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Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide

In MMO Games there are quite a lot of daunting tasks that you have to manage yourself and honestly, Storage management is one of the most difficult ones so far. Players are spending all of their assets and gathering all the resources they find.

Finally, a point comes when you can’t have more resources in your Inventory and you can’t even pick up the stuff you should be picking up. For new players, this is quite frustrating and for that reason, we have here an amazing Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide. 

Here we will be going into the details of Storage, your Inventory, your Slots, your Account Wallet, Wardrobe, Templates, and every other detail related to Guild Wars 2 Storage. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this Guide.

Guild Wars 2 Inventory

Every player has his own Inventory in Guild Wars 2 and ultimately it can be expanded through some means. Well, you can get the expansion through purchasing or you can also have various bags to get more Inventory. 

There are Bag Slots that you can get once things don’t work out with purchasing and getting bags. These Bag Slots are found mostly in the Gem Store available in various regions. 

One thing to keep in mind is that everything other than Currency goes straight into the Inventory of your character including Consumables, Gear, and even your Crafting Materials. That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Shared Slots

The problem with Guild Wars 2 is that you can mostly get the Storage related stuff once in a limited time frame, while you also have to spend a lot of casts to get it. The Shared Slots are quite expansive and you can also get one of them in a single period. But, they are exclusively useful and you need to purchase them.

They are actually a type of mini-bank in Guild Wars 2 that you always have with you wherever you go irrespective of time or place. If you have various characters in an account, once you get the Shared Slot and deposit certain items in it, you can access them from all other characters as well. That is the beauty of Shared Slots!

Let us take an example here: imagine you have a salvage kit with some kind of infinite usability like Copper Fed Salvage o Matic. Having this feature will allow you to always put it in the bank and use it wherever you go and when you need it. 

The same is the case with the Shared Inventory Slot where you can put the thing inside it and all of your alternate characters can use it. 

Types of Bags and Slots

Bag Slots are actually the allocated slots where you put your bags. They aren’t unlimited, rather you have to be wary of how many slots you actually have and each type of Bag Slot has a different increase in your Inventory Slots. 

When you go for the 18 Slot bag, it will have an 18 increase in your Inventory Slots. There are some with different types, called Special Bags one of them is made specifically for Equipment called the Equipment Bag. 

Being a Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide, we recommend you go for the Regular Bags because they are much more versatile in contrast to other Bags and have much more usability than others. 

There will be times when you don’t have Slots available. So, the only way onward with Slots is to purchase them and they cost around 400 gems each for the slot. 

Options for Inventory and its Customizations

There are three icons found on the right top side that allows you to customize your Inventory. The options for customization are as follows;

  • Compact

  • Deposit Material

  • For more customizations, a Cog Icon is showing a menu from the drop-down. 

If you are a beginner it is important to understand what these customizations are. So, we will try to explain them as simply as possible; 


This will do the inventory clear function by simply stacking the slots which are filled on the top side and as a result, you will get the usable (empty) slots at the bottom of your Inventory.

Deposit Materials

Just as the name suggests, whenever you don’t have full storage, it will deposit all the materials. There is a limit from the developers by default, which is around 250 per item, but you can always use some Gems to increase that by purchasing.

Show Bag

Will change the display of Inventory Slots like hiding Bags, reappearing the Bags, or separating them. Being a Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide we recommend you stick with the default one.

Show Rarity

As the name suggests, it will rearrange the rarity of an item. Unlike others, it puts up a color on the border that resembles the Slot the item is actually in. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it's totally on your own.

Show New Item Highlights

If you want to make the Items easy to notice you can choose this option that lights up the Item in your Inventory. 

Embed Shared Bag

This Inventory option will combine the Regular Slots with the Share Slots, showing them together. It isn’t quite a recommended option, especially when you are starting out in Guild Wars 2. The reason for not messing around with these options is that Shared Shots are quite difficult to handle and when you combine them with the Regular Slots things get quite messy.

Material Storage

All the Crafting Materials are stored in the Material Storage in their own slots. This means that every Crafting material has its own slot available. The Material Storage is also Account Based and included in the category of Bank, where you will find it in the Bank Tab. 

At a single time, you can deposit only around 250 Materials on each type. Well, like other Storage, you can also enhance it using the Storage Expander found in the Gem Store. 

So beginners think that Depositing the Material is a daunting task itself, but it isn’t that difficult. You can simply click on the Deposit Materials found in the Menu of Inventory Management. Using this will deposit all your Materials in your Inventory without having to worry about the timing and the location. 

