The queen challenge opening ceremony achievement and reward

Queen if want some extra challenge achievements and fight, you can get tickets for the opening ceremony to host the opening ceremony of the dialogue, a ticket every time consumption. You can choose several strategies attach on themselves, the superposition of these effects. Doing this will make you more difficult, but also your reward ratio increased at the same time. One achievement is to let you take at most five strategies to beat the final BOSS of the third stage, but it is almost impossible task. 

Here are some strategy is: you can choose On the Fire: you will carry a burning debuffs magic. Exhausted, you will lose stamina to roll evasion. Frailty: remove the enhanced damage attack. Squeamish, less damage. Regional earthquake Tremors: a period of time will, make you down. Hamstring: carry a disabled harmful magic. Crowd Favorite: in the face of two competitors at the same time. 
Achievement and reward

Due to the queen challenge activities has certain difficulty, all its achievement is not added to the overall achievement of the queen's anniversary for statistics. The queen's anniversary series achievement will include: hot air balloon escorted the messengers, Carrie beacon tower torch activity and represent different representatives of the lighthouse race of the city. But these activities achievement cannot meet the requirements of yuan achievement, yuan achievement needs to be completed in 16 achievements, so you must also attend some anniversary surrounding achievements to make up the difference. The final yuan achievement award for mini mechanical knight. 

Queen challenge achievements include: final BOSS struck at each stage, using the particular way to kill a BOSS, struck BOSS under the condition of using various strategies. Who beat the first stage and the third stage when the BOSS finally will be rewarded. Reward Watchwork Sprockets can in crown hall top businessmen, used to buy a new recipe (runes mark), potions and new skin monarch weapons. At the same time it also can be used as a new formula of the material.

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