The queen challenge event in Guild Wars 2

The queen will open challenge activities in the crown at the top of the pavilion. There will also be divided into six regions, players can join in this 1 v1, challenging all kinds of powerful opponent. Challenger will be transferred to the circular glass roof, fighting and bet that other players can see you. However, circular glass roof has a number of restrictions, the roof of each map only allows a player to challenge at the same time. In addition to the final boss game every fight lasts 2 minutes, each map can only hold 75 players. Enter the queen challenge need tickets, you can be obtained from other activities or use the Guild Wars 2 Gold to buy.
Challenge competition is divided into three stages, each stage of the difficulty will increase.In 2 minutes, if not end in the allotted time fighting the floor will be open, you will fell dead.Complete each competitive battle will reward you wheel box, box contains a mechanical gear and all kinds of parts.Challenge the first phase is given priority to with learning, more can let you learn how to fight NPC in the subsequent difficulty.
Halmi Hammerfell: normal attack hard to dodge, but the ultimate skill can be to duck.Doobroosh: Kun gen race, it will give you the superposition of the harmful effect of hormone disorder, makes it hurt more and more for you, if it is a period of time can't attack you, the harmful effect will disappear.So you can use the remote kite to avoid the harmful effect of stack.Windcaller Kieldia: it will summon a tornado hit many times, you need to keep running to avoid them, and use the burst damage to defeat it.
Suriel the Blazing Light: the first stage of the final BOSS, you have a very long time to fight (in addition to do), and reward in return is very fat.Standing in the room around the blackwater would damage from insect bite, but will give you a buff, the darkness cover let you avoid Suriel sun flares.When the sun flares after the attack, immediately jumped out the blackwater.When Suriel the surrounding full of blazing light will immune damage, you have to put it into the blackwater.
Beat the final BOSS of the third stage - Liadri the Concealing Darkness, will reward you a mini pet, but only a handful of players able to accomplish this goal.Queen challenges in every BOSS carefully designed, each profession can beat them, but you need according to the features of each BOSS try to use the different talent configuration features and weapons.There are some need to burst damage, some may need to good mobility or the ability to remove the control.Will players be able to attend all levels of the queen challenge, but if you are not a level 80 character, so the difficulty is great. /

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