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Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide

We all know that Gems are one of the most valuable resources used in the Gemstore for various purchases like Mounts, Skins, Armor, Sets, and much more. Gems are not easy to get and even harder to spend. That takes us to the question of which are the most useful Items in the Gemstore to Buy. 

Considering this, we went ahead and compiled this Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide in order to mention some of the most useful, yet essential Items to get from the Gemstore. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that all other Items are not worth considering, but it does mean that before you can get them, you need to get the items listed in our Best Gemstore Purchase Guide. So, without wasting any more of our precious time, let’s move on to the actual Guide. 

What’s a Gemstore in Guild Wars 2?

Much like any MMORPG game out there, Guild Wars 2 also has various currencies and out of them all, there is one specific Currency is an exceptional value called Gems. You can use the Gems to Buy certain things from the Gemstore or commonly referred to as the Black Lion Trading Company.

In the Black Lion Trading Company (Gemstore) you will find Cosmetic Upgrades alongside other useful Items you can buy.

Why Gemstore?

For the most part, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have a Pay-to-Min mechanism. In order to balance things out, the developers had to introduce various currencies that you can get in-game or can also buy from authentic sources outside the game (third-party Sellers). 

For example, you can Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold and Guild Wars 2 Items from a trusted seller like GW2Sale.com. The Gems, however, are not that easy to get and you will have to strive in the game as well to get a hefty amount of Gems. 

After you do some Hard Work, you can go to the Gemstore and get the favorite Item you have been looking for. Furthermore, the incredible thing about Gemstore is that you don’t have to travel around, do a lot of effort, or think about Salvaging or Storage. 

You can however turn the Gold into Gems but the Cost to Gain ratio is somewhat not that good. So, it is recommended you try to Get Gold from sellers and aim to get Gems in the game. Turn the Gold into Gems and use the Gems you have altogether to get the Cosmetics you have been looking for.

Unlimited Use Tools

The Best Gemstore purchase you can make is getting the Unlimited Use Tools. It is not like you might get it or something, rather it is like “you need to get it”. The gathering is one of the Best Mechanics in the game that you utilize in order to save money and craft something incredible.

But, in order to actually Gather stuff in Guild Wars 2, you will have to acquire various Gathering Tools and afterward use them to Gather stuff. The issue with Gathering Tools is that they have a durability level as well and when the durability is at the end, the Tools break.

You will have to do some investments and get more Tools. But it is not wise when you can actually get unlimited Use Tools from the Gemstore. That is why in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide we listed it as number one.

Using the Unlimited Use Tools you don’t have to worry about getting various Tools for various types of Gathering Materials, nor about Durability. 

Price and Purpose

They cost around 1k Gems for each Tool you can use them an Infinite number of times without even worrying about getting different tools for different Gathering Materials.

Makeover Kit (Total)

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we think about Gemstore is Cosmetics and Makeover Kit is one of the best things to get in the Gemstore so far related to Cosmetics. 

Other Cosmetics like Hair Kit are quite limited and don’t get you the full Makeover. On the other hand, the Total Makeover Kit will give you a full-on change in appearance. 

You can even call it a mini creation kit that doesn’t change the class, origin, or race, but rather changes everything else if you like. Butter on top, you also get the play with Premium Cosmetics like Face Types and Hairstyles. 

In our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide, we recommend you go for the Total Makeover Kit if you are interested in the Cosmetics side of Gemstore.

Price and Purpose

For one Makeover Kit you will need 350 Gems, while for 5, you will need 1400 Gems. Their purpose is to change the appearance of characters, change their hair and give you Premiums for those.

World Boss Portal Device

You might have heard of Maguuma Event Portal Device or used another type of Portals in Guild Wars 2. They are quite useful for their specific use, like events, locations, dungeons, and so on.

On the other hand, when you are going for the World Boss journey, you can’t simply travel around. Therefore one specific Gemstore purchase you can invest in is the World Boss Portal Device. 

The problem with the World Boss Events is that they aren’t that free-hand accessible and you also have to complete the mini-map. It is not possible for all the players.

You won’t have to worry about finding the World Bosses yourself, travel to them, and wait for the fight to occur. Rather, you can use the World Boss Portal Device from the Gemstore to instantly take on the fight and transport to them. 

