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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Necromancer in PvP

Guild Wars 2 is an awesome MMORPG where you can choose from several professions and select a path that will completely change how you will play this game. When you play such a game it’s completely natural that you will face someone who is from a different profession. Be it PvP or PvE battles, you can’t be sure who you might face on the battlefield. Over the years, the game has evolved a lot and so has the features and professions that game has to offer. There are many powerful builds and terrifying classes and one such class/profession is the Necromancer.

This “Death Master” has absolute destructive power and is a force to be reckoned with. It sounds creepy but the source of Necromancer’s power is the death of nearby characters. Feeling intrigued yet? Well this article is not about how awesome Necromancers are, or how to Play as a Necromancer? But this article is about how to play against them. 

When you play against various professions in PvP battles, you not only learn about the strength and weakness of your profession but also about the professions you have faced. But having to play against all the professions can be daunting and time consuming. So, here we are with this “Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Necromancer in PvP” article, to help you understand about the Necromancer Class. Necromancers are not easy targets to deal with, especially in PvP battles. They can take on various roles such as tanks which can deal slow but deadly strikes. They can deal over 50000 DMG per second in close combat. Apart from that they are equally capable of playing in supporting roles. They use Harbinger Elite specialization for this task.

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s begin with our Guide article to fight Necromancer.

Knowing Your Opponent

Necromancers are often termed as the masters of the dark art. What makes them almost invincible on the battlefield is their ability to absorb and utilize the life energy of dead bodies around them. They use this absorbed energy to channel their mechanics (profession’s) known as Death Shroud. In Death Shroud, Necromancers can absorb the damage dealt by opponents and at the same time attack their opponents too. This in turn allows them to last longer than their opponents. Terrifying isn’t it? It’s important to know that Death Shroud’s cooldown time is 10 seconds.

Necromancers are the master of the dead and decayed. With the ability to harness life energy from these dead bodies, they are a solid opponent. They can also summon undead minions to attack the opponents making it difficult for players to get closer to them and land any deadly strikes. Necromancers deal damage over time through bleeding, poisoning and chilling - reducing maximum health by up to 33% per condition stack. They can steal the very life essence of enemies, gaining up to 10,000 health per second of life force drain. While wearing leather and cloth (Light) armor for +25% Condition Damage, +15% Healing Power and +10% Critical Damage, Necromancers deal Hybrid damage that strips away defenses and sustainability.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

Countering the Death Shroud

Death Shroud is a problem that you will definitely face when taking on a Necromancer. Don’t use any class which can’t deal large amounts of DMG to Necromancers. You will soon run out of health. What you can utilize in this situation is Crowd Control (CC) and focus attacks on them. This would be an ideal scenario to defeat them as when outnumbered, their resource generation would be slower than its degradation. Death Shroud has a cooldown period, just use this chance to defeat them. Make them use the cooldown as many times as you can. Here is what you can do to exploit the Death Shroud skill of the Necromancer profession.

Any skill is temporarily available and requires a cooldown period. What we are trying to say is that the Death Shroud ability of the necromancers can’t be used forever. If they failed to maintain it, this ability would degenerate over time (after a period of 30 seconds). Now what you can do is use the CC to cause an interruption. Without the Death Shroud they are vulnerable.

While in Death Shroud, a Necromancer loses access to all utility skills - unable to cleanse conditions, break stuns or gain mobility. Apply conditions, snares and stuns during this time before they can react. To get it, you will have to purchase it using Gold, the in-game currency of Guild Wars 2. If you are falling short of the Gold, the best way to get it is for real money from reputed and trusted seller GW2Sale.

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Taking Advantage of the Downed State

When the enemy Necromancer is in the Downed State, the job gets a lot easier. Focussing and getting rid of some skills of the profession makes it possible to defeat the Necromancer. Let’s discuss what are these skills that you have to play with.

Poison Well

A deadly skill that could very much decide the fate of the battle. Poison Well allows the Necromancer to use a ranged well which can be transferred to the opponent’s location. This well can cause damage and poison onto the opponents. When the effect of poison takes place, your healing will be slowed down. Combined with other deadly skills such as Life Leech, Necromancers are pretty much the winner of the battle. So, make sure you avoid getting into the trap.

Life Leech

When the Necromancer is in the Downed State, this skill gets automatically activated. It focuses on attacking a single target. Not only that, this skill also allows Necromancers to heal themselves. No matter if they are in the downed state, with this skill they can easily defeat you if you don’t take precautions.

Single Targeted Fear

To safeguard the stomp, use Ports Invulnerability, Stability, or Stealth. This boon Resistance additionally prevents the Fear from CCing your stomp for the duration of the animation.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Guide

Matchups against the Necromancers

Matchups are important to know in advance. It will tell you how one class fares against the other in the battle. If you are looking to defeat the Necromancer it is important to pay attention to these matchups. 

Worst Choice against the Necromancers


Elementalist are one of the worst choices you can make pitting against the Necromancers. They can easily attack and defeat the Elementalist through overwhelming pressure, thanks to their awesome skills.


Necromancers have destructive abilities to attack any top class fighter, and Engineers are no exception to that rule. With enough pressure, Necromancers can easily take down the engineer’s defense and can absorb a lot more damage as compared to the Engineer class.


Warrior class consists of excellent fighters, but they can’t take on the likes of Necromancers. With several conditions that can be used against the warrior, Necromancer can be a tough opponent for them to beat. Necromancer can utilize the Crowd Control Abilities to overwhelm the warrior class. Necromancer specializes in the long-ranged attack while Warriors are not.

Average Choices that can Occasionally Work 


Necromancers and Guardians sort of complement each other by canceling the effect they put on each other. Necromancers are known to disrupt the buff provided by the Guardians to their allies, whereas Guardians are capable of removing all the effects of the Necromancer's condition. With this complementing nature, they are good against the Necromancer and might defeat them if used correctly and strategically.


Necromancers are prone to situations where they are overpowered and overwhelmed by increase in numbers on the opposite side since they are slow and frequently distracted. Necromancers possess sufficient Area of Effect damage to deal to thieves regardless of whether they are invisible, where thieves thrive. While a necromancer can spin to it, a thief can build up mobility around the location of the map.

Best Choice to Consider Against the Necromancers


Owing to the slow attack animations of Necromancers they are very much susceptible to quick interruption where the Mesmer thrives. Quick and elusive, Mesmer has all the qualities that you need to defend yourself from the attacks of Necromancers. Even if they get to deal damage, it won’t be very much. When you see a necromancers trying to leave the battlefield, use Mesmer’s ability to deal some serious damage through multiple strikes.


As mentioned previously, Necromancers are good ranged fighters, but they are slow and their animation is slow too. On the other hand, Rangers are superfast compared to them. So, it won’t be possible for them to reach the Rangers and deal damage in this case. With Crowd Control ability Rangers can completely disrupt the Damage dealt by the Necromancer.


This was all about the “Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Necromancer in PvP ''. We hope this article has helped you to finally understand about the Necromancer and ways to fight them. There are various options to choose from but all of them are not the best. Choose Mesmer or Ranger for the best results. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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