Remove account MF for guild wars 2 cooperation spirit

We want to remove the player want to pile on the equipment out treasure rate idea, the idea can't reflect the cooperation spirit of the guild wars 2. So we will put the MF attribute is removed from the equipment attribute, attribute and put them into account, so that you can improve the accounts under all characters out treasure to rate. You can use the bank account achievement system to improve the rate of treasure, also can be improve by eating food. When you MF attribute is higher, you will need to consume more goods to improve it. In the future we will give a detail introduction to the system, use it instead of MF system now. Our goal is to minimize the damage to the existing MF item system.

Usually we call them blue and green, we want to give full expression to their performance. After the account MF system development, you will have a chance in the decomposition of blue and green time for ascension MF attribute of consumables. Crafting level the ascent to 500!We will all craft skill level to a new height: 500 points!

After 500, you can make pink equipment and armor. When you reach level 500 will unlock new materials series, these advanced material will be through the low-level synthesis. New materials will be limited, each item can only get one every day, this will ensure that senior producer to make things more precious, but also guarantees the rare degree of the item. This new series of materials, as well as the aforementioned access to material reward is to make pink equipment and weapons. The armor and weapons will be rare drop in the world. Weapon and armor with pink pink items before, will be bind on account. 

We are not ready to share more details, but I can tell you is that you will have a special way to make a prerequisite for the legendary weapon weapons. In addition, you will also see a new legend new legendary weaponry and equipment. Legend lead items will consume the above mentioned items of materials, handicraft production reached 500 points, and possible through a specific content. 

In addition, we also will improve the ability of the legendary weapon, allow you to combat data attributes to match weapons, these you don't have to put the legendary shape into other weapons. Legendary weapon properties will remain equal to pink weapons, not more powerful than other equipment, he is more convenient, need not to convert properties to form shape.

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