Price and Purpose

You can get this Gemstore Item for around 400 Gems. The use of this device is to join the World Boss Events that are ongoing, instantly. 

Instant Repair Canister

In Guild Wars 2, you won’t have to worry about dying that much because it isn’t Dark Souls or anything like that. The developers just put up a penalty on dying that is Broken Gear. You can repair that Gear easily, without having to travel toward another end of the map. 

But, the general issue with this Broken Gear is that after death, not many people will notice it and it will cause some serious problems later on. Being focused on Dungeons and Events is great but you have to notice the Gear as well.

One simple solution to that can be getting the Instant Repair Canisters from your lovely Gem Store using the Gems you collected. You won’t have to deal with the Broken Gear again after death and you can jump right straight to the action. 

If you have to move across the Events on the map quickly, you should also utilize the Instant Repair Canisters. Broken Gear is the most useless thing in the whole game and you can basically die doing some important thing in the game because of it.

Price and Purpose 

You can get one Instant Repair Canister for around 35 Gems, while five of them will cost you around 150 Gems. On the purpose side, it will instantly repair the Broken Gear at the spot without having to go to certain places.

Black Lion Salvage Kit

It is one of the most famous purchases in the game and it isn’t uncommon that we would also mention it in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide. In Guild Wars 2, you will find the Sigils and Runes to be the best Character Building components.

While salvaging, there are some Sigils and even Runes that you might not recover because there are no other Salvage Kits in Guild Wars 2 with a hundred percent surety for recovering besides this Black Lion Salvage Kit. 

The Runes and Sigils are quite expensive and useful, making them more valuable to not just lose in the game. To tackle all of this, there is a Black Lion Salvage kit that removes the chance of losing them during Salvage. 

You won’t have to get the Weapon Sigils that can boost your attacks or the Runes that can help you become a stronger Scholar in the game again and again. In a cheaper version, you can simply recover both of them along with the other Upgrade Components using the Black Lion Salvage Kit.

Price and Purpose

You can get the Black Lion Salvage Kit from the Gemstore for around 300 Gems, while you can use it for Salvaging and Retrieving the Crafting materials of higher level. 

Self-Style Hair Kit

In the Late Game after you don’t have much to go for, Fashion is one thing that keeps you sticking to Guild Wars 2. When it comes to Fashion there is nothing more important than getting the Self Style Hair Kit from your Gem Store. 

In Guild Wars 2, your whole body will be hidden under the Gear while your head will most likely be the part that remains visible to other players. Just like in real life, we tend to focus more on our Hair, the Guild Wars 2 fashion is also tied with it. 

So, without wasting your time doing some nonsense stuff with your hair in Guild Wars 2, you can simply go for this Best Gemstore purchase and don’t have to worry about the Style anymore.

Fascinatingly, it doesn’t only change the Hairstyle, rather it changes the color of the Hair as well. There are some Premium looks available that you can get separately, but this Kit will give you them after the Gemstore purchase is made. 

Price and Purpose

You can get the Self Style Hair Kit in Guild Wars 2 for around 250 per piece. If you get 5, you will have to spend around 1000 only.

Tradesman’s Package

Out of all the Tools we mentioned in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide, the most popular one is no doubt the Tradesman’s Package. You might have already bought it from the Gemstore or heard someone tell you to get it ASAP.

In the Meta Events, the issue is that you can’t typically travel around to civilization or even merchants for the purpose of emptying your bags. If you do so, the Meta Events are disturbed and you can’t probably do it efficiently. 

On the other hand, the Tradesman’s Package is made specifically for this, as it combines the Merchants in the Trading Post, the Item Merchants, and other Services into a single thing.

All the people in the area will be able to choose one of the Services we mentioned and this item allows them to change the world channels faster than before. It will maximize the Meta Event Farming and it is also shareable with other fellows you have around with you.

Price and Purpose

You can get one Tradesman’s Package for around 100, while you can get 10 for around 800 Gems. It is simply used for trading access, merchant access, and bank access at the spot you are on.

Banker Golem

The special thing about Guild Wars 2 is that you get to make several Characters in the same Account or can also make various accounts with various Characters in each one. Having all of them might be confusing, but you have to actually do it later on in the game, especially after the Late Game. 

