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Gold Making In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide

We compiled this Written Guide to provide high-quality resources for players at all levels of interest in Gold Making. To better understand some of the topics covered in the Beginners Guide, we think it's useful to cover how Gold works in Guild Wars 2, how it's different from other games, and how that impacts the terms and approaches that we use for Gold Making

So that's exactly what this Gold Making in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide will do. We will also give a quick overview of all the major Gold Making methods in the game from the perspective of someone who's done all of them enough to earn thousands of Gold from each one. 

We just want to start with a disclaimer for newer players or for players that are just getting into Gold Making. There are only a couple of things in Guild Wars 2 that actually require Gold. So this Guide makes Guild Wars 2 seem like a grind fest and you should know that it isn't. 

You can have a really good time with this game while paying minimal attention to Gold Making. This is just one of the areas of the game that typically people have the most fun with and one that we actually qualified to talk about. 

This Gold Making in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide was summarized from a YouTube Video made by Abree. There might be some things you find hard to understand in this Written Guide, you can check the YouTube Guide Video and leave a Comment to let us know about it.

Types Of Gold

This image shows the Types of Gold in Guild Wars 2

That being said, let's get into the Guide first where we will explain the terms for the different types of Gold in Guild Wars 2 because they can be confusing to players who haven't used them before. 

Raw Gold Or Wallet Gold

The first type of Gold in our Gold Making In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide is Raw Gold also known as Wallet Gold. This is what most players think of when they hear the word Gold and is simply the amount you see when you open your inventory in-game. 

Liquid Gold

The second type of Gold is Liquid Gold. This term refers to the combination of Raw Gold and the value of anything that can readily be turned into Gold such as; Trading Post Orders that you could cancel, the contents of your material storage, and any other items that you could list on the Trading Post

The convention for most items is to value them at 85% of the Trading Post price, which we'll talk about later. 

Total Gold Value

The last type of Gold is Total Gold Value. This term refers to the combination of Liquid Gold and the estimated Gold Value of anything that can be indirectly converted to Raw Gold like; Wallet Currencies or Account Bound Items that could be traded directly. 

When people give Gold Numbers for things like Farming or doing Daily Activities they usually provide the Total Gold Value because those activities give Wallet Currencies that can be indirectly converted to Gold. 

Total Gold Value should not be confused with Account Value which is something you'll find on gw2efficiency.com. Account Value includes your Liquid Gold and all of your accounts bound unlock, it's a completely different term and we don't use it for Gold Making

Guild Wars 2 Gold Difference

This image shows some of the difference between GW2 Gold and other game Gold

The reason we use different terms to quantify Gold is that Guild Wars 2 is fundamentally different from most other multiplayer games. While most other multiplayer games give large amounts of Raw Gold to players for completing content, in Guild Wars 2 completing Content Rewards you primarily with Crafting Materials and other items. 

With Raw Gold being dropped in small amounts or only from certain sources. Based on this reward structure it's more accurate to evaluate your account based on either Liquid Gold or Total Gold Value as opposed to Raw Gold alone. 

When you look at the game through this lens you'll see that most activities in the game produce at least a few Gold per hour with many that produce significantly more. Unless you're just role-playing the story or something along those lines you'll be earning Gold in some form. 

So, you don't really have to focus on Gold Making unless you want to. To make the most of what you earn it's important to think about your goals in the game and what items you'll need to accomplish them. 

Targeting single specific items in Guild Wars 2 is usually not very efficient but thinking a bit ahead and holding on to important items can go a really long way to reduce the amount of world that you'll need in the future. 

The primary reason Hoarding Materials is so effective in Guild Wars 2 is the incredibly aggressive Trading Post tax that we have. Items listed on the Trading Post will incur a 5% listing fee when the item is put up for sale and a further 10% fee when the item actually sells. 

This tax helps to regulate and stabilize the economy of the game, so it's not bad but you definitely don't want to list an item, get taxed for it, and then realize you need to buy it back later. Think of it ahead and you'll save a surprising amount of Gold in the long run. 

