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Best Daily Gold Makers In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide

You find yourself wanting to make more Gold in Guild Wars 2 but you don’t want to sit and grind on the same map for hours on end to achieve your goal Goals. If so, then this Best Daily Gold Makers In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide is for you. 

Here we'll be going over some of the best ways to increase the Gold you earn each day that you're playing the game. The methods are consistent and they really do work. So, without further ado let's get into it. 

This is a Written Guide summarized from YouTube Video Guide by Abree. In case there are some things you find confusing or we accidentally forgot to mention some stuff, you can check out the YouTube Video of Best Daily Gold Makers In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide and leave a Comment to let us know about it. 

Daily Login

This image shows the Daily Login Gold GW2

The first step in everyone's Gold-making routine should be to log into the game. On average Login Rewards are worth about 2 Gold per day. So, even if you're not going to be playing on a particular day it could be worth just spending one minute to log in and claim the reward before you log out. 

To maximize the value of your Login Rewards we strongly recommend choosing Legendary Crafting materials as your option for the Chest Of Loyalty at the end of each month. Doing so is going to save you a lot of Gold when you go to Craft Legendary items. 

Daily Achievements

This image shows the Daily Achievement Gold GW2

Another really easy thing that you can add to your daily routine to make more Gold is Daily Achievements. if you open up the hero panel, go to the daily tab, and click on Daily Achievements you'll see all twelve options for that day. 

There are four for PvE, four for PvP, and four for WvW. All you need to do is complete three of these and you can mix and match between game modes and you'll be rewarded with two Gold, Three Spirit Shards, and 10 Achievement Points every single day. 

We recommend completing WvW or PvP Dailies instead of the PvE options because they'll also give you a potion of Reward Track Progress which can give you a lot of additional rewards. 

Guild Halls Nodes

This image shows the Guild Nodes Gold GW2

Joining a Guild with an upgraded Guild Hall gives you access to Synthesizer Nodes which can be quickly farmed every day for some materials. You can also use these Nodes to complete some of the daily gathering achievements very easily. 

It's worth noting that if you're in multiple guilds with Max halls you'll only be able to farm one Guild Synthesizer every day. 

Home Instance Nodes

This image shows the Home Nodes Gold GW2

Just like Guild Halls, player Home Instances can be upgraded to contain Nodes which can then be harvested for materials every day. 

The total value of these materials exceeds 5 Gold and it doesn't take very long to farm. It can take a lot of Gold to fully stock a Home Instance but you don't need to worry about that. 

If you go to your Guild chats or Racial City Map like right assumed, you can easily find someone with a Full Home Instance that will share it with you if you ask them nicely, like some of the Guild Hall locations. 

The Home Instances can also be used to complete certain Daily Gathering Achievements. 

Quartz Crystal Charging or Crafting

This image shows the Quartz Charging Gold GW2

Quartz Crystal Charging can be done in several locations but the most convenient is the crate Obelisk inside a Home Instance. Make sure you have your 25 Quartz Crystals in your inventory then interact with the crate obolus to create a charged Quartz Crystal. 

This charge Quartz Crystal can then be used in various profitable Crafting recipes like Storm Collar Cores or Skyscale Treats. 

Daily Crafting

This image shows the Daily Crafting Gold GW2

There's a variety of items that can be Crafted once a day for a decent profit. Lumping with Thrilling is probably one of the most consistent ones but you can find a full list of Daily Crafting items in their profits on the Fast Farming Website

Using Converters

This image shows Using Converters to earn Gold GW2

Here's a set of items in Guild Wars 2 called Converters. These will consume excess materials and currencies you have like Lumps Of Aurillium and Bloodstone Dust and exchange them for items that have a bit of value. 

None of these Converters will make you rich by themselves but getting a few of these can add around 1 Gold worth of profit to your daily Gold routine while only taking a few seconds. 

To use each day to acquire these Converters you'll need to complete various achievements. You can find such various achievements on the Wiki Page, so you can see what each one of them does and what achievements are required to get them.

Working on these achievements is a great way to expand your daily Gold making and we will advise starting with acquiring the Late Energy Matter Converter and Gleam Of Sentience to get the most value for your time. 