There are various classes as well and each class in Guild Wars 2 has its own purpose. The main reason for creating various characters is that some classes are good in some aspects while in the Late game they are completely nerfed for some other aspects. 

Making all of these Classes, Characters and managing them have one particular problem which is storage, gear transfer, and banking. In Guild Wars you will have to find the Banks and Storage in various places or in Lion’s Arch to transfer your Legendary, as well as the Ascended Equipment from one Character to another at the time of the switch. 

This process is one of the worst experiences in the game where you have to travel back from your journey to the Lion’s Arch in order to transfer them again and again if you are switching characters. For this, we have here one of the Best Gemstore Purchase known as Banker golem.

Using this Item you can access the Banks from anywhere without having to take long travel sessions. While all of this might look easy, there is one catch with the Banker Golem, which is its availability.

You can find it for only two weeks and you will have to make use of this period to get the Banker Golem.

Price and Purpose

You can get the Banker Golem for around 500 Gems at the Gemstore. For two weeks, you will be able to use the Bank an infinite number of times on the spot you are available at.

Portal Device for Maguuma Pact Operation

It isn’t a secret that the areas around Heart of Thorns Expansion, especially the Maguuma Pact are one of the most troublesome things to do. These events are completely unforgiving and are quite agile as well. 

The most annoying thing here is the Underground Maze which is simply the hardest thing to do ever. You will be lost every time you try to cover it without any track of going back to your original location, let alone completing it.

So, the main issue is tracking things in Heart of Thorns or Maguuma. In order to solve this we have here one of the Best Gemstore Purchases known as the Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device. 

It will help you get into the action without delay or without having to travel through strange pathways. If you are not willing to take part in the events anymore you can simply go out using this Portal Device. It saves you a lot of time, and hard work and also saves you from getting lost all the time.

Price and Purpose

The Price for Maguuma Pact Portal Device is around 400 Gems, and you can use it to monitor the events in Maguuma and also the Group Trains. 

Copper Fed Salvage O Matic

When you are out there looking for some Gold in Guild Wars 2 Events, Salvaging Loot is one of the best things you can do. Well, you can also run away from all the fuss of getting Gold in Guild Wars 2 by Buying Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold from trusty sellers GW2Sale.com. Besides this, you can also Buy Guild Wars 2 Items here at a reasonable price.

But if you are farming there for Gold, you will find that the Kits for Salvaging are not so durable or even good for long-term use. They are finite and have a lot of impact on the Storage Space you have. 

It isn’t like you will need a simple Salvaging Kit, rather you will need multiple of them in the Meta Event Runs. So, it is not worth it at all, considering your space is taken up by them, you are Investing a lot in them again and again, and you can’t go on long runs if they break. 

For that, you can get the Copper Fed Salvage O Matic, which is a blessing in disguise for those who want to do the Salvaging themselves in Guild Wars 2 Events. It is essential for those players who do the Meta Events in the long run to Farm their way towards richness. 

The one issue with the Copper Fed Salvage O Matic is its certain requirement. When you use it, each time you will have to use Copper Currency, but in reality, it is negligible to what it saves you from. 

So, stop wasting your time in Limited Salvage Kits and get one of these from Gemstore to save a lot of time and money. 

Price and Purpose

You can get the Copper Fed Salvage O Matic for around 800 Gems, while their purpose is to allow you with Unlimited Salvage. Each time you use it, you will have to use one Copper. 

Shared Inventory Slots

The good old Shared Inventory Slots Item. When it comes to playing multiple characters on a single account you can’t go wrong with getting this item from your local Gemstore. It is one of the most expensive Gemstore Purchases we mentioned so far in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide but it is worth every penny.

Typically in Guild Wars 2, you get one Inventory Slot for each character, making it troublesome as you start shifting from one to another. Having a strong system doesn’t mean that the game will load faster.

Rather when you switch characters, the Inventory will take a long time for it to load even with having a stronger system with a good SSD. You will have to take the long path toward the Bank, cycle through the items, and make it work some way. 

It is quite intimidating and daunting because you can’t do this loop each time you switch in Guild Wars 2. There are times when you will have to switch between Characters urgently or you even have to teleport or even a character that needs the Legendary gear placed on another Inventory.

