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How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide

Crafting Legendaries in Guild Wars 2 is sometimes quite daunting, especially when you are doing it for the very first time. On the other hand, it can be really enjoyable when you finish a Legendary you have been working on for quite some time. Here in this guide, we will be going through the recipe for Crafting a Legendary and ways to finish components faster or cheaper. In this way, you will be in a better situation to craft Legendaries either for your own self or if you are looking to earn a lot of Guild Wars 2 Gold through the use of Legendary Crafting. So, all of this will be discussed in this guide to help you get materials easier. 

This How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide was the courtesy of the YouTube Channel - Abreerel="noopener nofollow". Here, we only summarized this written Guide from the Guide Video. In case you need guidance, you can watch the YouTube Guide and refer to the Author - Abree

Table of Contents

Generations of Legendaries

Crafting Legendaries for Generation One

Difference between Generation Two Legendaries

Difference between Generation Three Legendaries

Final Verdict

Generations of Legendaries

Before jumping right straight to the Crafting part, it is important to understand the Generation of Legendaries because each one of them has its own Crafting Recipes

Generation One

This image shows the Generation 1 Legendaries

The Generation One Legendaries were introduced way back when the game launched. The Three Legendary Backpacks also utilize the same Crafting Recipes as the Generation One Legendaries. Generation One Weapons are also tradable.

Here in this How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, we will be focusing mostly on the Generation One Legendaries because they are the easiest to understand, while also much more common for people to aim for. After that, we will be comparing the other Generations with it in short.

Generation Two

This image shows the Generation 2 Legendaries

Generation Two Legendaries typically have the weaponry that was released along with the Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, Living World Season Three, and Path of Fire. Further, the Three Sets of Legendary Armor and much about all the Trinkets. Generation Two Weapons are not tradable.

Generation Three

Last but not least, the Generation Three Legendaries include all the Arin Weapons that were released with the End of Dragons. Generation Three weapons are also tradable. If you want to make Gold out of the Legendaries, then the Tradable is your best and only bet.

Crafting Legendaries for Generation One

Legendary Recipes

Legendaries are made in the Mystic Forge and all of them revolve around four essential components. These components are;

  • Precursor

  • Gift for that Legendary

  • Gift of Mastery

  • Gift of Fortune

While these are the majors you will need for Generation One, we will also discuss the Generation Two and Three specific Recipes you will need. So, stick with us till the end to figure all of these Generations out.


When it comes to Precursors, there are two options here; either Buying them or Crafting them yourself. On the Crafting side, you will require Leveling Legendary Crafting Masterpieces.

GW2Efficiency has a Page that guides you on the Precursors, which are Cheaper to Craft compared to others. In any case, the recommendation is not to Craft the Precursors

For the most part, you can buy them yourself and even some are cheaper than Crafting them yourself. You also don’t have to unlock the Masteries in order to purchase them. 

This image shows the List of Precursors

For Buying the Precursors yourself, there are also two various options; Either Buy them from the in-game Trading Post or you can also Buy them from another player. Like always, Buying them from another player is much more expensive, but it is the fastest method out there.

You can also earn the Gold for your Precursor while you are working on the other Legendaries Components. 

Gift of Weapon

Gift of Weapon kk

The Gift should be specifically for the Legendary you are trying to make. You might hear it as Gift of the Weapon from the internet or in-game because it is usually referred to like this. 

This image shows the Forge Wench Miyani in Guild Wars 2

You need to go to the Forge Wench, also referred to as Miyani, and get your hands on the Two Recipes that are required for that weapon specifically. These items are a must to have before you can even Craft the Components. 

The Gift of Weapon for the Generation One Legendaries requires various Crafting Materials that match 500 Tales of Dungeon Delving. To get your hands on the Dungeon Delving, you will have to run five different exploitable Dungeon paths.

Furthermore, you can also utilize the Tyrion Exchange Vouchers for the Tokens if you, for some reason, are not comfortable in running the Dungeons. For the Gift, there are a few other materials that you might require, depending on the Crafted Weapon.

