Stay Frosty with the Wintersday Appearance Package(Reprinted)

Winter Monarch Outfit

Dress like royalty for all of your holiday parties! A soft glow and curling antlers add a touch of mystery.

Glacial Glider

Drift to the ground as gently as falling snow. This beautiful glider is guaranteed not to melt during the warmer months or crack when exposed to room-temperature liquid.

Wintersday Appearance Package

Purchase this all-in-one pack and receive a Winter Monarch Outfit, Glacial Glider, Immortal Weapon Choice case, Total Makeover Kit, and five Winter Chimes Dye Kits.

Returning Items

The following items are back in stock for a limited time starting this week:

  • Snow Globe Finisher, Snowman Finisher, and Gift Finisher: Available today.
  • White Wings Glider Combo: Returning December 22 at 20% off.
  • Wintersday Wreath Backpack: Returning December 22 at 30% off.

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