So, just as the name suggests, the Shared Inventory Slots remove all of this hard stuff and give you slots in your inventory that are shared with all other Characters in the account. You don’t have to take the long route, just get the Shared Inventory Slots and enjoy the effortlessness.

Price and Purpose

One Shared Inventory Slot costs you around 700 Gems, while 3 will cost you around 1900 Gems, and getting 5 will cost you 2800 Gems. You can use it to get Shared Slots in your Inventory that all the characters can access easily.

Revive Orb

When it comes to the handiest tools in the whole Guild Wars 2, there is nothing that beats Revive Orbs. These Best Gemstore Purchases aren’t related to Boss Fights in World or even Fractals, rather it is universal in Guild Wars 2.

The simple use of Revive ORbs is just like their name suggests. You won’t be needing someone else to Revive you after getting down from the beatdown, and neither will your teammates have to sacrifice themselves to get towards your body. 

Using the Revive Orbs a person can revive themselves on the spot without any external help. Mostly the use of Revive Orbs is related to Combat because when you are reviving someone, it takes a ton of time. In the Boss fights, things get more complex. 

Also, you won’t have to sacrifice yourself in order to get revived by the game itself and run back to combat, rather you can use it anywhere you want and get revived. 

Price and Purpose

The Price of Revive Orb is around 250 and if you are getting 5 of them, the price is around 1900. The purpose is simple, it self Revives you at the same spot you went down.

Upgrade Extractor

When you reach the End of the Game of Guild Wars 2, there are a few items that matter more than others like Runes and Sigils. But the issue here is that they are quite expensive and when you actually are looking to get your hands on multiple weapons, things get quite complex.

To eliminate this thing completely, we have here Upgrade Extractor in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide. You can use this to take the Sigils and Runes out of your equipment without destroying them. 

All the things are there after the process and nothing changes. You also get to keep either the Items, Sigils, or the Runes after the process, which is the perfect thing you need in End Game. 

The only issue with the Upgrade Extractors is that they can be used only once. After that, you won’t be able to use the Extractor again. 

Price and Purpose

You can get 3 Upgrade Extractors for around 250 Gems, for 25 you will need 1500 Gems, and for 10, you will need 700 Gems. It can take out the Upgrades Of items without destroying things in the process.

Storage Expander

Guild Wars 2 always has one specific issue which is its Storage. In this vast world, you are happily gathering things in the process of traveling around, and suddenly you find out that the Storage is full. It is quite frustrating because you have to make a decision on either going back to empty your Storage or you need to move on forward without having to pick anything else.

Everything you gather is ultimately important in one way or another, you can’t sacrifice one Item for another to save Storage. When it comes to Legendaries, they take around a lot of space in the Storage.

The default one is not up to any good in the Late Game because crafting material slots take seconds to fill up. To solve this issue, you can use the Storage Expander Tool which can be bought from the Gemstore. 

It will allow you to add 250 Item Storage on top of the Default Storage which is also 250. You can upgrade it and enhance the capacity of things you can carry around. 

Price and Purpose

You can get the Storage Expander for around 800, while it is used to enhance your Storage Carrying Capacity.

Transmutation Charge

An Underrated Item you can get from the Guild Wars 2 Gemstore. The Transmutation Charge is related to your appearance because mostly the Items in Guild Wars 2 aren't quite beautiful to look at. Not all, but some of them!

A certain thing can be desired in the Late Game but it doesn’t look that good, taking away the aesthetic look of your character. In Late Game, your appearance matters a lot, and having good gear with a good appearance is quite hard. 

Using the Transmutation Charge you can change the appearance of your favorite Item to another Item, or one Gear to another Gear. There are free charges in the Origin City Maps completion, but they are used more often. So, you can buy them in the Gemstore for a budget price.

Price and Purpose

You can get 5 Transmutation Charges for around 150, 25 for around 600, and 10 for around 270. Their purpose is to change the appearance of one gear to another gear.

Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tool

One of the latest entries that we will mention in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide is the Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tool. In the Living World Seasons, the developers added a new currency known as Unbound Magic, which is also one of the most important currencies to this date. 

