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Revelation Online is a fantasy MMORPG which have numerous PVP modes,excellent adventures, multiple unique classes and countless character creation choices.Revelation Online developed by NetEase China and has been released on 15th Jan 2015. So far, 6 different classes have been revealed by the official site.The game will feature day night transition with various unique weather effect. In Revelation Online,players are given a choice on which kind of controls settings they prefer in game and also able to reset their stats with a small cost and distribute them to what their class needs the most.Above all,evelation Online turned out to be enjoyable and be attracted by players.
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Very good service, great job guys :)
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Very fast delivery. Best site ever used.
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Customer service very Professional and friendly.Help me to solve the problem, and fast delivery.
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buying 4-rd delivery indeed.Thank you guys!
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awesome a lot of awards.will buy again soon.

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