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Guest :
Bought 100 zkeys to get my HoM pvp Statue in GW1. Delivery was super fast!
Tim :
Bought 100 z-keys, fast delivery.
Guest :
Choosing what I wanted was easy; the delivery time was less than 20 minutes; and absolutely no hassle. Great service, and greats prices!
Guest :
This was my first experience with buying from this website and it was quick and easy Will do business again! A+ service.
Guest :
I think we all get that pit in our stomach when the first few minutes pass and we haven't opened trade yet, but on that 4th minute the items were delivered and I haven't been happier. Great service!
Guest :
I went to go get a drink and when I came back the trade window was already open. Super fast delivery. Definitely recommend!
Guest :
300zkeys done pretty quick will do business again
Sebass :
Shipped in 5 mins. Fast. Low price. Thumbs up!
Guest :
Two times I use this service both for GW1. First time z-keys was delivered in 5-7 mins, second - five monument weapons from different sets was delivered in probably 15 mins. Great Job guys! Definitely trustable. Thanks!
Guest :
Purchased 600 Ectos, very fast and will defo use again in the future :)
kuru :
3 stacks ecto 2 stacks zkey 15 mins delivery ^^ buying another 800e next week ^^
Zachary :
I purchased 2 items from the site, it took longer than I expected it to be but I guess that happens when you get the order wrong the first time. I was traded 2 Tormented weapons instead of 2 Destroyer weapons in Guild Wars. Luckily the fella in live chat realised his mistake and after 20 minutes of waiting I finally got the weapons I purchased. I'd definitely buy from here again, but I won't place the order until I'm certain I have the time to spare.
Reply : Thank you very much for choosing the products and service of I can understand the feeling to waiting. I apologize about this. The worker who deals with your order in game was made a mistake, so the trade waste more than 20 minutes. Yes, you are right Sir, it should be more faster to finish it. I had told all the worker to work more carefully, in order to avoid waste customers time like this case. Thank you again for your support and your understanding.
Jt :
Came in less than 5 minutes, will buy again! Great Service
Sebass :
Purchase some stuff, and took almost 3-5 minutes to have everything. Trustable. Thanks.
Guest :
Amazingly fast delivery. Literally less than five minutes. Great service. Thanks again!!!
Guest :
Order was complete in less than 5 minutes. Super fast and got all my money.
Guest :
Hey, Guild wars 1 ecto delivered... cya soon!!
Pan :
I work really fast like 10 min ... got my ecto and the guy was cool :) i would give 10/10 Points ;)
Rasha :
Payed for 500 Z-Keys, entered the chat, got the merchandise in literally 2 minutes... I'm extremely satisfied. I am buying only here from now on. Great site people, keep up the good work :)
Guest :

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