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Helm :
Great service, got my order in 10 minutes!
pduran49 :
Hi. Thank you for your great service. My question.. If I buy help to complete a mission, say, "Battle for Lion's Arch" do you guarantee completion?
S :
Fast delivery, good service :).
pduran49 :
Outstanding Service
J J :
Excellent Customer Service, swift delivery and Feedback system is outstanding!! Keep it up
Alex :
Great service. Delivered within time! A+
Steve :
Amazing fast, with other services i've been waiting hours, with these guys i was waiting minutes
Anonymous :
Super fast shipping! Will definitely buy again :)
A Mon Beau Fils :
Impressive! very fast service thank you =D :
thank you for your feedback , you order is Destroyer Core *250 .I'm sorry,don't have to prepare enough inventory . we have ready small gift (Miku Tonic) and (Fruitcakes*250) for you.Thank you for waiting.we will improve our speed and try to ready enough stock . hope see you soon on our site.
A_Happy Customer :
A little slower than I would have liked, but you can't argue with these sort of results. Keep it up guys.
Reply : thank you
Walt :
Checked with livechat before-hand, they had stock ready to go. My order was delivered in about 10 minutes total! Will definitely be back! :D :
Your order has been completed, there is no have than 30 minutes.we will improve our speed and try to deliver you quickly next time . hope see you soon on our site
Upset :
Why after 30+ minutes have I not got anything? Might aswell cancel the transaction if I dont get anything soon... And contact customer service? how when you dont have any email?
Sir Dunberry :
I got my full delivery quick and easy, I'd definitely recommend this website for all needs in GW.
1234 :
delivery in roughly 2 min awesome! :
thank you for your feedback ,Because you GW Character name offine. guild wars trade need face to face.. hope see you soon on online ingame .And complete the transaction
Sir Bedevere :
It makes now more than an hour that I'm waiting for 100 Zkeys order ... Any idea what the cause may be ? :
thank you for your feedback , sorry for keep you waiting 45 mintes., because you order is weapons x11 ,we need some time ready ,so we will improve our weapons item speed and try to deliver you quickly next time . Your 11 weapons have been delivered.hope see you soon on our site^ ^
Sir Dunberry :
I got my order within 45 minutes, which is understandable, but am missing 4 of the 11 purchased items.

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