Alt Character Parking

This image shows the site for Alt Parking Gold GW2

If you have characters that you don't use regularly it can be worth parking them in certain locations near Chest or Nodes so that you can log on to them once per day and quickly loot the area. 

There are many such locations but even just doing two or three of the good ones can yield you several Gold in just a few minutes. The Fast Farming Website has a page where the most profitable alt parking spots are.

Drizzlewood Coast Material Donations

This image shows the Drizzlewood Coast Material Donations Gold GW2

 Another quick thing that you can add to your daily Gold making routine is visiting the United legions Quaestor in Drizzlewood Coast. This allows you to donate common raw materials for Char Legion Commendations which will progress the glory to the Legion achievements and give you rewards along the way. 

Some of these transactions are profitable on average but some aren't. You will have to check the Fast Page For Drizzlewood Coast Material Donations and make sure you're doing only the profitable ones. 

While you're here, you can also buy Discounted Cash Keys every day which are really useful if you do the Drizzlewood Coast meta.

Icebrood Saga Strikes

This image shows the Icebrood Saga Strikes Gold GW2

Getting into stuff that can take a little more time the first thing we have is Icebrood Saga Strikes. These Strikes are ten-player instance content that can be done every day, giving a decent mix of material loot and map currencies. 

They're also a great way to get instance content in Guild Wars 2 if you're a beginner. We will advise gearing a character with a build from the Snow Crows Website and starting with what most people refer to as the easy three; which are the Shiverpeaks Pass, Freer Of Joymag, and Voice/Claw Of The Fallen Strikes. 

Once you're comfortable with those you can move on to doing full runs with all of the iceberg Saga Strikes for the most loop. You can also open the Vigil Emissary Chest in the Eye Of The North once each week after completing all the Strikes for even more loot. 

Daily Fractals

This image shows the Daily Fractals Gold GW2

The last thing we will recommend adding to your daily routine is Fractals Of The Mists. This one probably comes as no surprise to a lot of veteran players. Fractals are relatively short five-player instance content that resembles dungeons in most other MMOs. 

There are four tiers of difficulty in Fractals with a pretty simple theme to the reward structure. The higher tier Fractals you're doing the more loot you'll get. With Tier 4 Dailies and Daily Challenge Modes experience, Fractal players can rake in 40 Gold profit in about an hour every day. 

To get to this point you'll want to gear and learn a build from the Discretize Website. Access to the highest tier Fractals will require Ascended Gear and 150 Agony Resistance. 

If this seems like too big of a commitment for you don't worry, tier one Fractals will only require having a level 80 character so you can get started and give Fractals a try without worrying about any of that other stuff yet. 

As you progress you'll start earning more and more Gold and we can promise you that the investment you make gearing a character for Fractals will pay you back several times over. 

Discounted Fractals Encryption Keys

This image shows the Discounted Fractals Encryption Keys Gold GW2

If you're doing Fractals then you should also definitely make sure to buy your Daily Discounted Keys from the Buy 4373 Npc in the Fractal Lobby. You can buy 30 keys for 20 silver each and 30 more for 25 silver each every day. 

The first thirty keys are always worth buying and for the second thirty keys, there's yet another page on the Fast Farming Website that you can look at to see if they're worth it or not. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that you should only open encryption if you have the Recursing Resourcing Mastery unlocked. Without it you'll always lose the opening Fractal encryption, so make sure that you get that as soon as possible. 

These methods surely take your time to earn Gold, but there is always an easy way around. Yes, you can now Buy Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold from GW2Sale.com. They have all sorts of currencies and items available most safely and cheaply possible.

Final Verdict

So there you have it, those are the top methods in our Best Daily Gold Makers In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide. We recommend adding them to your daily Gold making routine. We didn't cover things like Daily Meta Events and Pack Scout Mapping materials in this Guide because those activities are either less time efficient or more involved. You can add some of those activities or remove some of the ones that we showed to create a daily routine that fits your play style and your desired daily Gold income so that it works for you. 

If you found this Best Daily Gold Makers In Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide helpful we will appreciate you taking the time to give the Author of YouTube Video Guide- Abree support by liking the video, commenting, and subscribing as well. We appreciate Abree for making this amazing Guide for the community.


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