The new skill features and reward

We will begin to regularly for each class to add new skills and characteristics, so that you can extend the characters in the game and talent!You can unlock these new characteristics and skills. With this synchronization, we will expand the content and skills acquisition method. To encourage people to experience the world in different challenges and content. These skills and characteristics are given in the design and balance of existing skills, will be a simple extension number skills and professional tactical configuration available.
WVW battlefield and PVE can gain skills and characteristics, it also means that skill access will be arranged to the content of these two separate. In addition to conventional add skills and features, you can easily get these ability, easy to extend the reward system, the core of development and progress of the game. You can grow and change over time, the role of not making past efforts were in vain.
Post in January we important content is to reward system. We have introduced some core reward system: daily/monthly achievement reward, account achievement awards, guild quest rewards, event treasure box reward, more pink gear and instilling items, as well as WVW upgrade awards. In addition to these new reward system, we are still continue to develop, to ensure that the game time to be able to obtain sufficient returns. So what will happen next?Let us know the details.
Champion phnom penh strange reward: the game champion fight monsters will be refurbished, to ensure that every champion monster would all fall off after being struck a reward box, we can get the BOSS reward items. This box contains the content include: materials, skill points, unique skin, magnet (legendary equipment materials), and more items. These rewards make champions blame paid more, at the same time make mainland Europe, and south German bay event becomes more interesting and lucrative, attract more guild and players to join these open event.
Copy of the completed reward: in order to make us all copies have more rewards, every day you to complete a copy of the plot line, we will give extra Guild Wars 2 Gold. Every day in order to coordinate the complete incentive plan, each line copy of BOSS will no longer drop Gw2 Gold, instead, the above mentioned title strange box. Line to complete the reward is fixed, we will according to the difficulty and the length of each line to determine the number of gold COINS. In order to encourage players to participate in more different copies of the content, we will design a system, if one day you finish with a copy of the twice along the route, you will only get a copy of the basic reward, but you don't get extra again on this day Guild Wars 2 Gold award.
New craft material rewards: we will add a series of account binding materials, you as long as every day to each specific area do some games can get material content. These are relatively overlap, you could/should finish your favorite mini replicas on the first day, up the next day do puzzles, another day to occupy the camp to get materials of the battlefield. Or you can one day to do these things at the same time, the choice is your choice. Players could be obtained through completion of WVW and PVE content production material, choose the way you like.

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