This image shows the list of Crafting Items Guild Wars 2

In case you are Hoarding your Crafting Materials, you will find that you already have a lot of these materials that are required for Crafting. Converting the Spirit Shards into Load Stones is quite helpful here if the Gift requires Load Stones.

You can check the Spirit Shard Page on the GW2Efficiency page to know more about the Load Stones, and whether they are worth converting or not.

Gift of Mastery

This image shows the Gift of Mastery Generation 1

For this Gift Craft, you will need various Account Components. Below, we are starting off with the ones that are considerably easy and then carry the way towards harder ones. 

  • The Blood Stone shard can be purchased from the Mystic Forge Wench for around 200 Spirit Shards. After Leveling your Mastery Tracks or Tomes of Knowledge, you will gain Spirit Shards from Gaining Experience. 

  • For the collection of Obsidian Shards (around 250) in a budget-friendly way, you need to complete the Temple of Balthazar Meta Event that can be found in the Straits of Devastation. Then, you will unlock a Vendor that sells the Obsidian Shards for around 2100 Karma. In the Living World Season 3, you can also purchase them for 100 Unbound magic and 96 Copper.

  • Gift of Battle can be acquired from the End of Gift of Battle Reward Track after you reach the end in World vs World. The only problem is for the PvE Players here but you can make it easier by doing dailies in World vs World and you can Flip Camps in the Borderlands Maps.  Further, you can use other Boosts like Blacklion Boost, Festival Gobblers, WvW Reward Track Enrichment for Ascended Amulet, and Celebration/Birthday Boosters.

  • There are two Gifts of Exploration required for the Exploration Completion of all maps in the area of Central Tyria. For the Legendary One Crafting, this probably takes the longest time. You can utilize various Overlays in order to get the fastest routes and make the suffering a bit less. 

You can check out Teh’s Trails Map Completion Market Pack for TacO or Guild Wars 2 Tactical Overlay TacO that can help you with two Gifts.

Gift of Fortune

For a Generation One Legendary Weapon, the Gift of Fortune is the most expensive one. You will need around 250 Ectoplasm Globs, 250 of every trophy Materials Tier 6, and around 77 Mystic Clovers

So, to get your hands on the Ectoplasm Globs, you will need to Salvage Rare Gear with the Silver Fed or Mystic Salvage Kit. The drop rate is something around 0.85 Ectos Per the Piece of Gear that you are Salvaging. 

For the purpose of reducing the Tier 6 Trophy Cost, you will need primarily Tier 5 to Tier 6 promotions in the Mystic Shards with the extra Spirit Shard. By Salvaging Ectos with the Silver or Mystic Fed Salvage Kit to get the Crystalline Dust, you can save even more Gold. 

This image shows the list of Fine Crafting Materials in Guild Wars 2

You can check out the GW2Efficiency Page for know-how on the most profitable Tier 6 Materials to Promote

You can also get your hands on the Volatile Magic to Buy the Trophy Shipments in the Living World Season 4 Maps. With this, you can further get Tier 6 and Tier 5 Trophy Materials.  You can convert Tier 5 into Tier 6 for more of those. 

Finally, the Tier 6 Crafting Bags can be bought from the Laurel Vendor and reduce the amount considerably that you are spending on the Tier 6 Trophies.

Mystic Clovers can be gained by gambling in Mystic Forge. You can check out the Recipe in the above image. It has a change of around 1 in 3 that gives you a Clover. This is quite expensive, especially for those who are always getting out of gold.

In case you want to make sure that there is always enough Gold by your side to make the process relatively easier, you can Buy Cheap GW2 Gold from GW2Sale. There is even a Sale going on for you to get your Guild Wars 2 Gold at the cheapest rates possible.

Some easy ways in which you can get Clover is through the Chest of Loyalty which you get on your 28th day of Login Reward. In return, you will get around seven of those expensive Mystic Clovers in case you are wise enough to choose the Legendary Crafting Material Option.

You can also use various currencies found from Strikes, Raids, and Fractals to get some Clovers at discounted Prices. 

This image shows the Mystic Clover Reward in Guild Wars 2

Finally, you can complete some Reward Tracks in the Structured PvP or WvW. The repeatable ones will give you two clovers each while the other ones give a minimum of seven Mystic Clovers.

