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How to Beat the Final Boss in the Path of Fire Expansion in Guild Wars 2

Having trouble defeating the final boss in the path of fire? Well, we are here for you. Whether you are a new player or a veteran, defeating the final boss is a tough task but with sufficient knowledge and strategy, anyone can defeat it and complete the mission. This right here is everything you need to know and you might also be surprised by all the things you can do. If you analyze everything here and apply it successfully, you will definitely be the victor.

Now there are 3 phases you have to overcome to win and they are mentioned as follows:

Phase 1: The Warbeast

Before the main boss, comes his second most powerful creature, the war beast. Now this one has 3 major attacks that you need to know centred around fire, lightning, and tail. You don’t have to do much here, just keep moving and avoiding it until you find that one moment to attack. Not only the attack but the fire and lightening field can also do damage to you so watch out for that as well. 

The war beast has two weak points: its head and its heart. You need to focus your damage on these points to break its defiance bar and stun it. When the war beast is stunned, you can use the nearby cannons to fire at it and deal massive damage. You need to repeat this process until the war beast’s health reaches zero.

Phase 2: Balthazar

Now it’s time for the main show, the boss Balthazar himself. This is a melee combat and the boss has the legendary sword, Sohothin which if you get hit will obviously do pretty heavy damage and even inflict conditions so it is not to be trifled with. There are multiple attacks in his arsenal all related to the sword like the slash, thrust, spin, etc. which damages you with fire. As mentioned previously you need to avoid or block them and not take them head-on based on your health. Now, there are phases where he is vulnerable to attack and that is when you can focus on attacking him.

Balthazar has two phases: one where he is vulnerable and one where he is invulnerable. When he is vulnerable, you need to focus your damage on him and try to break his defiance bar. You can also use the cannons to fire at Balthazar and deal some damage while he is invulnerable. You need to repeat this process until Balthazar's health reaches zero.

Guild Wars 2 Balthazar

Final Phase: Balthazar's Wrath

If you have reached the final phase then you are doing pretty well but the real fight starts now. It is the most challenging and intense part of the fight as you are fighting Balthazar at full power which means new and more intense attacks and abilities that can even wipe out everyone so proceed very carefully. The new attacks have become more like storms and showers like fire and lightning storms, meteor showers and blasts, etc.

Of course, we have a way to counter them. First of all, look for the environmental objects around the area such as rocks, statues, walls, etc., and shield yourself from them by hiding and blocking these attacks. Also, don’t forget to use water fountains which can help in cleansing and healing you.

Now wait, that’s not it, Balthazar also has a new mechanic where he absorbs power from his war beast and grows even more powerful. But there is a way to identify it as he will change colour based on the power absorbed like red for fire, blue for lightning, etc. Naturally, he will get a buff which will enhance that attack and increase immunity against it. You need to pay attention to his colour and switch your weapons and skills accordingly. You also need to break his defiance bar when he absorbs a power to interrupt him and make him vulnerable again.

The final phase is a test of your endurance and coordination. You need to survive Balthazar's wrath and deal as much damage as you can while avoiding his attacks and adapting to his power absorption. You need to work together with your party and use your skills wisely. You need to keep fighting until you finally defeat Balthazar and save Tyria from his destruction.

Some Tips for you

  • There are a lot of fire-based attacks that can deal heavy damage and inflict burning on you. You should try to dodge, block or reflect them as much as possible, and use condition-removal skills if you get burned.

  • Balthazar also has a sword that he can swing at you, creating a shockwave that can knock you down. You should avoid standing in front of him or close to him when he does this, and use stability skills if you have them.

  • The war beast has a breath attack that can create a large cone of fire in front of it. You should avoid standing in this area, as it can deal massive damage and apply multiple stacks of burning on you. You can also interrupt the warbeast's breath attack by using crowd control skills on it.

  • Dodge and evade the charge attack of the war beast along with dealing damage it will stun as well. You can also use crowd control skills on the war beast to stop its charge.

  • Try to lure Balthazar and the war beast away from each other as much as possible, it is because they can buff each other with might and fury when they are close together.

  • Of the many attacks they possess, watch out especially for the meteor shower as it creates a large area around him making it difficult for you to attack. Another tip is to stay at a medium distance from the boss so that his sword and breath attacks can be evaded easily.

  • Always try to dodge or block attacks and use condition removal skills if you get burned. Another thing to watch out for is the flame jet skill, which can create a line of fire in front of him. You should avoid standing in this line, as it can deal high damage and apply multiple stacks of burning on you.

  • Beware of the judgment skill which is the ultimate skill of Balthazar. It creates a large circle of fire around him, which will slowly shrink and deal massive damage to anyone inside it. You should try to get out of this circle as soon as possible and use any defensive or healing skills you have to survive.

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Fighting and defeating Balthazar in Guild Wars 2 can be challenging, but not impossible. By following this guide and the tips, you can improve your chances of winning against him. Remember to identify their attacks, interrupt their skills, avoid or block their damage, and counter their defences. We have discussed some tips to guide you to victory as well. Of course, this guide is not exhaustive and there may be other factors and variables that can affect the outcome of a fight. Therefore, you should always be ready to adjust your tactics and learn from your mistakes.

The best way to achieve victory is to focus on strategy and coordination as Balthazar is a great boss and the satisfaction you get after winning a good fight remains with you. Also, you can make it even easier by purchasing items that will definitely help you in the fight. If you stack up on enough of them you can easily gain an advantage and finish the path of fire sooner and with less effort. You can visit our website MMOPixel to purchase them. We offer the cheapest rate and best service on the web with various denominations to choose from.

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