Because of the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival, the staff of GW2SALE will have holidays (January 25-26) by turns.

Our supplier will be online at below time :
GMT time: 
January 25, 1:00 AM -8:00 AM
January 26, 0:00 AM -9:00 AM 
January 26, After 3:00 PM (15:00) , Our work will back to normal.

For all the delayed orders, we will offer the extra compensations for apologies.
Here is 5% discount :"newyear2020" for you.This discount will be available till January 30.

Please accept us sincere apologizes for any inconvenience it may causes. 

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1000 K TOS Silver
2000 K TOS Silver
3000 K TOS Silver
4000 K TOS Silver
5000 K TOS Silver
6000 K TOS Silver
7000 K TOS Silver
8000 K TOS Silver

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HAvitURway :
Great Service! congrats on great customer service!
Firebottle :
Thanks for the easy & convenient service!
yminey :
Absolutely the best service and very safe transaction. When you have the money but not the time to farm, this is the place to buy in game items. Will be using them going forward.
Omre :
Great service, I'm satisfied. It took them some time to prepare transaction which was pretty big, I admit, but the customer support is really good and at the end they gave more more gold than I've ordered as a gift.
ñ_ñ :
Excellent service! Recommend

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