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Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments and Achievement Hunting Beginners Guide

There have been a lot of questions about the different Armor specifically the Heritage Armor. We decided to make a guide on how to get the Armor types that aren't available in Guild Wars 2 that you actually have to acquire through Achievements in Guild Wars 1. 

This is a written guide summarized from the YouTube Video made by Reborn Reality. There are some things hard for you to understand in this written guide or a few details might be missing. For that, you can check out the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments and Achievement Hunting Beginners Guide Video and also let us know in the comment section as well.

How to Get the Armor Types and Skins?

So the first thing you need to do to get these Armor types is to purchase the Eye of the North. After you purchase Eye of the North, you will get a Hall of Monuments portal stone. 

So, besides that fact you can look in your Achievements tab,  if you go down to the Hall of Monuments, this will show you the different Achievement points. 

These are the points that are acquired through Guild Wars 1. You can see in the image above that when you reach level 30, it unlocks all the different skin types. The only issue is that it doesn't unlock all the Titles. However, starting past 30 you get just Titles. 

You walk down the hall to the Hall of Monuments and you can talk to this historian guy who was on the Lily pad and you click show my legacy and he'll give you two different options of PvE skins and PvP skins. 

You can choose from either depending on your situation. They're basically all the same, based on your choice you will simply get different skins. 

Heritage Armor

Here's how you get the Heritage Armor. They're divided into 3 categories; obviously heavy Armor, light Armor, and medium Armor. So since most people are tilted towards the light Armor, we are going to discuss it in detail here. The process is the same for the other types as well. 

Being a light Armor, select the Heritage shoes, the Heritage pants, and so on. If you're playing a heavier Armor class, you get the war boots, the war plate, etc. So basically you can select these skins, they do not have any additional stats so keep that in mind.

These are just for aesthetic reasons only, which is a common case in Guild Wars 2. All the skins are reusable in the sense that they don't cost anything. Once you unlock them you can buy as many as you want. 

When we are leveling up and there's something that we didn't like about it, just buy a bunch of these skins and apply them to the Armor so I could always have an Armor that I liked the look of. 


You can double click the items like war boots and then it'll show you the item Transmutation window. Here you'll be able to drag an item of the same type. For boots, it will have to be a shoe type and then also the same for the same class. 

So basically if this is for heavy Armor, drag a shoe of a heavy Armor type and then you get the look of the Heritage war boots and the stats of the item that you're Transmuting. That's how that process works. 

In addition to the Armor types, there are also Weapons like Staff, bows, and so on. The fiery dragon sword is one of the most popular Weapons in Guild Wars. There are also many pets such as the Miniature orange tabby cat. Like we said earlier all you need is 30 points to unlock all the actual skins, after that it's Titles. 

God Vambraces

The last thing that you can unlock is the God Vambraces. They have sort of a fire look about them. I'd be careful when specifically going for the Vambraces or any of the sort of gauntlet pieces because they are commonly blocked by the chest plate pieces from other Armor types. 

If you are going for the Vambraces particularly, make sure that the Armor that you're going to be wearing doesn't block them first. That's all for the Guild Wars 2 side. 

Cuban points

If you want to see how many Cuban points you have, just open your Achievements tab using H and then go to the Hall of Monuments area and you'll see here the different Achievements that you have and the ones you can earn. 

A lot of these Achievements can be earned just through using Gold, some of them are PvP related, and so on.  We will go into that later in our Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments and Achievement Hunting Beginners Guide at the time of showing  Guild Wars 1 side of things.

Guild Wars 1 Hall of Monuments

On the Guild Wars 1 side, the first thing you want to do is go to Eye of the North. You need to be in the prophecies campaign to get there or the Eye of the North campaign. They're both in the same map zone. 

You want to go to the one that says Lion’s Arch and that's not an option if you are already there. Eye of the North is located right on this mountain as shown in the image above. 

You have to purchase Eye of the North first to get there because it is an expansion and all you have to do is waypoint travel towards it. Once you're there you'll see a portal area and passing through the portal will lead you to your Hall of Monuments. 

So you come into the Hall of Monuments area and there are different areas for various specific things. You get these tapestries when you're playing the game. Basically, you get these tapestries and you hang them up and they each represent a different aspect of the game. 

Miniatures and Devotion

For example, if you come over to the corner like in the image above, there are different Miniatures or many pets that you can earn. You'll talk to the Devotion sort Pedestal, you can examine it, display new ones, and arrange the displays but basically, we're going to focus on the number. 

You'll need a certain amount of rare Mini Pets in the form of floating pyramids and the regular Mini Pets. These are money based or you can also acquire them through characters from having birthdays. 

Whenever your character's been alive for a year you'll receive a present which will generally have a mini pet in it. That's how you can get many pets. You just have to buy them now. 

