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Guild Wars 2 Different Classes Guide

Welcome to Guild Wars 2, a thrilling new MMORPG that allows players to explore a massive and exquisitely detailed fantasy world. The wide variety of character classes offered in Guild Wars 2, each with their own specialties and playstyles, is one of the game's standout elements. It might be difficult to pick the proper class for your playstyle. This guide is intended to help you understand the various classes in Guild Wars 2 so that you may choose wisely and begin your adventure as a strong hero. There is a class in Guild Wars 2 that will fit your tastes, whether you want to hack and slash your way through opponents, back your companions with healing magic, or assume the role of a sneaky thief.


The Warrior is a versatile class that may deliver damage, tank or help friends depending on their setup. Warriors can use a variety of weapons, including axes, maces, swords, arrows, guns, and shields. They also have a unique mechanism called Adrenaline, which accumulates as they perform skills and may be expended to activate strong burst skills.

The Berserker build, which is focuses on doing huge damage with two axes, is one of the most popular for Warriors. The Berserker has access to talents that boost their critical hit chance and damage, making them a lethal force on the battlefield. Another common construct is the Spellbreaker, which is meant to oppose opposing magic-users with skills that can block and reflect spells.

Strength: The warrior's ability to flip between two weapon sets is one of their capabilities. This helps them to adapt to various scenarios and playstyles. Warriors can also help their squad by using banners that grant boons and boosts.

Weakness:  The warrior's flaws include a lack of range and mobility. They are sluggish and must approach near to deliver harm. Warriors are also prone to illnesses that can swiftly deplete their health.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior


The Guardian is a defensive class that focuses on defending friends and reducing damage. Guardians may use several defensive abilities, such as Aegis, which prevents the next assault, and Virtues, which grant different boons to friends. Guardians can also use a variety of weapons, including as swords, maces, and great-swords. The Dragon-hunter is a popular Guardian build that focuses on dealing damage with longbows and traps. Dragon-hunters may also fly and fight from the air thanks to a talent called Wings of Determination. The Firebrand is another popular construct that focuses on offering boons and support to friends with abilities like Quickness and Aegis.

Strength: One of the guardian's abilities is to grant boons and healing to their squad. They can also defend their friends by blocking attacks and absorbing damage. Guardians are also excellent at commanding the battlefield because to their area of effect spells.

Weakness:  The guardian's flaws include a limited range and mobility. They are also susceptible to illnesses that can swiftly deplete their health. Guardians are likewise not as effective as other classes in dealing damage.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian


The Revenant is a one-of-a-kind class that harnesses the might of legendary warriors from Guild Wars history. Revenants can harness the legends of Jails Iron Hammer, Mallyx the Unyielding and Shiro Tagachi to get access to several talents. Revenants can also use a variety of weapons, such as hammers, axes, and swords.

The Renegade is a common Revenant build that focuses on giving assistance and damage with short bows and spirits. Renegades can use talents such as Impossible Odds, which provides teammates Quickness and Alacrity and Black Razor's Daring, which improves their critical hit probability. The Herald is another popular build that focuses on delivering boons and support to friends using abilities like Facet of Nature and Glint's Bastion.

Strength: One of the revenant's assets is their adaptability. They may swap between legends to adapt to various conditions. Using their powers, revenants can also provide boons and heal their squad.

Weakness:  The revenant's weaknesses include a lack of range and mobility. They are also susceptible to illnesses that can swiftly deplete their health. Revenants are also less successful than other classes in controlling the battlefield.



The Ranger is a flexible class that has access to a range of creatures that can help in battle and can deliver damage with a variety of weapons. Bows, daggers, and axes are just a few of the weapons available to rangers. Also, they have access to a special feature called pet switching that enables players to switch between several animals, each of which has its own special skills.

The Soul-beast build is a well-liked option for Rangers since it emphasises merging with pets to increase skills and damage. Soul-beasts may use talents like Beast-mode, which gives them extra powers depending on their pet and boosts the damage that their pet deals. Another well-liked class is the Druid, whose spells like Celestial Avatar and Glyph of Empowerment are geared on supporting and healing allies.

Strength: The adaptability of the ranger is one of its advantages. To adjust to various circumstances, they may swap between different pets. Rangers' capacity for healing might help them support their team.

