On the world battlefield and PVP system

So far we have seen some important update: world war removed culling system, reward system and ability, our world war rapidly developing since January.Our world war team designer Devon Carver has published an article about world war summarizes the post.You will soon see an important update, regarding the world of the original battlefield orb alternative mechanism of the system.This change will make the world a battlefield becomes more diverse, makes our battlefield becomes more exciting.Of course, I mentioned related to promotion and rewards are will also implemented in the world war.
Next, add the custom arena, matching game, ranking system and the observer pattern has resulted in a guild wars 2 2013 PVP content was significant to strengthen.Now on, we will continue to carry out more PVP competitive game, we know that we have a lot of things to do.In the second half of the PVP team focus on the core is to change the PVP reward mechanism.We mentioned above a PVE and WVW reward, I want to like PVP players also want to get the same treatment.Our PVP team are working towards this goal.
Regularly add new skills and characteristics will mean PVP would bring more ability and new distribution points and tactics.With the additional skills and features to add, they will automatically unlock in PVP, just like now PVE and PVP system switching.We will also expand competitive game content: add a rating system for the individual, add a new map, add the PVP legendary weapon skin, major PVP sports competition to provide more rewards for us, we will hold the first on the PAX exhibition PVP game.
What other aspects of change the game?In the past time, guild wars 2 in the United States, Europe and Australia has sold 3 million copies of for guild wars 2 is a great year, but we still have a long way to go.Many of the core game website guild wars 2 have been added to the community, to our rating is high.

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