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Christoph :
everything went perfect thx a lot
Nadia Kiker :
Great company, always have gold available and very fast.Definitely recommend
chris chang :
Got my order filled quick. Will buy again, thanks!
Chris Churchill :
Not first time to buy here, , there is no long time for waiting,reliable :)
vamsi :
Cheap price for the gold buying on this site, professional site。
Jason Lu :
reliable trade. Awesome all around!
Dots :
The price is the best, but the waiting time is a bit long. It took almost 24 hours last time and more than 24 hours this time.
Reply : We are terribly sorry for the delay of your order. Currently our delivery for GW2 gold and items is not going smooth as it was before, so all we can give is an estimated time. We are also sorry our rep didn't choose his/her word properly so that our service disappointed you. We should improve. Anyway, we should thank you for your support.
Karl Birkett :
Awesome customers ,had a small issue but it was resolved quickly and professionally.Will use again.
Jens Gabriel :
Trustworthy,safe payment methods. the person delivering was very kind.Thanks so much! :)
sheri trask :
very quick and fast. The live chat supporter was also really nice! Will be buying from them again in the future for sure.
Black Adam :
Probably the best site you can buy gw2 items
Juan :
Great, Friendly and Fast Service! By far the best site in this business!
Hannes :
Great Customer Service!Thank you.
Verdo :
Used to be great, now prices have jumped up way too much :|
Reply : The price always fluctuate by the market as the same condition as of the trading in real world. we'll do our best to improve our service. I'm sure everything will be fine if you come next time
Brownys :
Amazing, fast, reliable, friendly, and professional service. Thank you!
Brownys :
Amazing service, fast delivery, friendly and professional staff members. Thank you!
Gabriella :
So far so good. :) My 1st purchase from site. Thank you all again.
Hannes :
Best have proven your trust very well:)
Vainius :
Thank you. To be honest I was expecting way better experience buying in your site. I was planning to spend way more money。
Dettinger :
just few hours received my gold.Awesome Thanks!

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