The Legendary Backpacks, which are around 3, have the same requirements. You will require Gift of Fortune as the Generation 1 Legendary Weapons. But, there are a separate set of Achievements for each of them individually along with the unique material requirements. Most of the time it depends on the content they are themed around and take some time to get. 

Difference between Generation Two Legendaries


This image shows the Precursors Generation 2

The general difference between Generation 1 and Generation 2 Weapons is that you need to complete the collections. Then, you will also have to craft your Precursor which further requires you to complete the Legendary Crafting Mastery

The first thing in which you can save your Gold in Crafting Precursor is making ascended materials yourself in contrast to purchasing them. You will require time to craft these materials but the saving you have on Gold is also worth the wait.

To save on the Curios, you can also craft the Mystic Curios yourself for the weapons that genuinely require them. Get your hands on the Elder Wood and Mithril from Salvaging your own gear and then make the Mystic Curios yourself.

From the Weekly Festival Vendors, you can get Chests of Legendary Shards that will in return get you Legendary Shards completely free of cost. Still, you will need a lot of time on your hands to gather enough. 

Gift of the Weapon

For the Gift of Weapons, there are quite some differences between Generation 1 and Generation 2. Here you will need around 250 Memories of Battle obtained from WvW in case there is difficulty purchasing them. 

Further, you will also need a Ball of Dark Energy that can be gained from Salvaging Ascended Armor and Weapons. You can simply get yourself into various Fractals and Raids to save a bit on the Gold. The Ascended Gear that drops from them also is useful in saving.

For the Gift, in case the Legendary you are making requires the Shards, you can make your own Mystic Curios and Buy the Legendary Shards Chest from Festivals to save Gold. 

Gift of Mastery

This image shows the Gift of Mastery Generation Two

The Gift of Mastery for the Generation 2 Legendaries will either be from two; the Gift of Maguuma Mastery or even a Gift of Desert Mastery. Most of the time you will require a Gift of Maguma for the Weapon, while other times you will have a choice between the two Masteries

Tacos and Taste Trails are the two that have Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire Routes that you can utilize to help you. In Heart of Thorns, you can save your precious time by going after Hero Point Trains

For Central Tyria, you will have to stick with both the Map Events and Metas for various currencies to craft these masteries. 

This image shows the Magumma Mastery Generation Two

Depending on the Mastery you are going after, either the Desert Mastery or the Maguuma Mastery, you will need the Crystalline Ingots or even Funerary Incense. From the corresponding maps, you will gain currencies that are used here for the craft. 

Ectos are not hard to get, as you can earn them as you are playing the content in the game. The Amalgamated Gemstones can be bought in the game, but in case you don’t want to spend Guild Wars 2 Gold on them, you can simply get them from the Hero’s Choice Chest

Mystic Tribute

The Gift of Fortune for the Generation 1 Legendaries is replaced with the Generation 2 Mystic Tribute. Here, you need around 250 Mystic Coins replaced by the 250 Ectos. The Tier 6 Trophies are replaced by Tiers 3, 4, and 5

The recipes for each of the Trophy Gifts will also be purchased from the Forge Wench. Mystic Coins, just like any time gate stuff, are time-consuming. So, the best way to obtain them is to Buy them from a Vendor. 

Tier 3 and 4 Trophies can be purchased from the Drizzlewood Coast Chests and Reward Tracks. But, the best way to obtain them is to buy the Tier 4 and Tier 3 Material Bags from Laurel Vendor using the spare Laurels you have.

In case you need the Mystic Clovers, you can simply follow the same techniques and methods in the Generation 1 Gift of Fortune

Finally, for the Armors, Sigils, and Runes, you will need something new by the name of Provisioner Tokens. You can check out the Faction Provisioner Page on the Wiki to check out what are the cheapest items to trade for them. 

It is a How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, so the best items will be none other than Obsidian Shards, and also Reclaimed Plates. Further, these same items are used in the Crafting of these Legendaries. 

