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Guild Wars 2 Mount Guide

Guild Wars 2 is an online multiplayer role-playing game that allows players to explore a big, magnificent world packed with wonders and perils. The ability to ride mounts, which allows players to travel the globe fast and effectively, is one of the game's most fascinating aspects. Mounts are helpful not just for transportation but also for fighting, making them a crucial part of the game. We'll go over everything you need to know about mounts in Guild Wars 2, including how to get them, how to utilise them, and what benefits they give.

Acquiring Mounts in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, there are five mounts, each with their own set of talents and perks. Mounts may be obtained by completing specified tasks and reaching certain game milestones. The following are the five Guild Wars 2 mounts:

Raptor: The player's first mount in the game is the raptor. It is a swift, agile species with long and high jumps. The "Sparking the Flame" quest in the Path of Fire expansion must be finished in order to get the Raptor.

It may knock down adversaries and halt their attacks with its powerful pounce strike. The Raptor is a well-liked option for moving through wide territory since it is swift and can cover large distances rapidly. Moreover, the Raptor's capacity to jump across wide openings can be very helpful in locations with chasms or ravines.

Springer: The Springer is a big, hulking animal that can jump incredibly high. It can be obtained by finishing the Path of Fire expansion's "High Jumping" quest.

The Springer mount can leap to incredible heights and resembles a high-jumping rabbit. Because of its skill, it can traverse rough terrain and reach high ledges and cliffs. The Springer may also use a special stomp strike to harm and knock down opponents. The Springer can also access challenging game regions because to its high leap abilities.

Skimmer: Skimmers are floating creatures that can glide through water and escape harmful undersea obstacles. It is obtained by completing the "Dive Master" quest in the Path of Fire expansion.

Its skill makes it handy for traversing across bodies of water and investigating undersea locations. The Skimmer may also use a special blast strike to hurt foes in a broad area. Furthermore, the Skimmer's gliding ability allows it to move across terrain that would be difficult or impossible to cross on foot.

Jackal: The jackal is a swift, sleek animal that can teleport across short distances. The Path of Fire expansion's "Travel to the Desert" quest, which must be finished in order to obtain it.

It is handy for swiftly moving over desert terrain and dodging obstacles because of its skill. The Jackal also possesses a special sand portal skill that may be utilised to cover large distances swiftly. The Jackal's teleportation ability may also be employed to elude opponents and access challenging terrain.

Griffon: The Griffon is Guild Wars 2's most sophisticated mount. It has outstanding aerial manoeuvrability and the ability to fly for long periods of time. After the "The Way Ahead" quest in the Path of Fire expansion is finished, the Griffon can be obtained.

A magnificent eagle that soars through the air, the Griffon mount is a magnificent bird. It possesses a distinctive diving strike that may seriously hurt foes and punch through obstacles. The Griffon also possesses a special barrel roll manoeuvre that it may utilise to evade enemies and obstacles. Other from that, the Griffon's ability to fly makes it helpful for swiftly covering vast distances and investigating high regions.

Each mount demands a distinct degree of game growth to get. Opening the accomplishment tab and choosing the "Mounts" category allows players to track their progress towards each mount. Achieving these milestones not only unlocks the associated mount, but also provides important gifts and perks. Ultimately, each mount in Guild Wars 2 offers distinct perks and advantages that may be leveraged to improve gameplay and make exploration of the game environment more efficient and fun.

Guild Wars 2 Mount

How to Use Mounts in Guild Wars 2

Mounts are an important component of Guild Wars 2 gameplay. They offer quick, efficient conveyance as well as fighting benefits. By hitting the "H" key, players may summon their mounts and access the mount selection menu. From here, gamers may choose which mount to utilise.

Each of the five mounts has a special ability that may be used by hitting a certain key. The Raptor has a powerful "Pounce" that it uses to advance and take down foes. The Springer has the ability to "High Jump," which enables it to fly over barriers. The Skimmer can glide over water and escape perilous underwater conditions because to its "Skim" feature. The "Sand Portal" allows the Jackal to teleport over small distances. The Griffon may also launch a devastating dive attack thanks to its "Dive" ability.

