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GW2 Hall of Monuments Boosting Services

Guide to earning Hall of Monuments rewards - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

Hall of Monuments ready to link Accounts 
We provide 10 to 40 points Hall of Monuments Points Services. 
Note: Not everyone can reach 45 to 50 points, if you need you can contact our customer service we will custom for you. But need 1 to 3 months And expensive cost.

Product introduction: 
Maybe there are a lot of players haven't contact with GW1, But GW 2 specific rare skin and designation must need GW 1 Hall of Monuments integral to change,So we launched a new product to help more players available for certain rare skin in GW2. 
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How to place an order? 
1. Select the points you need to power leveling, add to cart and pay the order。 
2. When your order has been confirmed by live chat or email to contact our staff。 
3. We will according to your orderinfo.Login you gw1 account complete you need points .
4. When we finish will inform you by E-mail .

If you dont have the GW1 account: 

1.Please select vist: Guild Wars Accounts .
2. Select the GW1 Points Accounts Product. when your order has been confirmed by livechat or email to contact our support。 
3. We will according to your request to create a new account (or created by you, we offer a cdkey, and tell us a temporary password), you only need to wait for some time after completing these steps .  。 
4. When we finish will contact you by E-mail send you account. 

How to operate? 
Visit the website:hom.guildwars2.com,Enter your Guild Wars® character name to see what rewards you’ve earned for Guild Wars 2
When you logon to GW1 (and GW 2 is the same account) system will automatically match your information, you will use the same login account information. 

GW 1 account is not bound to a specific country or region.No matter where you live, you can connect to any a GW1 account to your GW 2 account. 
We will keep in touch with you in skype inform you our schedule or by mail, this is Hall of Monuments hom.guildwars2.com, Every time I finish a point you can query to. 
Do not need authorization login GW1, that absolutely safe for GW2, I log in to your GW 4. Account login request authorization but you can ignore the E-mail, from this point of your GW 2 account will be absolutely safe. 
When you successfully to bind GW1 and GW2 account, GW1 account password will be automatically changed to GW2 and accounts of the same account password. 
Linking is fast and easy. Sign in at guildwars2.com and find the tab to link accounts and enter the information provided.
If you do not already have your Hall of Monuments Portal Stone, click this link for more information on obtaining it.
If you still have more questions .click this link for more information on obtaining it.
Why we don't  sell 45 to 50 points? Because the points need 1 to 3 months And expensive cost. if you need you can contact our customer service we will custom for you. 

What is Hall of Monuments rewards?

Skins and miniatures

Awarded for every point from 1-30.

Points Skin type Reward
1 Armor skin Heritage Shoes.png Heritage Shoes Heritage Boots.png Heritage Boots Heritage Warboots.png Heritage Warboots
2 Armor skin Heritage Pants.png Heritage Pants Heritage Legguards.png Heritage Legguards Heritage Legplates.png Heritage Legplates
3 Armor skin Heritage Greatcoat.png Heritage Greatcoat Heritage Jerkin.png Heritage Jerkin Heritage Warplate.png Heritage Warplate
4 Armor skin Heritage Gloves.png Heritage Gloves Heritage Armguards.png Heritage Armguards Heritage Gauntlets.png Heritage Gauntlets
5 Armor skin Heritage Mantle.png Heritage Mantle Heritage Shoulderpads.png Heritage Shoulderpads Heritage Pauldrons.png Heritage Pauldrons
6 Armor skin Heritage Masque.png Heritage Masque Heritage Bandana.png Heritage Bandana Heritage Warhelm.png Heritage Warhelm
7 Weapon skin Gnarled Walking Staff.png Gnarled Walking Staff
8 Weapon skin Living Short Bow.png Living Short Bow
9 Miniature Mini Orange Tabby Cat.png Mini Orange Tabby Cat
10 Weapon skin Fiery Dragon Sword.png Fiery Dragon Sword
11 Weapon skin Diamond Aegis Shield.png Diamond Aegis Shield
12 Armor skin Baroque Mask.png Baroque Mask
13 Weapon skin Centurions Claw.png Centurions Claw
14 Weapon skin Wheelock Rifle.png Wheelock Rifle
15 Miniature Mini Orrian Baby Chicken.png Mini Orrian Baby Chicken
16 Weapon skin Wayward Wand Scepter.png Wayward Wand Scepter
17 Weapon skin Seathunder Pistol.png Seathunder Pistol
18 Armor skin Heavenly Bracers.png Heavenly Bracers
19 Weapon skin Deldrimor Mace.png Deldrimor Mace
20 Weapon skin Chimeric Prism Focus.png Chimeric Prism Focus
21 Miniature Mini Rockfur Racoon.png Mini Rockfur Racoon
22 Weapon skin Ithas Longbow.png Ithas Longbow
23 Weapon skin Fellblade.png Fellblade
24 Armor skin Icelord's Diadem.png Icelord's Diadem
25 Weapon skin Icebreaker.png Icebreaker
26 Weapon skin Flaming Beacon.png Flaming Beacon
27 Miniature Mini Servitor Golem.png Mini Servitor Golem
28 Weapon skin Stygian Axe.png Stygian Axe
29 Weapon skin Mountaincall Warhorn.png Mountaincall Warhorn
30 Armor skin Fire God's Vambraces.png Fire God's Vambraces


Awarded every 5 points from 15-30.

Points Icon Pet
Juvenile Black Moa.png
Juvenile Black Moa
Juvenile Blue Jellyfish.png
Juvenile Rainbow Jellyfish
Juvenile White Raven.png
Juvenile White Raven
Juvenile Black Widow Spider.png
Juvenile Black Widow Spider


Awarded every 5 points from 5-50.

Points Title
5 Title icon.png Traveler
10 Title icon.png Guild Warrior
15 Title icon.png Rift Warden
20 Title icon.png Chosen
25 Title icon.png Ascendant
30 Title icon.png Closer to the Stars
35 Title icon.png Ghostly Hero
40 Title icon.png Flameseeker
45 Title icon.png Legend of the Mists
50 Title icon.png Champion of the Gods