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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Warrior in PvP

Guild Wars 2 offers some serious action and thrill when it comes to PvP content. The game focuses on various professions being pitted against each other in the ultimate battle for survival. Either you stomp or be stomped. In PvP, you can’t rely on others for help, you are on your own. So, it’s necessary for you to be prepared for anything. 

Among all the professions that you can go against, Warrior is the most deadly one. The Warrior is a melee damage dealer that wields heavy armor, shields, and two-handed axes, greatswords, hammers and swords. Warriors have a focus on toughness, health, and defense. They have a strong health pool and can survive heavy damage. They deal large amounts of damage through strong melee strikes and heavy weapon skills. They have skills that deal crushing damage, piercing damage, and burst damage.

What makes the Warrior profession deadly is the range of skills and weapons that they possess. So, if you encounter a Warrior in a PvP battle, the chances are quite high that you may receive some serious damage. But not with these tips that we are going to provide. In this article, we will discuss exactly what you should do when you meet with a Warrior profession Player in a PvP battle. Make sure you read the entire article, so you won’t miss a thing. Let’s begin then.

About the Warrior in Guild Wars 2

Before we discuss how to fight warriors in PvP, it’s important to know about your opponent. As mentioned earlier, the Warrior is a melee damage dealer that wields heavy armor, shields, and two-handed axes, greatswords, hammers and swords. It almost seems like they are built for battle. Talking about the profession mechanics works, then Warrior profession have - Burst Skills & Adrenaline Gauge at their disposal. Whenever they manage to strike their opponent using the weapons, Warrior gains 1 strike. They receive 1 bar of adrenaline with 10 strikes. This bar can later be used to cast a Burst Skill.

Blocks, dodges that minimize damage, and a stun breaker are all defensive abilities that can be used against the Warrior. Warriors can become extremely tough in battle. Warrior combat abilities include whirlwinds, charge attacks, cleaves, and allies-buffing shouts. They are adept at both solo play and group support. Warrior is a DPS class with enough survivability and support skills to double as an off-tank. They add durability and damage to any group. They are, nevertheless, as terrifying in PvP confrontations. Now, let's talk about how to deal with Burst Damage.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior

Avoiding Deadly Attacks

When you want to counter the burst Damage, we advise you to keep a safe distance from the opponent. Warrior is a profession that you can’t take lightly in a battle. When using melee attacks, they are much more powerful. So, you have to avoid coming into their range. This won’t allow them to deal heavy burst damage to you. If “keeping your distance” strategy fails, then try to block their attacks as much as possible. Try to take on all the damage dealt by them, block it and absorb it. Warriors don’t believe in indirect assault. Their attacks would be direct and brutal, so use a build with high toughness to block and absorb these attacks.

If you are facing a group of Warriors, isolating them would be a good option. Each warrior attacking you with the burst damage would be the worst possible scenario you could face. Their combined attack would be much more dangerous than the single one. So, to avoid a lot of damage, try to isolate them. Use stealth, and kiting techniques to do so. At the same time, maintain your distance, so that their attack won’t be a hurdle in your way. Reducing the number of them attacking you at once helps limit their burst damage.

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Keep Warrior’s Crowd Control Ability in check

It is critical to manage a Warrior's crowd control effects in order to defeat them. Warriors have a variety of devastating stuns, knockdowns, and immobilizations at their disposal that can quickly change the tides of a fight if you are caught off guard.

To oppose a Warrior's CC, avoid being strangled by their effects as much as possible. Learn the visual and auditory clues that indicate when a Warrior is ready to stun, knock down, or paralyze you. Developing a "sixth sense" for their CC chains will allow you to use dodges, 75% movement speed traits, or stability to lessen the damage before it happens.

If you are stunned or knocked down by a Warrior, try to use any remaining resources to rapidly break free. Every second spent incapacitated allows the Warrior to line up another harder-hitting CC. To avoid their control effects, use crowd control immunities, disable their stuns/knockdowns, or become untargetable.

In some matches, you may need to prioritize neutralizing the Warrior's CC over other threats. If they can't lock you down, their formidable damage-dealing skills will become significantly less threatening. With their crowd control gone, a Warrior has virtually little to threaten you with other than basic damage. You gain complete control of the fight by manipulating their crowd control.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Guide

Avoiding Warrior’s Abilities

Dodging a Warrior's hard-hitting abilities requires excellent timing, precision and an understanding of their skill sets. Warriors have many strikes that can decimate if they land fully, so learning to avoid them is critical.

Some key tips for avoiding the DMG dealt:

  • Focus is the key. In a battle you need to pay attention to what your enemy is doing, and based on the observation, make a guess of what they would do next. When fighting a Warrior pay attention to the details, recognize the pattern and use it to your advantage. Some fighters tend to use the same pattern for using skills and dealing damage and you have to exploit that.

  • Just like heroes announce their next move before actually attacking, your opponent’s actions do the same in Guild Wars 2. Lookout for these animations, this will help you to know which attack they would be using next, or which ability they use this time. Prepare for it and avoid it.

  • Just like the animations, there is another way to figure out your opponent’s next skill attack. This can also be done by figuring out the sound. Each and every move, skill-used animation has a unique sound. Your job is to know them and use it to your advantage.

  • Proactively use your movement abilities. Don't just dodge reactively, and try to reposition yourself constantly or utilize dashes/blinks to make harder-hitting abilities miss. This increases your safety as a whole.

  • Consider moving in a specific direction to evade the attacks from opponents. Dodging left or right allows some damage to reach you, but it also misdirects the Warrior, causing follow-up attacks to miss. Dodging backwards maximizes avoidance while maintaining your present position.

  • Keep an eye out for signet activations. Warrior signets such as Signet of Might grant stat bonuses that increase the overall damage dealt by them. Watch the activation sequence and voice to determine when their strong hits will be most effective, allowing you to avoid these attacks and be ahead of time.

  • Perfect practice makes perfect. The only way to properly master evading Warrior damage is to practice against a large number of Warriors. Play Warrior yourself to gain an understanding of their talents from the opposite side. With practice, avoiding their most dangerous powers will become second nature.


In this guide, we went through how to play against the Warrior in Guild Wars 2. Warrior is a difficult profession to nail down, yet it is not invincible. You can defeat them with the correct tools and methods. It's critical to understand your opponent's abilities, traits, strengths, and weaknesses, and to use this knowledge to change the tide of combat in your favor. We examined the Warrior profession in Guild Wars 2 in this guide article. We've also discussed about how to avoid their deadly crowd control skill. You may be able to defeat a warrior using these tactics, tricks, and strategies. However, this will not suffice. You can upgrade your build and equip strong tools and armor. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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