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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Best Ways to Get Gold

In Guild Wars 2, one cannot accomplish anything without money, much like in real life. The commodity would be gold, which happens to be the most flexible of all the MMORPG's currencies. The majority of players use gold as a tool to build or buy the coveted legendary gear, or in certain circumstances, to get some of the Living World stuff they missed. Yet most of the time, it's employed to pay for those lovely cosmetic enhancements.

Even when compared to other well-known MMORPGs in the genre, Guild Wars 2 is among the most giving in that aspect. By allowing gamers to spend gold, it allows them to avoid using real money. The problem is that gathering gold isn't really that simple. If you want to accumulate wealth, you can't just wander around aimlessly doing things. Don't skip this gold rush since some actions produce more gold than others.

Silverwastes Gold Train

One of the most dependable and long-running gold-making methods that have made many players rich is the Silverwastes map event train. It requires traveling in a group with Silverwastes as its main objective and participating in the event up until around the Breach meta-event.

Following that, the map will be covered in a tonne of chests. These will be opened by the commander, and within will be crafting materials and tools. These can be traded for a bunch of gold easily. The event may additionally be repeated as much as needed as long as a party is accessible in the LFG menu.

This map is perfect for beginners even given the number of additional users there are frequently. It will take some time to grasp and you should make the effort to do so, but there are plenty of players who are happy to assist you and explain the rules of the map to you.

Turn your crafting into a profit

Making something using your crafting supplies can provide more gold for those of you with a little more perseverance and business sense. Particularly those that are not found in high-level locations, some crafting resources have higher demand than others. There are certain things you may do if you want to go above and beyond.

First off, assuming you already have the ingredients, aiming for ascended crafting supplies is a lucrative strategy because they sell for the highest gold. If not, creating some uncommon or exotic items and selling them afterward also produces well. Second, you can locate groups of material nodes that can be harvested daily to create the most precious products. In the wiki along with numerous other online sources, you may discover information about these clusters.

Guild Wars 2 Crafting

Perform Daily Challenges

Like many other MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 offers daily events to ensure that players never run out of things to do. Even if they are simple to complete and still yield gold for little work, they might become repetitive.

For a few gold coins, players are only required to complete three achievements of just about any type. Many of the new maps come with daily chores that are unique to each map regardless of whether you have the Living World content or the new expansions. The completion rewards may be gold, map-specific loot, or a mixture of both, depending on the map.

Sell off your Crafting Stuff

Those who have been devotedly participating in the game for the last several weeks or months may want to check their material deposits. So there's a good possibility you have something valuable in your bank if you're anything like us and frequently just press the "deposit materials" option and forget they exist.

They may be made of leather, ores, or perhaps even wood. To sell these items at the auction house, head directly to the Black Lion Trading Company merchant if you want to make some quick cash. The more desirable a substance is, the higher its bid price will be because it is more in demand.

This strategy is for getting 5 to 100 gold rapidly; it is not for making steady gold over the long term. You can keep an eye out for it while playing, though, if you do some research on which crafting supplies you must sell as quickly as you notice them in your inventory and which you should save for constructing something far more valuable.

The Fractals

Something more modern, like Fractals, should offer more enjoyment at the cost of a greater skill requirement for those of you who are sick of the antiquated dungeons. Comparable to the standard Guild Wars 2 dungeons, it has pros and cons, however, for reliable gold rates, an experienced team is required.

Ask around and stay in touch with the community to find out what the optimal use of time will be when upgrades and new content become available because the ideal fractal to run will alter over time. Then, players can buy boxes from the vendors in the Fractal Lobby using their Encryption Keys and Fractal Encryptions. This can produce approximately 10 gold per hour. Almost every Fractal runs are adequate as long as you have consistent encryption keys.

Guild Wars 2 Fractals

Convert your currency

Many gamers may not be aware that they are potentially sitting on a treasure trove that has not yet been destroyed. Gold can be created by converting several currencies, including Karma, Spirit Shards, and sometimes even Badges of Honor. These currencies may be utilized to purchase crafting supplies, which can then be combined to create in-demand products that can be sold for more money than you originally invested in them. Or on occasion, the Trading Post will only value the crafting supplies themselves. 

META map farming

The most recent maps added in the Living World upgrades and expansions are by far among the most popular places where gamers go to farm money these days. These maps each have unique meta occurrences that yield a tonne of loot bags. Items in these loot bags can be broken down and sold at the trading post. The Istan Great Hall or Dragonfall events could be an example. Just make sure to join a team or group for the most enjoyment and effectiveness.

The players that know what meta events tend to be most profitable and run them frequently throughout the day are typically the ones who are exceedingly wealthy. Auric Basin (a region in the Heart of Thorns patch) is well known for having a very profitable meta event at the time of writing, with a tonne of chests to unlock on top of the rewards collected as you travel.

Ride the World Champions/Bosses Train

Long before Silverwastes events, players could farm Champions and World Bosses all across the map. It's slower now than the more modern META approaches, but it's still functional and dependable. The majority of players only need to locate a committed team in the LFG doing World Boss workouts before jumping in. Each boss offers hefty rewards that can be exchanged or bought and sold at shops. When you become sick of managing meta events, it's a great replacement.

Guild Wars 2 Bosses Train

Flipping Goods

Each MMORPG featuring a player-run trading post as well as an auction house uses this approach as standard. It's a tough strategy, though, and it takes a lot of good fortune and insight as usual. Buying low and afterward selling high is the basic concept of flipping. Players who are aware of the supply and demand curves for the commodities can buy them at lower prices in the trading post but then sell them at higher prices when the inventories are scarce. 

Buy Online

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For a hugely well-liked multiplayer online role-playing game set in the fictional land of Tyria, GW2 Gold serves as the primary in-game currency. You can quicken your gaming using GW2 Gold to get to those stages and objectives more quickly. You now understand the most effective methods to get Gold in GW2 after reading the abovementioned guide. With this, we conclude this guide. To get a good hold at the game, don't forget to read our beginner's guide to GW2.

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