Fellowship and Armor Skins

You can also get the Fellowship in the Fellowship area and those are just Armor skins that you get for your heroes. In Guild Wars 1 it wasn't an open world necessarily where you can just venture out and you'll see people out in the world. So you had heroes to accompany you powered by artificial intelligence. 

You can customize their builds and sort of you know build a party around them. You can get specific Armor skins from them. Clothes of the brotherhood is an example and you could talk to a guy who would give your characters Prestige Armor and then you could display that Armor on the Fellowship Pedestal. 

Honor Pedestal and Achievements

The Honor Pedestal is specifically for your Achievements. Now if you press H in Guild Wars 1, they're a different variety of tabs. If you go to Titles just like in the image above, it will show you the different Titles that you can get. 

You can display these Titles in the Honor Pedestal area. You earn these through doing different acts in Guild Wars 1. Each one is different from another and also changes the method to acquire them like Slayer of all is a normal Title track that's doing different things that gain you norm reputation points. 

Some of these are in different campaigns, a lot of them can be acquired just through Eye of the North or through prophecy. So you don't have to buy all the games to get enough of these Achievement points to display. 

Some of the Achievements are PvP related. Getting at least one of those is very helpful in getting more points.

Prestige Armor and Resilience

On the second last we are going to talk about the Prestige Armors and the Resilience area in our Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments and Achievement Hunting Beginners Guide. You get different Armors that are valued at a higher value than other types of Armor. 

They have the same stats, keeping consistency with Guild Wars 2 but they take either more money or better materials to make them. That teaches you when and how to Max out your Resilience. You need around roughly 5 to help you get to 30 points. 

Valor and Prestige Weapons

Finally, you have the Valor and the prestige Weapons that you display. The Prestige is the term for almost Legendary but it isn’t as hard to get in comparison to Legendary in Guild Wars 2. So, it may be termed as exotic or ascended gear.

Here's where you display your Prestige Weapons and those consist of tormented Weapons, destroy Weapons, and oppressor Weapons. Oppressor Weapons are probably the easiest to get, tormented are a bit more pricey

That's the Guild Wars 1 side of things and this is just sort of how to get them into Guild Wars 2. 

We know the process isn’t that simple and requires your precious time and effort. An easy way out is getting Cheap GW2 HOM Points Accounts from GW2sale.com. The best thing is that you can even get the GW Power Leveling Service from them to boost your account without wasting the time yourself.

Keeping Track of Everything

Next, we are going to show the website that you can use to keep track of everything and even plan on the different Achievement points that you can get in Guild Wars 1 to that transfer over to Guild Wars 2. 

This calculator is referred to as the HOM reward calculator, where you can keep track of your Hall of Monuments. You can use it to track your Accomplishments in Guild Wars 1 as well as the Accomplishments of your friends. 

Go to this sort of box right on top just like the image above and type in anybody's name. In case you type in your name, this will show how many points you have, and how many points you can get, and it will break down into specifics related to how you can get more points. 

This image shows Achievement Points HOM Calculator

So if you go to the Mini Pets area, it'll show you what you need for more Achievement points. It just breaks down in a really easy way for Fellowship. You could scroll through these un-attained items and could click on them and add them to see how it affects the points you have. 

This image shows Reward Meter HOM Calculator

Let's say you got this eternal gladiator Title which can be acquired from random arenas in Guild Wars 1. When you click that, it shows you that you will now have 33 out of 50 points or something different in your case like in the image. You can use this to plan the quickest route to unlock all the skins in Guild Wars 2. 

Then you can go to these reward meters and wherever there's a star above an item that'll show you that that's a Title that you can earn. When you get one Achievement point you unlock shoes and you only need up to five points to unlock all the Heritage Armor. 

You could go to the Honor tab and earn two Titles and have all the Heritage Armor unlocked. So it doesn't take long to get that. As you go higher up the skins get to know a little bit more dynamic and elegant and more detailed, like Vambraces you need a sort of plan or proper goal to get them. 

If you press the stats, you can scroll further down to see how close you are to getting the other Titles and Achievements. After you get to 30 there are only Achievements and to get the Achievement champion of the gods, you need all 50 points.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all to the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments and Achievement Hunting Beginners Guide. Keep in mind that you do have to purchase Eye of the North to get the Heritage Armor and everything related to the HOM or Achievement points is already explained in this guide. Using the HOM Calculator makes everything seamless, so make sure to use it for your Guild Wars journey.

Did this Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments and Achievement Hunting Beginners Guide Video help you in any case possible? Well, we will appreciate you taking some time to support the Author of this YouTube Video Guide - Reborn Reality. We deeply appreciate Reborn Reality for sharing this valuable content with the community.

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