

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons


Legendary weapons are incredibly uncommon and difficult to get. They need gold, time, and luck to get. The legendary weapons are the rarest, with a half percent drop rate from most bosses and enemies. Nonetheless, certain legendary weapons may be made or purchased from the Trading Post.

Stats and Abilities

Legendary weapons have exceptional stats and powers that set them apart from other weapons. Each legendary weapon has a unique set of five attributes and five powers. The five stats are: damage, critical probability, armour penetration, range, and magical power. Healing, duration of boons, duration of conditions, movement speed, and damage reflection are the five skills.

Popular Legendary Weapons

There are many legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2, but some are more popular than others. The following is a list of some of the most popular legendary weapons in the game:

  • The Predator – Great-sword: This weapon is known for its high base damage and ability to hit multiple enemies at once.

  • The Moot – Axe: This weapon is known for its high critical chance and ability to cause bleeding damage.

  • The Bifrost – Hammer: This weapon is known for its high Armor penetration and ability to cause knockdown effects.

  • The Dreamer – Longbow: This weapon is known for its high range and ability to cause conditions.

  • The Ancestor – Staff: This weapon is known for its high magical power and ability to cause boons and conditions.

Guild Wars 2 Popular Legendary Weapons

How to Obtain Legendary Weapons

It is difficult to get legendary weapons. It necessitates a large investment of time and energy. Nevertheless, gaining these weapons can be divided into numerous phases. The following are the procedures to earning a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2:

Choose the Weapon: The primary step in getting an incredible weapon is to select the weapon you need to create. Incredible weapons are accessible for all weapon sorts within the diversion, counting swords, tomahawks, bows, and more. Each amazing weapon requires a particular set of materials, which we are going cover within another step. 

Collect the Materials: The most time-consuming step in creating a legendary weapon is gathering the components. Each legendary weapon needs a certain collection of resources that are uncommon and challenging to find. The supplies you will require are listed below:

  • Gift of Mastery - The game's explorable maps must all be completed in order to receive this gift.

  • Gift of Fortune: Using the game's Mystic Forge gambling system and getting fortunate will get you this gift.

  • Legendary Insights: Defeating raid encounters in the game will provide you legendary insights.

  • Mystic Clovers - They are gained by playing the Mystic Forge and being fortunate.

  • Obsidian Shards- Obsidian Shards may be acquired by fulfilling daily objectives and finishing maps.

  • T6 Materials - You may either buy these on the Trading Post or salvage them from rare and exotic artefacts.

  • Following can be obtained by combining various crafting materials: Gift of Metal, Gift of Wood, Gift of Energy, Gift of Magic.

Craft the Pre-Cursor: You must make the precursor before you may make your legendary weapon. A rare weapon called the pre-cursor serves as the foundation for a legendary weapon. The pre-cursor must be carefully created, which takes a lot of time and effort.

Craft the Legendary Weapon: When you have completed the pre-cursor, you may begin working on your legendary weapon. A legendary weapon necessitates a tremendous expenditure of time and materials. Nevertheless, once you have finished the procedure, you will have a one-of-a-kind weapon that other gamers will want.

Upgrading Legendary Weapons: Legendary weapons may be upgraded to boost their stats and special effects. You can enhance your legendary weapon in the following ways:

  • Infusing: You may give your legendary weapon an extra infusion slot by infusing it. Infusions that provide your character benefits can be inserted into infusion slots.

  • Attuning: You may give your legendary weapon an extra infusion slot through the process of tuning. Attuning is like infusing; however, it requires an extra item called an Atonement Stone. As you tune your legendary weapon, you can give it an infusion slot for pain resistance, which is required for high-level fractals.

Upgrading the Stat Selection: The stats of legendary weapons can also be changed at any time, which is a unique feature. This is accomplished by utilising a unique object known as a Legendary Inscription or Legendary Insignia. Players can do this to change the stats on their weapon to match various playstyles or builds.

Adding Legendary Sigils: Adding Legendary Sigils Legendary weapons are also capable of having legendary sigils added to them, which provide your character strong benefits. Due to the fact that legendary sigils provide two benefits as opposed to one, they are very sought-after.

Adding Legendary Runes: Similarly, legendary runes, which provide your character strong benefits, may be put to legendary weapons. Unlike legendary sigils, which are used on weapons, legendary runes are utilised on armour.

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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons Guide

Best Strategies

There are a few tactics you may employ to increase your chances of getting a legendary weapon. To farm as many foes and bosses as you can is step one. Your odds of finding a legendary weapon drop will rise as a result. Using the Salvage-O-Matic is the second tactic. This item may be used to salvage expensive and unusual gear and transform it into a legendary weapon. It can be discovered at the Mystic Forge.

The third tactic involves purchasing and creating legendary weapons. Legendary weapons can be purchased at the Trading Post or made with a master craftsman's assistance. Although it is the most expensive approach, it is also the most trustworthy.

Tips for Obtaining Legendary Weapons

Acquiring legendary weapons might be a difficult undertaking, but there are certain ways that can help.

Plan: Prepare ahead of time and investigate the criteria for the legendary weapon you want to construct before you begin gathering ingredients. In the long term, this will save you time and money.

Take Your Time: Acquiring a legendary weapon takes a significant amount of time and work. Take pauses when required and do not rush the process. This will save you from becoming burned out and will make the process more pleasurable.

Conserve Your Resources: Legendary weapons demand many resources, therefore save them wherever feasible. For example, instead of purchasing T6 resources from the Trading Post, you can recover rare and exotic artefacts.

Join a Guild: Joining a guild can make obtaining a legendary weapon easier. Guilds can help you with group content such as raids and events, and can also provide resources and support.

Have Fun: Obtaining a legendary weapon should be a fun and rewarding experience. Do not get too caught up in the process and remember to enjoy the game.


Legendary weapons are among the most sought-after artefacts in Guild Wars 2. They have a one-of-a-kind design, extraordinary effects, and are extremely rare. Acquiring a legendary weapon necessitates a large effort and resource investment, but the benefits are well worth it. With the help of this article, you should now be able to earn and improve legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2. Whether you favour distant or close combat, there is a legendary weapon waiting for you to acquire and add to your collection.

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