Some queen celebration updated review

Account wallet: your new wallet will be automatically collected from accounts under each character inventory Guild wars 2 Gold, karma, token, fractal and other cultural relics of various currencies. Once you have landed a character they will will be integrated into an account in the wallet. You can use character properties window interface to access your account wallet. Any future currency will be added to the wallet in this account. Account in the wallet no item 250 a heap of superposition qualified, they can be infinite superposition of currency.

The terminator (WVW and PVP) : eternal eternal terminator (flag) have been added to the game, you can through the hero screen menu to select and add them. You can also expect some special events for the terminator action, for example: mad king action, striker action, snowmen, action, scarecrow action and regular rank action, etc.

In the eternal terminator menu, you can activate any flag action, which has already been unlocked and buy them usually as you use for a long time. Players can purchase the terminator in the gem store action, which will operate at the same time with WVW and PVP. Of course, you can use the terminator action of consumables, when you activate these consumables, they will replace your permanent terminator action.

PVP tournament single system: renamed PVP tournament arena, so when you see these names in the system report don't confused. Single and group arena queue system will now separate, so you don't have to worry about single face a team player. At the same time a single arena will have their own list.

Platform: royal platform is also known as VIP area, was the new version of the paid service. If you are rich enough to buy a temporary into this particular area of jurisdiction, here has a lot of convenient facilities, such as: arts and crafts platform and mysterious melting pot, etc. It is located in the city of god save the crown of the pavilion nearby.

Mini game rotation system: in the lion's arch you can now access a different mini games every day

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