Mounts can also be altered to meet the demands of the player. Skins and other cosmetic things for mounts can be purchased from a mount adoption licence seller. The wardrobe function in the hero panel may be used to apply these skins to the correct mount. Players can also equip their horses with various saddlebags, which give additional storage capacity for products and supplies.

Advantages of Mount Use in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, riding a steed has various advantages, including quick travel and superiority in battle. The following are a few of the main advantages of utilising horses in the game:

Fast Travel

In comparison to walking or utilising waypoints, using rides in Guild Wars 2 offers fast travel alternatives that are considerably faster. Players can more easily explore new places and accomplish missions since mounts can cross distances fast. By eliminating the need to go back and forth or utilise other modes of transportation, this also saves time.

Combat Advantages

In Guild Wars 2, each mount has distinct combat benefits that may be used to fight adversaries more effectively. For instance, the Raptor's pounce assault has the power to take down opponents and halt their attacks. The Skimmer is helpful in underwater fighting since it can glide over water and avoid perilous underwater dangers. The Griffon has a potent diving attack that it may use to do substantial damage to foes. These fighting bonuses can be especially helpful in difficult confrontations, giving gamers the upper hand against formidable foes.


Guild Wars 2 mounts can let players with mobility issues enter the game more easily. Mounts enable these players to explore the game world and take part in events and activities that would have been challenging to reach in the past by supplying faster and more effective transport choices. Moreover, mounts might lessen the necessity for a player to walk around a lot and jump high, which can be difficult for some players.


Players in Guild Wars 2 may personalise their rides with skins and saddlebags. This enables users to customise their horses to their preferences and flair. Furthermore, the saddlebags offer additional storage space for objects and resources, making it simpler for players to bring everything they need on their excursions.

Guild Wars 2 Mounts Guide

Financial need in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a buy-to-play game without monthly subscription fees, making it an affordable option for players. However, players can purchase cosmetic items, convenience items, and account upgrades in the game's cash shop. Mounts are an example of a convenience item that can be obtained through gameplay or purchased in the cash shop for customization and improved performance. These items are not necessary to enjoy the game, and players can still progress and access all content without purchasing them. Additionally, players can buy and sell items with in-game currency through the trading post. Overall, Guild Wars 2 offers an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience while remaining accessible and affordable.

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Here are some additional points to consider when it comes to the Guild Wars 2 mount guide:

Mastery Points: In Guild Wars 2, the mastery system unlocks mounts. To unlock various mount types, players must accumulate Mastery Points and use them on the respective mount mastery tracks. By achieving different game milestones, such as finishing story missions, exploring the game environment, and taking part in other game modes, players may accumulate Mastery Points.

Mount Skins: As previously indicated, players may personalise their horses by purchasing mount skins and extra mount items from the cash store. While some skins may be acquired through gaming, some can only be bought. The performance or skills of the horse are unaffected by the skins because they are merely ornamental.

Mount Equipment: In addition to skins, players may buy equipment for their mounts in the cash store that gives them more perks and abilities. For instance, some gear may increase speed or shorten the mount's cooldown periods. Although it is not necessary to utilise mounts with equipment, it can improve their performance.

Mount Trading: Players can exchange mounts with other players via the game's trading post or by trading with other players directly. This allows users to gain mounts that they have not yet unlocked or mounts with unique skins and equipment.

Mount Races: Mount races are time trials that may be accomplished on unique circuits around the game globe in Guild Wars 2. These races are intended to put the player's horse abilities and speed to the test, and successful completion can result in awards and achievements.

Ultimately, the Guild Wars 2 mount guide provides players with a fun and effective method to explore the game environment and fulfil numerous objectives. Mounts may give a personalised and fun gaming experience by offering a range of mount types as well as configurable skins and accessories.


Mounts in Guild Wars 2 allow players to move faster, gain battle advantages, improve the environment, and customise their game experience. Mounts may be utilised to fulfil milestones and challenges, making gaming more difficult. Each horse has a distinct personality and motions that provide depth to the player's quest. To summarise, knowing and utilising horses is critical for players to explore the enormous globe of Guild Wars 2 rapidly and successfully.

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