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The Best Ways to Farm Map Currencies in Guild Wars 2

Map currencies are the integral part of the Guild Wars 2 game. You can use various types of currencies in the GW2 game to buy or trade items for. Currencies work just like they do in the real world. But you have to make sure you are using the right currency for the right job. Apart from that, each and every currency is unique and can’t be just found anywhere lying around for you to stumble upon. 

Same applies to the map currencies. Map currencies are one of many types of currencies available in the Guild Wars 2 game. Just like any other currency it can be stored in a wallet where you can keep a track of the amount. But there’s a catch. As the name suggests, Map currencies can be obtained by completing events on the map. Then the acquired coins can only be used to buy items from vendors available on that specific map. But, that shouldn’t be an issue, right? Ofcourse, you will get items that will help in your journey, so, what’s the harm in investing them right then and there.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can farm these map currencies in an easy and efficient manner. On this trip, where you will be collecting map currencies, we will be your guide and tell you all the details that you need to know before starting this journey. So, let’s begin then.

Guild Wars 2 Map Currencies Guide

Map currencies in Guild Wars 2

  • Canach Coin - This currency can be earned by participating in activities in Club Canach, an area of Arborstone.

  • Jade Sliver - This currency can be earned by using Recycler Jade Slivers module. This is available with the player's Jade bot.

  • Unusual Coin - This currency can be earned by looting chests in Cantha.

  • Research Note - This currency can be earned by salvaging some crafted items with Research Kit.

  • Imperial Favor - This currency can be earned by completing events in the Cantha as well as consuming map specific Writs.

  • Tyrian Defense Seals - As the name suggests, you would be tasked with defending the Tyria Dragon Response Missions. Upon completion you will get the Tyrian Defence Seals map currency. You can use these coins to buy items at faction vendors in Eye of the North.

  • War Supplies - This currency can be earned by completing events in the Drizzlewood Coast.

  • Festival Tokens - Participate and win the events that take place during the Festival of the Four Winds.

  • Racing Medallions - You will be participating in a race to earn the Racing Medallions map currency. Participation is mandatory and only way to get them .The races would be Roller Beetle Time Trials and Roller Beetle Races .

  • Volatile Magic - It can be obtained in the Living World Season 4 maps that includes - Dragonfall, Thunderhead Peaks, Jahai Bluffs, Domain of Kourna, Sandswept Isles, and Domain of Istan.

  • Trade Contracts - It can be obtained in the Path of Fire core maps - Domain of Vabbi, The Desolation, Elon Riverlands, Desert Highlands, and Crystal Oasis.

  • Elegy Mosaics - To earn the Elegy Mosaics, you have to defeat the legend level bounty targets. Another way to farm them is by completing the meta events. 

  • Unbound Magic - It can be obtained in the Living World Season 3 maps which includes - Siren’s Landing, Draconis Mons, Lake Doric, Bitterfrost Frontier, Ember Bay, and Bloodstone Fen. If you are looking to gather the unbound magic from the orbs or nodes, then it is important that you first complete the Reaper of Magic storyline. There a too many items that you can buy from this coin, some of which includes - recipes, legendary tributes, etc.

  • Ley Line Crystals - Ley Line Crystals can be obtained in the Tangled Depths map. It can be swapped with Nuhoch Mastery Vendors.

  • Lumps of Aurillium - This currency can be earned by completing events in the Auric Basin. It can later be swapped with Exalted Mastery Vendors and Aurillum Collector vendors. The latter will give you Exalted keys that can be used to open the Exalted chests, while the former gives you a plethora of choices to choose from.

  • Airship Parts - This currency can be earned in Verdant Brink. It can later be swapped with Itzel Mastery Vendors. But to do that, the first order of business would be to train your player in the Itzel Language mastery. 

  • Bandit Crests - This currency can be earned by completing events in the Silverwastes. The Priory Historian in the Silverwastes is the primary merchant you can use them on. His products range from Carapace Armor Skins to Ascended trinkets. Additionally, Bandit Skeleton Keys, which unlock the Lost Bandit Chests dotted around Silverwastes and Endless Tonics, are available for purchase.

  • Geodes - This currency can be farmed by completing events in Dry Top. Another means of obtaining Geodes is the Maguuma Wastes Reward track in PvP and WvW. You can exchange geodes for goods at the Zephyrite Merchant vendor. The vendor's inventory and prices are determined by the current tier of Favor of the Zephyrites on your Dry Top map. More products and cheaper pricing are associated with higher tiers.

These are all the current map currencies available in the Guild Wars 2 game that can be farmed. Now that we have discussed them, let’s look at the ways you can farm more of them. 

Guild Wars 2 Map Currencies

Farm through Metas and World Bosses

Metas are important as they simply drop a lot of valuable items, not specifically gold, but gears and items. Worry not if you feel like if it’s not gold then what’s the purpose of it. Map Currencies are equally important. DragonStorm, Dragonfall, Drizzlewood, Silverwastes, Tangled Depths and Auric Basin are some of the most important metas for farming map currencies as well as other precious items.

We have also mentioned the World Bosses in the title, so let’s discuss it. World Bosses are important event bosses that you will encounter almost everywhere you can go in the World of Tyria. Unlike metas that can be used multiple times a day to farm, World Bosses gives you a chest that can be looted just once for the day. Upon defeating them you get a bonus chest as well. World Bosses could be the answer if you are looking to get more map currencies. But in order to get the rare gear you will have to level up your player to Lv. 40. Apart from just map currencies, you can also get rare items, gears, or a crafting material. You will be required to spend Gold at various instaces while moving ahead in the game. So we suggest to get enough of Gold stocked in your account.

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There are some other ways like opening chests, playing nodes, or simply just buying the map currencies (which should be your last resort). But these techniques are not all that useful. So,it’s better you stick to the basics and complete the various map and world boss events that you encounter. Don’t do too much of it, so that you get tired of it. Enjoy the journey. 


So, this was all about the “The Best Ways to Farm Map Currencies in Guild Wars 2”. In this article, we began by discussing what the map currencies are and what role they play in the Guild Wars 2 game. Map currencies can be obtained by completing different maps on different locations throughout the world of Tyria. Some of the map currencies that we’ve discussed in this article are - Geodes, Bandit Crests, Airship Parts, Lumps of Aurillium, etc. There are different ways to farm Map Currencies on these locations. When you are done with them, you can move on to the metas and world bosses events to farm more Map currencies. So, this will be all from us from now. Also, do check out our beginner's guide to the game to get a good hold at it.

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