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Farmer :
Love these guys and how quick they are. Always delivered within 5 minutes. :)
J J Neo :
200 ectos in 15 min very good service
Milkovir :
Very good, If you have problems or questions they will response you It could be better if paysafecard works
Tigman :
Was a bit skeptical about trying this, however my order was ready and delivered to me in about 10 minutes. Great service!!
Compassion :
600 ectos and 1000k plat.. perfect
saphyra linox :
hi i'm waiting my order
Reiko :
At first I was really wondering how well this would go, but I had my order delivered within 30 minutes. Everything went smoothly. Great service!
Raccoon :
I purchased 200 ectos and an item from this site a little bit ago and i got the ectos in under 15 min. The item however took about 45 min. They gave me alittle extra to make up for the long wait time (45 min, not too bad). great response time in support. i mean instant. Great site. LEGIT SELLERS
dx :
very good service. thanks Dave.
Alex :
Fast, friendly, and reliable! Thank you !
Eh :
Pretty good, pretty quick, pretty nice overall
Dudemanthethird :
Was excellent service, very fast, no issues. Would recommend to others and use again.
Sfmplayer :
Orderd 50ecto's got them within 5 minutes awesome! ty
Guest :
Well I've got to say that the support on this site is truely amazing. because my product was out of stock i had to wait for 12 hours+ this left me nervous about having been scammed. But after chatting with someone on the live chat I was reassured that my product would be coming. Great site. don't be afraid to place an order here.
Guest :
Good service. Recommended. Ectos delivered in a timely manner on each of my purchases
unknow user xD :
nice Servie took only 5 min to get my 2000e
Eowiraf :
Bought Ectos asked if it was in stock first then bought them got them under 5 min thanks fast service
Ali :
Very Good Service
Law Dog :
First time customer and couldn't be more satisfied. Placed order and had my items within 30 minutes. Will purchase more items.
happy customer :P :
I ordered 1000g and i received my gold in ectos after 1 hour :) I ended up having enough ectos to sell for total of 1098 gold :) 5/5 rating and very nice service

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