If you want to take out the Material, you can simply go for the Crafting Station or you can also visit a Bank to Withdraw them. As we mentioned in our Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide that you can deposit them anywhere you want, the rule doesn’t apply to taking them out.

You will have to specifically visit a Crafting Station or a Bank in order to take them out, meaning it is limited. There is an icon with 9 Square found on the Storage UI Left side. Using this you can take them out.

Account Wallet

Every player has his/her own Account Wallet and the currencies you earn are transferred to your Account Wallet. Unlike the Inventory system where you put all your non-Currency into the Inventory, the Account Wallet is made specifically for your only-Currency needs. 

When the Currency is deposited naturally to your Account Wallet, the Inventory Slot won’t be used. But there are some rules you have to follow here. In the Guild Wars 2 older expansion where you put the currency into your Inventory, you will have to deposit them manually to your Account Wallet through right click.

The Account Wallet is also sometimes only referred to as the Wallet, which is bound to your main Account. In simple words, you won’t be able to sell it through mail or Trading Post. But, just like we mentioned in our Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide, there are some rules. The Rule you have to follow here is applied to every Currency except Gold and some Gems.

On the Bottom Left Inventory Screen, you will find the Account Wallet Tab, which can be effortlessly accessible. 

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Options for Account Wallet and Customizations

In the Inventory, you will find three various bars on the bottom side. These will give you various options like;

  • On Right - The gold amount in your Account

  • On the Bottom Left - The wallet Toggle Icon

  • In between - Currency of the Map

Account Wardrobe

Account Wardrobe is the place where the Skins for Weapons and Armor that you unlock are stored. Just like the name, the Skins for the Equipped, Character Bound, or Salvaged Equipment are stored here in the Account Wardrobe. 

The Skins here are usable on any piece of gear that supports it like you can put up Skin for Axe on any Axe or Medium Glove Skin on any Medium Glove etc. You do have to remember it does cost you one Transmutation Charge.

If you ever wonder where you can earn the Transmutation Charge, they can be gained through Gem Store by buying them or you can also earn them from in-game Rewards.

In the Hero Panel, you can see the Wardrobe option which is right under the tab Equipment. This makes it quite easy to access.

Gear/Equipment Template

The Template System in Guild Wars 2 is based on the fact that you can store all the Gear Loadout here along with the Pieces. There are Gear Template slots and each one is basically extra storage. To easily understand it, we will take an example.

If you have three of the Gear Template Slots filled, you will basically have Three Bags to store Equipment in that act as extra and have nothing to do with your original Bags. 

It might surprise you but there are times when players store an item and can’t find them in the Inventory. That is probably because that item is stored in the Gear Template. So, it is essential to check it out after checking your Inventory. 

In this Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide, we will tell you a little secret. The Gear Template also has the ability to let you store or attach a single piece of gear to multiple Gear Templates. YOu can’t do that with Items, it's only specific to the Piece of Gear.

Guild Wars 2 Bank

The bank is another Storage System that allows you to hold onto the Items and then also gives you the ability to transfer them to your other characters. The good thing about the Bank system in Guild Wars 2 is that it can be accessed easily from multiple locations like the Crafting Stations and the NPC Bank. 

All the things related to your Inventory like anything that can be deposited in Inventory can also be fit into your Bank.

Guild Bank

Just like the name, the Guild Bank is actually the Bank that is shared with all the Guild. It depends on the permission of who can withdraw the Items from the Guild Bank or people who can actually Deposit into the Bank. 

It isn’t a popular feature in Guild Wars 2 and neither do we recommend a Guild to use it in our Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide because Guild players can abuse it often.

Guild Treasury

The Guild Bank and Guild Treasure are two things that beginners usually get confused about. Unlike the Guild Bank, this one is related to the Guild Hall upgrades. All the depositable limited Items can be used for the available upgrades

But in case the Guild hasn’t upgraded a certain upgrade, then it is also obvious that the guild can’t make it. The simple rule that applies here is that the materials can’t be deposited for an upgrade that isn’t unlocked

If something is added to the Guild Treasury, you can’t take it out. So, it is good for adding account-bound items because there isn't any transfer of goods allowed for this between various players.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all for our Guild Wars 2 Storage Guide. Keep in mind that Storage is always an essential mechanism in every MMO game that you need to learn from the base up. We tried our best here in this Guide to give you a detailed in-depth description of everything related to Guild Wars 2 storage while also trying to explain things best for a Beginner to grasp.  

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