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How to Beat the Final Boss in the Living World Season 5 in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a game that surely keeps you on your toes. There is so much to do here from exploring storylines, doing raids, joining guilds, and playing with people around the world. Similarly, the seasons in the game keep on adding excitement to the mix, and the latest season which is its fifth iteration so no less than a rollercoaster ride. Also known as the ‘Icebrood Saga’ is the final one in the End of Dragons expansion and fittingly you need to defeat a dragon at the end! Two of them to be exact, the Jormag and Primordus, have the objective of controlling the magic of Tyria but unfortunately for them, you are the one standing between them. So, join forces with Aurene, the scion of Glint to face them and demolish them in the end. So, this article is going to be delving deep inside how to actually do it and there is a lot of information to deal with so let’s get on with it.

If you are new to the game and wondering what is going on, then let me give you a little brief about it. This season is one of many that is part of the storyline between various expansions (currently the End of Dragons) and is connected to the previous ones and so will lead on the next one as well. The current one that you are playing is the Icebrood Saga (Season 5). The episodes are free to unlock for players who have logged in during the release but if you have just started and cannot access them then you can easily purchase them with Gold from the in-game store. However, if you are low on Gold, you can get the best deals from the reputed seller GW2Sale.

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The current Icebrood Saga on defending the homelands from Jormag, the elder dragon of ice and persuasion. Here you can access the prologue episode to learn more about the story move between the 4 main episodes and there are 4 chapters in the finale episode as well. Add to it the excitement of access to the new maps, armor, weapons, missions, and a lot more. It would be great if you explore all of these on your own before reaching the boss as it would add to your overall experience and enjoyment.

On the other hand, you have Primordus, the elder dragon of fire and Conflagration. Primordus alongwith Jormag is the main antagonist in this story and must be stopped from destroying Tyria. However, (spoiler alert!) Jormag betrays Primordus and helps the player weaken him after which you have to face and defeat him to win it.

Guild Wars 2 Season 5 Final Boss Defeat

How to beat the boss?

If you are wondering then NO, you cannot beat the boss by yourself as they are too powerful for anyone alone so you need the help of other players and allies to weaken them and then eventually defeat them. Also, the most important thing is the power of Aurene which can absorb and transform the magic of the dragons.

  • Now the first step is to join the Dragonstorm event, which is a 50-80 player instance based on your selection, and there are only 2 ways to access it: the public instance and the private instance.

For the public instance, you need to speak to Brek Harrowflight in the Hall of Monuments near the Eye of the North Waypoint and here you need to select the option ‘join the battle’. By doing this you will be transported to the event arena. This only has an 80 player limit so you can be added to the queue as well. 

Now for the private instance, you would need access to ‘Path of Fire’ and form a squad with other players. The other things are the same as in the public instance like speaking to Brek in the monuments etc. After that, select the option of ‘enter with my squad’ and you will be subsequently transported as well. Keep in mind the private instance is a 50-player limit only.

  • Now after entering the Dragonstorm, you need to clear the area of destroyers so that you can get Aurene’s prism, but it won’t be easy so use your skills and abilities wisely. Also, you need to destroy ‘ley siphons’ as the dragons use them to absorb magic. There are 6 of them (3 on each dragon side) so split into 2 groups to fight them. Destroying it is not so difficult, just channel its energy to a nearby prism and it will explode. Mind the fact that you have only 15 minutes as you lose the prism after that.

  • So, after that you are confronted by the champions of the dragons, Ryland for Jormag and Braham for Primordus. But you need to defeat them at the same time. You will find their arenas on the opposite ends of the Dragonstorm and confront them there. There is a portal to enter but you will need a prism on either side. As mentioned before, you need to coordinate with the other group to defeat them at the same time. Be mindful of the time as you have only 3 minutes for this. Use chats to coordinate and keep an eye on health bars and timers as well.

  • Now comes the main confrontation. You have to enter the prisms focal points and attack the dragons with the prismatic energy as it is the only way to deal damage to them. These focal points are circular platforms near each prism and get activated once you defeat the champions in the previous stage. So, interact with it to channel its energy and you will enter its focal points. From here you can attack the dragons and damages them as it bypasses their defenses. However, they can attack you as well so keep avoiding them as well. While your group is attacking one of the dragons, the other group is fighting as well with the other dragon. So attack both of them when they are vulnerable otherwise they will recover their health. Here also you have 3 minutes to deal as much damage as possible to them until you are transported back to Dragonstorm. Here you have to repeat all the previous objectives to fight the dragons again and again until you defeat them.

Guild Wars 2 Season 5 Final Boss Defeat Guide

Rewards for defeating the boss

Now you must be thinking about the rewards for defeating the bosses. Well, you are given a lot of incentives to defeat the boss and give you the satisfaction of achieving victory. There are a lot of rewards here not just by defeating the final boss but also by completing the different objectives in Dragonstorm. They are as follows:

  • Chests such as ‘Ground Chest’ which contains rare equipment and materials, ‘Bonus Chest’ which has exotic gears, and ‘Hero’s choice chest’ which has currencies and materials.

  • World boss box which contains a lot of rewards based on the number of players, Also you get the ‘memory of Aurene’ that unlock legendary weapons (you need 6 to unlock one).

  • Don’t forget the ‘Dragonscale cape’ and ‘Prismaticite crystal’ through which you can buy a lot of items such as skins, accessories, and many more.

What’s next for the game?

If you have already completed or just wondering what is about to come next in the game then there is no official confirmation yet of Living World Season 6 as of April 2023. The Last Living World season was The Icebrood Saga (Season 5) that we talked about at the start. After that, the third expansion, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, was released in February 2022 introducing a new map in the Cantha region and a new story that explored the aftermath of the Elder Dragon threat. You can play the same until we get some exciting new announcements.


That was quite a detailed information guide for you to defeat the dragons that were the final boss in the game. We learned that one cannot defeat them alone but must work together in groups to coordinate and defeat them. Teamwork and communication are also other essential elements here. We learned the steps to access and reach the dragons, and the objectives we have to clear to do the same. 

We have provided you will a lot of tips, strategies, and guides to achieve the goals. You just have to follow the steps provided such as how to clear the area of destroyers and destroy the ley siphons, confronting the champions Ryland and Braham of Jormag and Primordus, and entering the prisms focal points to attack and defeat the dragons using the prismatic energy. Also, be careful of the time limits and keep an eye on what the other group is doing to coordinate the attacks. Surely after this, you will gain victory and reap the amazing rewards you get on defeating the dragons. Thanks for reading, for more articles on such topics, please visit GW2Sale and make sure to check out their store to get items at amazing prices. Bookmark our page for more such news and guides about Guild Wars 2.

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