GW2 July 10 Game Update Patch Notes

• Invulnerability effects will now stop conditions from applying damage.
• Subtitles shown during cinematics now scale according to DPI when the DPI Scaling option is selected in the Graphics Options tab.
• Fixed a bug in which the game appeared as though it went back to the desktop for a few seconds during map loading.
Chaos Isles
• Fixed a bug that caused the first checkpoint to activate before being reached.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Fractal Gods and Goddesses from receiving additional Fractal Encryptions upon completion.
• Fixed a bug that could cause players to become stuck in the door to the Deepstone Sentinel’s room.
• Fixed a bug that prevented jumping players from being caught by the teleport pads in the elevator section.
• Fixed a bug that was improperly awarding the Boots on the Ground achievement.
• Fixed a bug that could cause the elevator to become unresponsive after the party was defeated.
Twilight Oasis
• Fixed a bug that allowed tornadoes to use Toxic Trail.
Stronghold of the Faithful
• Fixed a cosmetic issue in the Keep Construct encounter in which some statue projections would appear before the statue broke. They will now properly unlurk as the statue breaks.
• Fixed an issue in the Keep Construct encounter in which statue projections would sometimes appear after the encounter completed.
Profession Skills
• Fixed a bug that prevented some traits from automatically breaking stuns.
• The weapon proficiency icons for the herald, tempest, dragonhunter, reaper, and druid profession specializations have been updated.
• Rune of the Adventurer: This rune has been split between game modes and will now grant 25 endurance in PvP while maintaining 50 endurance in other game modes.
The change to Meteor Shower in the previous update, which limited the maximum damage on a single target, is being extended to other similar skills in this update. This change is aimed at normalizing the damage that elementalists do between small and large targets with these types of skills. In general, elementalists will see increased damage up front with less damage over a longer period. In addition to these changes, we’ve also increased some of the damage of the weaver’s sword skill, which we felt wasn’t doing enough for the close-range risk that it carried.

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