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The Best Open-world Events in Guild Wars 2

The open-world events are the most exciting events or you can say the main feature that you can play in Guild Wars 2 due to the fact that there is a wide variety of events that keep happening from time to time and you get to play unique different events every time that takes place in the open world. These are dynamic events that depend on the actions that you as a player do or can be triggered by different factors resulting in different outcomes which makes it so great. Also, the reward depends on it as well. These open-world events come in two forms, either they are pre-scheduled and happened at a certain time such as world bosses or meta ones or they can be triggered by the player such as Guild world events or living world events. 

However, if you are the one who wants the most challenging and the most rewarding one then look no further than Guild World Events which are triggered by Guilds and act as special events. Although you are playing as a single player, this game is based on the concept of teamwork and coordination, and you have to work together with other players to defeat the bosses here. Guild world events have a lot of exciting events with great bosses such as Tequatl the Sunless, Legendary Karka Queen, etc. There are awesome rewards for completing these events such as Gold and boss loot.

How to access the Guild World Events?

If you want to play the Guild event, then you need to unlock the ‘Scribing: Guild World Events’ in the Guild tavern. Then you need to scribe with a 100 rating and craft a Guild World Event Schematic and place it in the assembly device. This schematic that you have crafted will be stored in the guild storage and can be activated with any member with privilege near the event marker. If you are wondering about the event then it will show as any normal event spawn. 

I would recommend going to the game and trying it out yourself if you feel it is difficult to understand. Now you have 3 possible guild events. They are the Tequatl of Sunless event which is a powerful undead dragon that has an event time of 25 minutes, the ‘triple trouble’ event which is the deadly jungle worms having a time limit of 15 minutes, and the ‘Legendary Karka Queen’ which is the colossal karka having an event time of 15 minutes as well. 

As discussed above, all the events are time-based so you need to keep an eye on the event timers. You can do that by using in-game news as well as external sites like Wiki for it. You can also find some articles on our page GW2Sale for it. If you are wondering why we are discussing the guild events then it is because they are the best open-world events in the game giving amazing rewards, building awesome community in the guild, and providing the challenge you need in the game to keep it exciting. We would certainly recommend you join or start a guild event with other players or members.

Guild World Events Guild Wars 2

What are the rewards?

One thing that you will find common in all the events are the amazing regards you get on completing them. They can be many things as they are based on the level of difficulty or the type of event. These are the Boss loot and gold which you get once per day, the Hero choice chest which you will receive by completing meta events giving you various items like currencies, gears, materials, etc., You can also earn achievement points related to events which will give you bonuses, coins, gems and many more. And not to forget the objective rewards for completing objectives in various events giving you claim tickets.

Tips to excel in Open world events

We have prepared some tips for you so that you can perform your best in these events. Here are some of them:

  • Keep an eye on objectives - A lot of time while playing the game we forget about the objective we have to achieve. You need to ensure you are focusing on the objectives as they change as per the events. These objectives are visible in your top right corner.

  • Importance of squad - A lot of players when reaching the top levels start to believe that they can handle the game on their own which is not the right approach. Having a squad has many benefits, it makes it easier to win the event, you can communicate and coordinate to deal maximum damage, and most importantly it makes it a lot more fun to play.

  • Prepare based on the situation - Every event is different so you need to prepare for them separately. A lot of players use the same build and gear for every event which is why it becomes difficult for them to win.

  • Keep a check on the news - This is for all the players, from beginners to experienced ones. If you are having trouble finding information on the event or are unsure about it then always use the websites for information. Our website GW2Sale also gives you information on guides and tips for these events as well.

  • Use items - Consumables such as food, potions or oil boosts your stats and effects can strengthen your abilities to be the best among the players. You can buy them from the in-game currencies. However, if you are falling short, you can grab great deals from the reputed seller GW2Sale.

Visit our website GW2Sale to purchase Guild Wars 2 Gold at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quickest delivery with 24x7 chat support. 

Also, we have some specific tips for each type of open-world event for you:

World bosses - These require a large group of players and have a fixed time and location. 

  • The first thing you need to do is to arrive on time as you might not get a place in the squad. 

  • Make a habit of following the commander and they give you crucial information on what to do and what to avoid.

  • To deal maximum damage you need to break the defiance bars (the blue ones under the health bar).

  • We do need to tell you that dodging and healing will help you survive the longest and deal the most damage to keep it a priority.

Meta events - These are the events that will lead you to the final boss and these also have a fixed time and location. The only tip you need is to always check the map status as they affect the whole map. Also, they have a lot of stages and objectives for you to complete.


Well, that was quite a detailed information guide for you to understand open-world events. We learned what these events are, how are they important, and how to access them. The guild world events are the most challenging ones of them which can be accessed through guilds. Also, we learned that one cannot win them alone but must work together with our squad to coordinate and achieve victory. 

We have also provided you will the major event in the Guild world and have given you a lot of tips, and guides to excel in these events. Also, be careful of the event time limits as they are limited. Surely after this, you will gain victory and reap the amazing rewards of these events. Thanks for reading, for more articles on such topics, please visit MMOPixel and make sure to check out our store to get items at amazing prices.

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