It is closely related to Cosmetics or Ascended Gear in the new updates rolling out. Using this, you can enhance the Levels for Endgame or you can even enhance your Mastery. 

Same as any other thing, if you are looking to get your hands on some Unbound Magic, you will have the tools to actually farm it. The Tools are finite and quite troublesome. So, to get away from having to buy the Tools, again and again, you can simply get the Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tools. 

Price and Purpose

The price of the Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tool is around 2700 Gems and using it will remove the need of getting the Unbound Magic Gathering Tools again.

Bank Tab Expansion

We already discussed the Shared Inventory Slots in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide. The Bank Tab Expansion is a lower version of that same Gemstore Item. But one thing is that these Expansions are quite limited and you will need to keep an eye out to get them. When you are actually changing between characters, you will need the Share Slots whether you like them or not. 

But they are made to keep the bigger equipment in your Slots, rather than Dye Kits and Quality of Life Improvement items. For that, we have the Bank Tabb Expansions that you can get from the Gemstore. 

Price and Purpose

You can get the Bank Tab Expansion for around 600 Gems, while it is for the expansion of Bank Tab.

Metabolic and Utility Primer

Utilities and Food are one of the main mechanics in Guild Wars 2. Every player in Guild Wars 2 is looking for a boost or min-maxing stuff to use and mostly these are required before going out for Fractal Dungeons of higher level or even Raids. 

The real issue with Utilities, Food, and other Boosters is that they work for a longer period. For that, you need to use them with the Utility Primer Items and Metabolic Items in order to last longer. The time is increased to around 12 hours afterward. 

Price and Purpose

One of these can cost you around 150 Gems, while 25 will cost you around 2625 Gems. The use is to enhance the time of Utility and Food bonuses.

Runecrafter’s Salvage O Matic

A somewhat useless Item that most early players also want to get is the Runecrafter’s Salvage O Matic. Using this Item that aids you in Upgrade Extraction, while after the process Item will be destroyed, but the good thing is that it is a Permanent extractor and you won’t have to get it again and again. So, what is the actual purpose here?

There are some Sigils and Runes in Guild Wars 2 that come with exceptionally higher value in the market and you can’t buy them again and again in bulk or you will go bankrupt. Therefore, players can easily put them in their Weapons and Armor, further swapping them in between.

With this Gemstore Item, you won’t have to worry about the chance of Salvage because it gives you 100 percent ensuring that the Sigil and the Rune will be slotted in your favorite Gear without getting lost or broken in the process. 

With this, you might even recover some materials of Rare type but it isn’t included in the actual process, rather it is a type of bonus.

Price and Purpose

You can get the Runecrafter’s Salvage O Matic for around 600 Gems, while it is used in extracting the Sigils and Runes from your Gear.


The Final Item in our Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide is Gem. Honestly, it is the most premium and quite useful currency that you can get from the Game’s Gemstore. Guild Wars 2 isn’t a paid game like another similar genre, rather it has an in-game purchase system that keeps them running the business.

Yes, you need to Buy the expansions and seasons, but they don’t cost that much and you can get all of them through All-in-one Game Purchase. Still, it won’t keep the game running for long because of how in-depth it is made. 

The in-game Purchase system is why the game is free to play. As we already mentioned in our Best Gemstore Purchase Guide you can Buy Gems using real-life cash, you can also convert other currencies to Gems like Gold. 

The price of Gems is quite high and it fluctuates as well, quite commonly. But, you will know when it lowers, so you can get it from your local in-game store without having suffered getting some when the need be. 

You can also bypass all of this and Buy Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold or Buy Guild Wars 2 Items. You can get Gems or you can use the other currency and then exchange it from the in-game store. It saves a lot of time and hard work that you have to go through in order to get Gems or other Items. 

Price and Purpose

You can get Gems with Gold in Guild Wars 2 and the price fluctuates often. You can use this to get items from Gemstore as we mentioned in this long list.

Final Verdict

So, here is a complete Guild Wars 2 Best Gemstore Purchase Guide and we tried to mention all the Items worth your time and money. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always matter whether you are a beginner or an amateur when it comes to Gemstore purchases. You just look at the Item, read its description, and if it matches your interest or what you need so far, you get the item. You can convert Gold to Gems or you will come across various Farm sources to get them in-game. 

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