Methods For Gold Making

So now for the players that are interested in focusing on Gold Making, we list off most of the general methods of Gold Making that we have in Guild Wars 2

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Basic Methods

Ordinary Gameplay

This image shows Making Gold with Ordinary Method

Starting off with some of the basics, we have Ordinary Gameplay. This consists of passive and un-targeted Gold makers. We are not thinking about the Gold that you're making, these include PvP, World Versus World, Open World, Instance Content, and Festivals

Just whatever you enjoy doing in the game as we discussed earlier even when you're not trying to make Gold you'll be making a few Gold per hour, sometimes even more.

Daily Gold Making

This image shows Making Gold with Daily

The next type is Daily Gold Making. This consists of shorter, easier, or higher Gold per hour activities that people specifically seek out for rewards. A significant portion of most players' income is made-up by daily Gold makers


This image shows Making Gold with Farming

Next, we have Farming. Farming is a Targeted Gold Making method where you complete specific Open World or Instance Content for a good consistent and repeatable Gold Income

Farming doesn't need to be grindy or boring, you just need to find content that you enjoy completing consistently that also gives good Gold per hour. 

Medium Complexity Methods


This image shows Making Gold with Crafting

Getting into some of the slightly more time or Gold intensive options, the first one is Crafting. Crafting just involves producing an item that is worth more than the materials used to make it. 

There are two types of Crafting

This image shows low profit high velocity

  • The first one involves low-profit high velocity items which include things like ascended materials, gear, achievement items, and other things like that. Individually these items don't profit much but you can make a lot of them and they're much easier to work with.

this image shows high Profit low Velocity Items

  • The second one involves high profit and low-velocity items. The most prominent example of this is legendary weapon Crafting, which is a very popular mid-tier method in the Gold Making community. 

Crafting also integrates well with a lot of other Gold Making methods. You can check out the gw2efficiency.com Crafting Calculator to understand the Profit of items yourself.

Player To Player Trading

This image shows Making Gold through Player to Player Trade

Next, we have Player To Player Trading. This just involves the exchange of Gold and items between players outside of the end-game Trading Post. Depending on how you use it Player To Player Trading can be a very easy and low-risk Gold Making tool or an extremely difficult and high-risk one. 

Like Crafting, Player To Player Trading is a good thing to use in conjunction with other methods of Gold Making. To join Discord Server for P2P Trading you can follow the Discord Link Here

Most Complex Methods

Trading Post Flipping

This image shows Making Gold through Trading Post Flipping

Now for the highest time in Gold commitment options, first is Trading Post Flipping. This involves ordering items on the left side of the Trading Post and then relisting them on the right side for a profit. 

In theory, this is quite a simple method but when you include the complications of Trading Post-tax, price fluctuations, volume fluctuations, competing for bids, and the risk of being undercut. This method can get complicated and risky while often giving lower profit margins than Crafting items can. 

This image shows Making Gold through Trading Post Flipping

It can also be tedious and time-consuming however, if you get good at it it can provide a scalable Raw Gold Income and can be more hands-off than other methods.

Item Processing

This image shows Making Gold through Item Processing

Lastly, we have Item Processing. This is similar to Crafting except it includes other methods like; opening containers and using salvage kits, and the methods can branch off for individual items. 

Basically think of a huge flow chart with options for what you can do with every item you get from the previous steps. The best example of this is efficient unidentified gear processing which is one of the highest Gold per hour methods in the game. 

This image shows Making Gold through Item Processing

Item Processing typically requires a lot of upfront Gold investment research and data collection. It's also extremely tedious and you won't find any public resources about it. So it's up to you to do your own research and create your own process. 

Final verdict

These are all the major Gold Making methods and details you need to know as a beginner. Surely, there are other methods as well in the game, but the ones in our Gold Making in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide are the top ones everyone most likely needs to know.

The Gold Making Methods we summarized in this Written Guide are taken from the YouTube Video made by Abree. We thank Abree for sharing such valuable information with the Community. If you found this Gold Making in Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide helpful we would appreciate you taking a second to check out other Guides on the Abree YouTube Channel for Guild Wars 2 and support the Channel as well.

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