For the Runes and Sigils, you will need charms and symbols gained by slowly progressing in the game salvaging the Green and Rare Gear Drop. The Image Above will guide you on General Gear Salvaging

Difference between Generation Three Legendaries


For the Generation Three Legendaries, you also have the choice of Crafting the Precursors or even Buying them yourself. In this case, the crafting can save you under 100 Gold for the most part.

This image shows the Precursors Generation 3

The time it takes to acquire the account-bound materials needed makes the crafting part a bit not favorable. You also have the option of completing the Return to Living World Achievements for a whole Generation 3 Precursor. It is a one-time choice and other times you will have to follow the traditional way of earning Gold to Purchase them.

Gift of the Weapon

This image shows the Gift of Weapon Generation Three

Here, the Gift of the Weapon Generation 3 is quite different. To save your cost, you can play the WvW to get your hands on the memories of battle while also gaining a ball of dark energy and content like raids and fractals

For this Gift, there are a few specific parts of this recipe like the Lamplighter Badges. To get these, you will have to do the end-zone exploration of End of Dragon. You require 10 of these and this content will give you around 4. 

You can simply purchase the other six, but to get them without purchasing you will have to complete the achievement of  Jade Lantern Lighting, which is also repeatable.

Doing these achievements, you will get your hands on the map exploration gifts which will reward you with the Lamplighter Badges at Heart Vendors

The Hydrocatalytic Reagents can be purchased from different merchants of End of Dragons. You will need a total of around 2500 research notes for the Reagents

In case you have some Ascended Gear Chests that are extra, you can use those to get a lot of Research Notes for Budget Friendly Price. One thing to keep in mind is that you need stat change on certain pieces of the Gear to change them into variants that are craftable. Only then you will be able to use them for the Research Notes

It might look a lot difficult, but it is one of the cheapest options available for you to try out. 

Gift of Mastery

Further, in the How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, you can get the Gift of Jade Mastery for Generation 3 Legendaries by getting your hands on the 100 Antique Summoning Stones

The Summoning Stones are exceptionally pricey if you are getting them from Trading Posts or other Players. Doing the Dragon’s End Meta, you can simply get them for free daily. 

This image shows the Gift of Mastery Generation Three

From the Arborstone Vendor in the Image above, you can buy five Summoning Stones every week including various currencies and other materials. You can do this only if you have the Globalization Mastery

Next up is the Ambergris for this Gift of Mastery and you can get them by killing Leviathans or by Fishing them in the Province of Seitung and in the New Kinding City. This reduces your cost of getting Chunks of Ambergris considerably. 

Furthermore, the Gift of Jade Mastery also requires around five Blessings of the Jade Empress. You can purchase it from the Keepers of the Jade Vault if you have around 2500 Imperial Favor

You can get the Imperial Favor by completing different Guild Wars 2 Events and even consuming writs from maps of End of Dragon. Jade Runestones and Pure Jade Chunks are also required for Legendary Crafting

You can get these two items from Harvesting Nodes and Looting Chests in the Maps of the End of Dragon. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need the End of Dragon Exploration to even get your hands on the Jade Mastery Gift

Draconic Tribute

Gift of Fortune in the Generation 3 Legendary Craft is taken by the Draconic Tribute here. This tribute requires the Trophies of Tier 3, 4, and 6. It is much similar to the Generation 2 Legendaries, so the recipes remain the same as well.

The great thing about Generation Three is that they require nearly half the amount of Trophies and Mystic Clovers required by the Generation Two Legendaries. All in one, you can apply the tricks and techniques from the Generation 2 section of our How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide.

If you don’t want to get into headache of saving Gold here and there, you can also get Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold from GW2sale.com

Final Verdict

Here was the complete How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide. It surely doesn’t cover all the methods or every Guild Wars 2 Materials to ever exist, rather have an all-over Guide to help you save cost on your Legendaries. 

This How to Crafting Legendaries Cheap in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide was summarized from a YouTube Video made by Channel - Abree. There might be some things that you don’t understand from this written Guide or things that might be missing. You can simply watch the YouTube Video Guide yourself and kindly leave a comment to tell us about it. Lastly, we again thank Abree for the Video Guide and for sharing the Valuable Content with the Community.

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