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Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide


Most of the time Guild Wars 2 Players find it difficult to explore the Hall of Monuments area and get to level 30 HOM Points. For that reason, we have an amazing Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide here. Keep in mind that this area is only for the people who are linked to Eye of the North and personalized to the party leader. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this guide.

This is a Written Guide summarized from the YouTube Video by Tube Elephant. In case you find some mistakes or there is difficulty understanding something in this Written Guide, you can definitely check the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide Video and let us know in the comments section as well.



The first thing we're going to look at is the Titles. So the first Titles you want to get are; eternal Hero Of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona. You get these just by playing through the game by completing all the missions.

Next, you want to get the Eternal Protector of Cantha and the Eternal Protector of Elona. You get these by completing all the bonuses for factions and nightfall missions.



Moving on to the Fellowship. The first point you can get in there is by adding in MOX, he's the only hero that doesn't need Armor so you can just put him in there and he's a free point.


Next, you want to get these five mentioned in the image above. Now it's time to get to these five Armored heroes you go to look at Kamadan and then you go up to Dajkah Inlet.


This is a challenging mission so what you do is you add your heroes to your party and you talk to this guy in the image above, then you do the mission. You just need to kill the bosses and they'll actually give you the items you need (sometimes in a few tries). It won't show up in the chat so actually check your inventory.


So, all you have to do is look on the map and go to the Guild Lords and go kill these. Then you want to get the Black Moa, the Imperial Phoenix, and the Black Widow Spider.

The Imperial Phoenix you can get by completing factions and then theming at the end. Before you do this mission Imperial Sanctum, you need to protect Charm Animal on your skill bar. So this is where you end up at the end of the mission and this is where you get your Phoenix.

Make sure when you try to tame it that you put all your heroes to avoid combat. You do this by just clicking on the numbers in front of their name and then just putting all of them on avoiding combat because if you don't they'll kill the Phoenix.

You'll then have to level them up to level 20 and you will be in your Hall of Monuments.

Next, you want to get the Black Widow Spider and this is probably the most difficult one to get and you won't be able to get it by yourself. You will have to follow a separate Guide on how to get the spider yourself as this is the hardest one to get.

So you more than likely need some help from someone who knows their way around in the underworld which is where you can get this spider. Some of the trusted sources to get aid from is Guild Wars 2 Wiki

Next, we have the Black Moa and there are two ways of getting Black Moa including the ways that are short and that are long. You need to finish fractions first before you can get the Black Moa. 

The long way requires you to do a few quests in which you mainly have to run all over your place. To make things easier, you can simply follow the Black Moa, Wiki Guide to Beak of Darkness.  


The easy way of getting Black Moa is by asking someone who already completed a quest to help you out. All you have to do is let that person depart for dinner and then you ask him to go to Ferndale and follow this map in the image above.

Again make sure that you have your charm skill equipped and that your heroes are set to avoid combat.



Then you want to get your Armor for all the other heroes and it'll cost you about 100K for the Nightfall Heroes. You'll need to get 10 Primal Armor Remnants and they cost about 5K each for the North hero you'll need to get 10 cloth of the brotherhood and they also cost about 5K each.



Next up we have Devotion in our Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide this is where you put all your Miniatures and this will actually cost you some money.

You want to get one unique Miniature, one rare Miniature, and 28 common Miniature. So let's take a look at which Miniatures to get.

First Year Miniatures


Starting with the first year of Miniatures you won't get all the white ones so make sure that you never pay more than 1K for any of these.

Next these three purple Miniatures they'll cost you about 5 to 10K each.

The last minute you want to get from the first year is Prince Rurik. He's actually a rare Miniature and he will cost you about 25 to 30K. 

Second-year Miniatures


moving on you want to get all the white Miniatures in year two and they go for about 2 to 4K each.

Third Year Miniatures


Next year is the year 3 Miniature and these will cost you about 5 to 10K each. If the math is correct we're at 28 Miniatures now and we're still missing a unique Miniature. 

Fourth Year Miniature


So that means that we need one more common Miniature and I suggest buying a common Miniature from year four and this will cost you about 10 to 15K. We've got our 29 Miniatures now and we're still missing our Unique Miniature, the Black Moa Chick.

To make the process of getting the Black Moa Chick you can check out the Black Moa Chick Wiki. A tip we can give you is to just buy the Honeycomb from another player as they only cost you about 500 G. 

Also when you've acquired all the items try to find someone to help you with Sorrow's Furnace. It can be difficult if you haven't done it before.

