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Law Dog :
First time customer and couldn't be more satisfied. Placed order and had my items within 30 minutes. Will purchase more items.
happy customer :P :
I ordered 1000g and i received my gold in ectos after 1 hour :) I ended up having enough ectos to sell for total of 1098 gold :) 5/5 rating and very nice service
Some guy yo :
Super pleased with service. Purchased some ectos and not even 5 mins later I received my items. Plus a few consumables for free!!!!! Extremely fast and easy will come back again!
malacopa.9761 :
i did a wrong click and returned the items i bought, please send them again 1k orbs and 250 globs of ectoplasm. Thank you
Guest :
Buying for first time ever, very pleasant experience!
Tahima :
Got my first order today. I thought it was scam but everyting was actually OK. The delivery guy was very polite. Had to wait 40 min. I think I will come again !
Gerardo :
easy way to pay, fast and the most important thing SO CHEAP 100% recommended im telling my friends about this
Mario :
Hi, I want to buy 1000 gold for gw2 blackgate. I'm new in this game and I've read on forums that the week limit is 500 gold. Can you tell me more about it.
Henry :
this is my second time buying from this site, i used to buy from another one . BUT THIS IS ABSOLUTLY AWESOME, took about 20 min to deliver everything that i order. im gonna keep buying from here.
Guest :
Great service! Very fast, TYVM!
Very fast,cheapest,save
Guest :
They made it simple and easy, not scammers and I had my doubts too.
John :
Done,thx guys!! 100% Trustworthy!! :)
Very fast ! Best seller ive knew
John :
This is cheapest way to get the items you want :). tryed it twice now.
Guest :
Honest, fast & save
V. Seeker :
They delivered my order in 10 minutes , very easy fast and no hassles! I am pleased. If I don't get hacked from this transaction in near future, I will be a returning customer..I recommend this service so far
GW1 user :
I just had to wait for 2 min for 50e. Incredible
Guest :
worked well, and relatively fast, recommended
Guest :
Very helpful service. I contacted as I first worried it is a scam. Support suggested to get globs of ectoplasm as gold may be taken by dev team. So I listened to that suggestion. And I got my items after a few minutes. Nice. Thank you!

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