Weakness: The ranger's lack of proficiency in melee combat is one of their weaknesses. They are also susceptible to illnesses that can rapidly deplete their health. Moreover, compared to other classes, rangers are less adept at commanding the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger


The sneaky Thief class is exceptional at dealing damage and dodging assaults. Weapons that thieves can use include daggers, pistols, and short-bows. Moreover, they have access to Initiative, a special mechanism that speeds up the usage of talents but calls for careful management.

The Daredevil is a popular Thieves build that emphasises mobility and inflicting damage with staff weapons. Daredevils may use talents like Vault, which enables them to leap and attack several adversaries, and Lotus Training, which increases their damage and evading capabilities. The Deadeye is a popular build that focuses on employing stealth to avoid assaults while sniping adversaries with rifles.

Strength: The mobility of the thief is one of their advantages. They are adept at navigating the battlefield rapidly and dodging threats. Thieves are also excellent at hitting single targets with burst damage.

Weakness: The absence of ranged fighting skills is one of the thief's weaknesses. Moreover, they are susceptible to illnesses that can swiftly deplete their health. Also, compared to other classes, thieves struggle to maintain control over the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2 Thief


The Elementalist class is adaptable and may use a variety of elemental atonements to deliver harm and offer support. Weapons that Elementalist can use include daggers, staves, and sceptres. They can also transition between the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth thanks to a special mechanism known as atonement.

The Tempest is a well-liked Elementalist build that focuses on offering assistance and inflicting damage with war-horns and overload abilities. Tempests may use abilities like rebound, which deflects opponent strikes back at them, and elemental atonement, which offers them additional benefits and effects when they swap atonements. Another well-liked construct is the Weaver, which concentrates on combining several parts to produce potent combinations and do tremendous damage.

Strength: Elementalism’s adaptability is one of their advantages. To adjust to various conditions, they might switch between several atonements. Using their spells, Elementalist excel at doing harm.

Weakness: Elementalist flaws include a lack of physical defence. Also, they might easily lose their health due to diseases that make them vulnerable. In addition, compared to other classes, Elementalist struggle to exert authority over the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist


A challenging class that excels at deception and illusions is the Mesmer. Swords, pistols, and great-swords are only a few of the weapons available to Mesmer. They may also use a special technique known as Shatter, which lets them hurt adversaries and dispel illusions.

The Chrono-mancer is a common Mesmer build that emphasises support and control with abilities like Wells and Alacrity. Chrono-mancers have access to abilities like Gravity Well, which draws adversaries into a centre point, and Continuum Split, which enables them to duplicate themselves and repeat their actions. The Mirage is another well-liked construct, which concentrates on dodging attacks and dishing damage with clones and ambush abilities.

Strength: The Mesmer's skill in influencing the battlefield with their illusions is one of their advantages. They can also use their skills to grant their squad benefits and boons. Mesmer are also excellent at perplexing their adversaries, which reduces their battle effectiveness.

Weakness: Lack of health and poor melee fighting skills are among the Mesmer's weaknesses. Moreover, they are susceptible to illnesses that can swiftly deplete their health. The damage-dealing abilities of Mesmer’s fall short of those of other classes.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer


Technology and gadgets are the focus of the engineer class. They can command the battlefield thanks to their access to a multitude of tools, including turrets and mines. With their skills to cure and grant boons, engineers may boost their squad as well.

Strength: Engineers are versatile, which is one of their advantages. They may swap between several kits, such a flamethrower or a grenade kit, to respond to certain circumstances. With their tools, engineers are also quite skilled at causing harm.

Weakness: Lack of proficiency in melee combat is one of the engineer's weaknesses. Moreover, they are susceptible to illnesses that can swiftly deplete their health. Moreover, engineers are less proficient than other classes in dealing lasting harm.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer

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Finally, Guild Wars 2 provides a wide variety of classes, each with an own playstyle and set of mechanics. There is a career to fit your playstyle whether you like to dominate adversaries, deliver damage, or help teammates. You may discover the profession that most closely matches your interests and perfect your chosen class by experimenting with various builds and weapons. Refer to our beginner's guide to Guild Wars 2 to get better at the game.

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