Once you've got the unique Miniatures you'll have all the 30 Miniatures you need and in total this will cost you about 160K. 



Next up are the Armors. You won't get the elite Canthan Armor and to get it you will have to go to King City. Then you want to get the Elite Luxon or Kurzick Armor and we suggest getting the Luxon Armor because it's cheaper and these are PvP Armors. 

So you need to get a 10K faction with the Luxon Armor or Kurzick Armor before you can buy this Armor. Then you'll want to get the Ancient Armour and the Primeval Armor. You can use the GW2 Wiki to know where to get the Ancient Armor, Primeval Armor, Luxon Armor, and Canthan Armor. 

Now you'll need one more set of Armor and you can either get the Asuran Armor, Norn Armor, or the Monument Armor. In order to get any of these Armor, you need to be ranked five of their faction.

Getting ranked five is easy though you'll just need to make sure that when you play you have your storybook with you all the time and once you finish out the North, you can turn in your storybook to the faction which Armor you're going to buy and you'll be around 5.

If you don't know what a storybook is don't worry we will explain this at the end of the video or you can also check out the GW2 Wiki to learn about it.



Now you've come to Valor which is the Weapons and this is where you'll get your last three points. What you need to do is buy one Destroyer Weapon and they go for about 60K each.

Then you want to get an Oppressor Weapon/Axe and you can actually get this for free by just playing through the game. What you need to do is complete a quest chain called the War In Kryta and you can start this quest in Lion's Arch once you've completed all of the Prophecies. 

Before you start this I highly recommend doing quests, certain allies which will take almost no effort whatsoever from your side, and the quest even vanguard allies, for which you'll have to buy some items from other players.

Once you've completed these two quests you can go to Lion's Arch and talk to Murro to start the quest War in Kryta. Well, that’s it and we have completed the journey to Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide.

The process isn’t that simple and easy, but still, if you want to make things effortless, you can simply get Cheap GW2 HOM Points Accounts from GW2sale.com. There is even a GW Power Leveling Service for you to Boost your account without wasting your precious time.

Tips and Tricks

But we are not done yet though. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you along the way. Let's get started.

Gold Problem

By now you know that getting the 30 points will cost you some money, so let us help you get started if you're new to the game.

What you want to do is create a PvP character and for those of you who are new to the game, you can just fast-travel to the Great Temple Of Balthazar. So once you've created your character or when you've arrived at the Great Temple Of Balthazar, you need to register your account.

You can do this by talking to Tolkano and then clicking register your account and then by registering it. Once you get this you need to talk to the High Priest where you only need to run up the stairs and talk to him.

Now that you've done all this press H to bring up your hero window and then go to account. It should say that you have 50 Tournament Reward Points. Next what you want to do is go back to Tolkano and trade in those reward points for Zaishen Keys 

You'll be able to get 10 keys and these sell for about 5 to 5.3 K each. So, once you've sold these to other players you'll be 50K richer and that should help you get started.


If you can remember, we mentioned storybooks in our Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide and they are actually a great way of getting some extra money, experience, and reputation.

You can get a storybook for every campaign expansion and you can also get a storybook for the dungeons. So, you're probably wondering where to get story books.


Let's look at GW2 Wiki as you can see in the image above that there are two-story books for every campaign. There's one for normal mode and there's one for the hard way.

You need to always carry them with you whenever you're playing through the campaigns. Once they are full you can turn them in for experience, gold, and reputation.

Trade Chat

The next step is one for new players, as the more experienced players will already know this. Guild Wars doesn't have an auction house and this means that you have to spam the trade chat in order to sell your items.


The best place to do this is Kamadan English District 1 and that's where most players sell their items. It's called Spam Dan for a reason, however, to make your life a bit easier there's a website called Argos soft.

Once you run the website you want to click the GW Estimator link. What this website does is that it keeps track of everything being said in the trade chat in Kamadan district 1. 

So all you have to do is type in the name of the item you're trying to buy or sell and you'll see an overview of everyone who mentioned that item in trade chat. They should make your life a bit easier.

Final Verdict

Well, here we completed our Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide. We want to finish by saying that this guide is basically the best way to get to 30 points, while there is no limit to the ways in which you can do so.

There are different ways to get to 30 points which include getting five more Titles including a Conqueror Title, but in our opinion getting 10 more mini pets is faster and easier.

If you found this Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments 30 Points Beginners Guide helpful we will appreciate you taking the time to give the Author of YouTube Video Guide - Tube Elephant support by liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing. Again, we deeply appreciate Tube Elephant for making such valuable content for the community.

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